Chapter 8

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Wyatt pov

Words can't describe how happy I've been ever since Chris decided to finally accept our relationship.

For the past week, I've been living in a state of bliss although it has been marred somewhat by the fact that Chris has restricted our new relationship to only kisses and light petting, but the fact that he's agreed to actually be with me as more than brothers has overridden the sexual frustration I'm an extent.

I'm happy to wait a while longer before I progress on to the more physical part of our new bond. I have to admit though; this is easier said than done.

Every time I kiss him, my lust for him grows so strong that I have trouble keeping my hands to myself. For the past week I've lost count of the times that Chris has stopped my hands from wondering over his body every time I kiss him.

I can't help feeling his slight reluctance every time I initiate a kiss and this hurts me more than I'm willing to admit out loud but I know that it's going to take some getting used to for him.

I've been sexually attracted to him for well over a year and he's only coming to terms with his attraction to me for the past few weeks so I understand I have to be patient with him and let him come to terms with his feelings.

There's also the issue of Bianca. I know she wants Chris, I've seen more than enough to know that behind that innocent facade she adopts in front of Chris, there is a lust in her eyes that she can't conceal from me. I know that look in her eyes when she stares at Chris because I've seen it reflected in my own eyes.

I'm not proud to admit I'm jealous. It's funny to a degree, that I'm jealous of a pathetic teenage girl who's beneath me and definitely beneath Chris and his attention.

Now don't get me wrong, although I get jealous when Chris gets attention from others, it's not something I actually truly let get to me because Chris is beautiful inside and out and it's not surprising that he has admirers – maybe not to the extent that I have but certainly more than his fair share.

What worries me is the fact that this is probably the first time that Chris has shown an interest in said admirer and the realization of this fact gives me a sickening feeling of uncontrollable jealousy in my stomach.

It's something I try to control, truly I really do try. But it's like there's another side of me that is wild and untamed. I feel anger burning uncontrollably and though I try to hold it back in me, it's something that I can't control, something I have to fight constantly and something I know I can't beat.

He doesn't understand how much I hurt when he speaks to that worthless slut. Every time he looks at her with that shine in his eyes and his voice laced with affection, it evokes a jealousy so hot and wild that I feel it bubbling more and more, something that I can't control and I hate that more than anything.

It's ironic that with all the powers I have and all that I'm capable of, I can't control a simple matter of a schoolgirl crush.

It's something that I couldn't accept, something that I won't accept.

Bianca represented everything that I couldn't offer Chris. The chance to have a normal life, a life in which he could get married, where he could have kids and be accepted into normal society.

Fuck society.

I will stop anyone who tries to take Chris away from me and that's why I need to get rid of Bianca. If there was the slightest chance that Chris could be swayed by her unworthy affections, then he would question if being with me is worth all the repercussions.

I'm honest enough to admit that I will do anything possible to make sure that doesn't come true.

I know I'm selfish but frankly I can't bring myself to care.

Bianca needs to be out of the picture and what better way than for her to die.

Flashback – one week previously

I shut the door in Chris's room and waved my hands once. The she-demon who I spared the night before orbed into the room looking around in shock and confusion before her eyes fell onto mine.

'I have a job for you.' I grinned.

'What is your bidding...master?' she demurely replied blinking her eyelashes at me.

'There's someone I need out of the picture.' I walked up to the she-demon and smiled when I saw her eyes widen at my approach.

She feared me and I felt a thrill at evoking the reaction out of her.

'A demon?' she enquired slowly.

'Just a simple human' I grinned as I stood in front of her.

I caressed her cheek and heard her intake of breath. Her eyes were clouded with a mixture of fear and lust as I lightly stroked her face before moving my fingers to her temple. I pictured Bianca in my mind and transferred Bianca's image into the demons head.

Her eyes widened once more at the display of an obscure branch of magic and I saw her breasts heaving with anticipation as my fingers moved from her temple downwards.

'What's your name' I murmured looking deep into her eyes.

'Kara' she breathed huskily transfixed by my gaze.

'Kara...' I repeated and she nodded, her eyes clouding over at my close proximity to her as well as my hands stroking downwards until it reached her neck.

Without a second thought I fisted her neck and stifled her cry of shock as I slammed her against the wall.

'If you fail me...I'll make your death slow and painful ok?' I whispered while my eyes darkened to pitch black.

I felt more than saw how her fear had evolved into terror and she could do nothing but nod rapidly.

'Yes master' she choked.

I released her and watched her drop to the ground, gasping for breath on her knees.

'Wait a week or so before you carry out your plans and dispose of her body. I want her completely gone – do whatever you have to and Do. Not. Fail. Me. or the consequences will be dire for you...' I trailed off, the implication clear to her.

She glanced up to my face and nodded once before shimmering out.

End flashback

I knew that if Bianca was to go missing straight after me and Chris had an argument about her would make Chris suspicious of me. If she was to disappear after a period of time though then Chris could sum up her disappearance as something done by a mortal.

It was with this positive thought in my head that I was able to enjoy the rest of the week. On Saturday I woke up and decided to have a lie in. Mum on the other hand had other plans and I groaned in frustration when I heard her screaming my name downstairs.

As I walked into the dining room, I saw mum and dad with their coats on.

'What's up?' I sleepily asked.

'Good morning to you too son' Dad replied cheekily while mum rolled her eyes.

'We've decided to go shopping for some new furniture,' mum answered in response to my question.

'Err why?' I asked still half asleep.

'Well seeing as demons are still stupid enough to attack this house we've decided to store furniture in advance,' mum cheerfully replied.

'You mean you've decided to store in advance and you're dragging me along,' Dad muttered under his breath.

'What was that Leo?' Mum asked sharply turning towards him with a piercing glare and watching in smug satisfaction as his eyes widened in fear.

'Nothing dear,' he simpered and turned to glare at me when I sniggered at his reaction.

'Men,' Mum stated rolling her eyes 'Anyway there's food in the kitchen for you and Chris so help yourself and make sure Chris doesn't sleep in too long ok?' she said sternly.

'Oh I'll make sure to wake up Chris somehow,' I grinned thinking of ways I could use this opportunity to my advantage.

As soon as they headed out the door I ran up to Chris's room and slowly opened his door.

As I gazed upon his sleeping form I couldn't stop the swell of love and affection that rushed into me.

He grew more and more beautiful every day and I couldn't stop thinking that one day he would be mine completely in body and soul.

The need to have him grew every day and as I stared at his sleeping form I felt my cock harden at the thought that someday soon I would make love to him and have him crave me as much as I craved him.

I slowly walked towards his sleeping form and just stared at this dark perfection. I lowered my face to his and breathed in his sweet scent. I started kissing his neck and marvelled at the feeling of my cock growing completely hard at the slightest touch of his skin. He awoke to my ministrations when I started on his lips and when I stated that our parents were gone for the morning I expected him to reciprocate to my response.

I should have known better.

We got into an argument where I admit that I vented my frustrations out on him.

He accused me of not taking this seriously and I retaliated by accusing him of not wanting to even kiss me.

I know I was acting like a dick but I was growing impatient.

It was completely unfair but I needed more from him and I decided to use guilt against him. I know its low handed but the way I see it, we are eventually going to go all the way so I might as well get a kick-start.

I accused him of not wanting me and that he was ruining our time together with his paranoia and that he should come to me when he decides what he wants.

I took a gamble and I'm willing to admit that maybe I fucked up my chances but there is no way I'm letting him go after all of this. If he didn't come to me and decided enough was enough then I would resort to anything to get him back.

If I had to grovel and promise him I'd go slower with him than I would have.

Fortunately for me, my gamble paid off and our argument actually pulled Chris closer into my clutches.

When he came into my room following my argument I didn't know what to expect but in my wildest dreams I didn't expect him to actually submit himself to me.

He apologized for his actions and said he'd try harder. I felt a myriad of relief and happiness at his statement though I'm sure doubt still lingered in my gaze.

He looked into my eyes and walked towards me slowly and I know that I was not the only one to feel the atmosphere thicken with anticipation.

Chris is the only one able to bring me to full erection with just a look of his hooded eyes. I can't explain the power he has over me but it's the only power that I would willingly submit myself to with no hesitation.

It was as if my fantasies had come to life when he started to touch me and kiss me of his own accord. The kiss was the most intense to date and my cock ached at the delicious sounds he made and the sight of his growing erection.

When he ordered me to strip and did the same, I can't help feeling like this is my first time again. Nerves are running rampant within me but at the same time lust is prevalent and I can do nothing but obey his commands.

The way he took command was so sexy and I thanked every deity there is for giving me Chris. When we were completely naked I thought about the first time we touched each other and fantasised about how it would feel to rub against each other with our bare skin.

As I lay on top of him and brushed my bare aching cock against his I knew we would not last long. The feel of him under me, of his smooth chest brushing against my hairy torso, the way his legs wrapped around the back of my thigh and his hands grabbing my ass and pushing it further into him so our cocks gained more friction was incredible.

My groans became loud and deep at the sound of his helpless whimpers. As I quickened my pace and started thrusting against him deeper, I imagined how it would feel when I actually penetrated him.

The fact that simple grinding against each other was mind blowing made me imagine how much better if would be when I was buried fully in to his tight smooth hole. My thoughts were diverted when he came suddenly screaming my name.

I felt the heat build up indicating my coming orgasm. Chris simply lay there completely spent while I used his body for my own pleasure. My thrusts became more erratic at the sight of him completely docile and willing.

I stopped kissing him for a moment to look at my cock brushing against his slight softening cock. The sight of my large dick slapping against his own and my thick patch of pubic curls creating a delicious friction against his smaller patch of dark pubes, which had become stained with his semen on both our bodies was the last straw and I bit into his shoulder as I felt the cum shoot from my cock is deep thick spurts.

Even as my orgasm finished I continued to thrust against him in order to prolong the moment as Chris lay completely spent and dazed.

As I gazed at Chris, I never thought he was more beautiful than in that moment covered in my fluid and flushed with exertion. I thanked him with as much sincerity as I could muster for giving me this great gift.

He smiled at me in response and I loved the tender moment that seemed to pass between us. If only every day could be like this then I would be content for the rest of my life.

Then the phone rang.

As Chris grumbled at me to get off, I reluctantly complied and took the opportunity to covertly check out his ass as he ran to his room.

I'd be fucking that perfect tight ass soon enough I promised to myself.

I grinned at the thought and my happiness increased as I stood up and saw the mess that was evident on my bed sheets.

As I walked towards Chris's room my good mood disappeared instantly.

He was chatting to that bitch. I felt the white hot jealousy well within in instantly and instantly confronted Chris about it.

I admit I lost my temper and it resulted in Chris being pissed at me and confronting me on my behaviour. I know I reacted irrationally but when it comes to Chris I can't seem to control my emotions.

He challenged me on whether I trusted him and though I did I couldn't help the nagging suspicion that something could happen if Bianca acted on her feelings.

Chris could become tempted and it scared me more than I'd ever admit out loud.

When he told me to take my own shower because he was too angry to look at me, I felt my anger spike to boiling point and lashed out at the wall beside me. My fist made a large dent in the wall and I curiously stared as the cuts in my knuckles healed themselves in a swirl of white-blue lights.

Enough was enough. I needed that bitch out of the picture and while Chris was taking a long shower, I summoned Kara once I was in my room.

'Kill her tonight and make it painful.' I commanded and before she could say anything, I waved my hands and orbed her out of the house.

Chris spent the remainder of the day ignoring me and I'm sure that mum and dad noticed the tension between us when they got back. Thankfully they didn't say anything though dad did offer to take me to land of the Elders while mum was happy that Chris was spending more time in her company.

I decided to take dad up on his offer so that there would be no chance that anyone could implicate me on Bianca's disappearance not that they would ever suspect but it was best to play it safe.

I took one last glance at Chris who was steadily ignoring my gaze before orbing out with my dad.

As I materialised into Elder Land with my dad, we were instantly greeted by several white-lighters all wanting to meet the Twice Blessed Child. My dad introduced me to several new additions to the clan whose adoration was frankly sickening.

It irritated me to no end how dad proudly displayed me as if I was a trophy.

Once the white-lighter's departed and we were left to our own devices, dad lulled me into a conversation as we walked.

'So Wyatt...what's happened between you and Chris?'

'What do you mean?'

'It's obvious Chris is ignoring you; want to tell me what it's about?'

'You know Chris and his stubbornness. He's a teenager dad, everything pisses him off,' I muttered lowly.

'Yeah Chris does tend to overreact.' dad chuckled.

'Hmm,' I replied starting to feel my temper rise as his blatant disregard for Chris.

'Well sort it out when you can ok? Your mum's been bugging me to talk to you about it all day.'

'Is that why you offered to bring me here? So we could talk about Chris?'

'Of course not Wyatt, you know I love spending time with my favourite son,' he smiled expecting me to smile at his praise.

'You should love me and Chris equally,' I snarled angrily 'No wonder he hates you! Maybe you should think about sorting out your own relationship with him before you lecture me ok?'

'Don't talk to me that way! I'm your dad Wyatt!' He looked shocked beyond belief.

'Well maybe you should act like one to Chris for fucks sake!' I shouted.

Dad continued staring at me in shock and hurt but I couldn't bring myself to care this time, I'd watched for years at how he treated me so differently from Chris. I love dad but at the same time I feel a lingering resentment over how he's treated Chris in a distant fashion.

His face showed guilt and realization as my words impacted on his face but I orbed out before he could reply.

As I orbed back home to the living room I saw mum hanging with Aunt Phoebe and Paige.

'Give your favourite auntie a hug Wyatt!' smiled Phoebe with her arms stretched out wide.

'Hey I'm his favourite aunt!' argued Paige light heartedly.

I grinned though it was somewhat forced as I joined in the banter.

'Now you both know I like you both equally,' I winked as I gave them both a hug at the same time.

'How come you're back so early?' Mum questioned with curiosity.

'I got bored.' I stated simply.

'Well you want to join us? We're talking about Chris's date tonight,' Phoebe squealed excitedly while Paige sighed and restrained her bouncing.

'No thanks,' I muttered 'I don't want to her about Chris's nonexistent love life.'

'Well from the way Pipers telling it, it sounds like some cheesy high school romance rom-com,' Paige slyly states.

'It's not even a date. They're just going to the movies, he told me himself.' I said this more to convince myself than the others.

'Sounds like a date to me,' chuckled Phoebe.

The anger that was fading from my argument with dad was slowly rising to boiling point once more and I had a sickening urge to slap Phoebe in the face.

Shaking away my dark thoughts, I let out a forced laugh that left a bitter aftertaste in my throat.

'When did Chris leave anyway?' I questioned.

'About an hour ago,' mum replied.

I pondered this in my head and realized that Bianca should be out of the picture by now and Chris would be home soon.

Feeling slightly more cheerful and the fact that I could comfort Chris and hopefully make up with him tonight left me more willing to join in the conversation. Before I could reply however Chris orbed into the manor.

'Chris! Come hug your favourite aunt!' Phoebe cheerfully repeated.

'Would you stop that?' Paige giggled while mum laughed along.

'That was a quick date.' mum frowned.

It seemed that I was the first to realise that Chris's face was completely white and his eyes were overridden with fear.

'Chris...' I murmured feeling a tight clench in my chest as his expression.

'Oh my God...Chris what's wrong?' Phoebe's empathic powers were kicking in and she sensed something was very wrong.

Mum instantly sprang up and walked towards Chris who still hadn't said anything.

'Peanut what's wrong?' she asked using her old term of endearment as she put her hand on his shoulders.

'It's Bianca...I got to her house and...' Chris trailed off as his eyes clenched shut. It was as if he was relaying the memories in his head.

'What happened?' mum stated all business.

'I went inside and the house was a mess...there was an intruder...and blood in the kitchen...lots of blood,' he looked like he was about to be sick.

There were gasps of shock from my mum and aunts.

I stood still watching Chris in concern and wanting nothing more than to hold him in my arms.

Strangely enough though, there was no guilt present in my emotions. I know that in the long term this was beneficial to me and Chris.

It sounds fucked up and evil sure but I don't care at all if it'll bring Chris closer to me.

Mum instantly took charge and started issuing out orders.

'Chris did you call the police?' Chris shook his head.

'I wanted to see if we could pick up any leads before we called them,' Chris enquired pleadingly at mum and our aunts.

'Good thinking. Phoebe and Wyatt, you're coming with me to Bianca's, hopefully there should be something there that can spark a premonition'

Phoebe nodded her head determinedly, all her usual cheerfulness gone due to the current situation.

'Paige can you stay with Chris and make sure he's ok?' mum turned to Paige.

'Of course' she stated in concern.

'What! No way, I'm coming with you guys!' He protested angrily to none of our surprise.

'No Chris! Let us handle it ok? You know that if there's anything we can do, we will do it. You trust us right?' Mum stated firmly.

Chris grudgingly agreed which should have appeased mum but she knew Chris just as well as I did and knew that he must be seriously affected by what he saw at the house.

Mum exchanged worried glances to her sisters who also picked up on this information and adopted solemn looks. Paige had walked up to Chris and lovingly put an arm around him which he unconsciously leaned into.

'I need to go to the bathroom,' he muttered before walking off in a daze.

'Wyatt see that he's ok,' Mum told me, 'We'll head off when you're back downstairs ok?'

I didn't need telling twice and nodded in agreement before walking off from their worried conversation.

I entered the bathroom to see that he wasn't there; I knew he must be in his room and as I entered I saw him sitting at the edge of his bed staring into the distance.

I closed the door behind me and locked it to give us some privacy.

I hated myself a little at that moment, I knew Chris would be upset but I should've realised to what extent. I was pissed at the fact that Kara left such a mess and decided she would pay for her messiness.

I reaffirmed to myself that this was for the greater good and that Chris and I would no longer be threatened now Bianca was gone.

'Chris?' I softly murmured as I sat next to him.

'There was so much blood Wyatt,' he shakily replied 'I keep thinking she must have been so scared. That some fucking twisted bastard made her suffer...might be making her suffer now as we speak.'

'She might still be alive,' I murmur as I caress his cheek lovingly knowing I am lying to him but wanting to comfort him a little even though I know the end result.

'When I find the bastard who did this...I'll kill him!' he hissed as a tear fell from his eye.

I felt an uncomfortable feeling rise up within me. If Chris ever found out I was responsible then he would hate me. I could never let him know the truth and that meant I'd have to tie up loose ends...

'I'm sorry,' I whispered, apologizing for more than he'd know.

He leaned into my touch and stared into my eyes before smiling a little.

He looked so cute when he did that and I smiled genuinely back at him in return.

'Promise me you'll find Bianca Wy? Even if she's...dead, I need to know ok?' Chris pleaded gently.

'I promise.' I stated firmly and meant it. The sooner that bitch's situation was realised the sooner we could get back to our lives.

I gave him a tender kiss and went to stand up but to my surprise Chris pulled me back down.

'Chris what are you...mphh,' I was cut off suddenly by Chris who had latched his lips onto mine with a forcefulness that I didn't expect.

'Chris!' I gasped in shock and growing lust.

'I need you Wy,' he huskily replied in between our kisses, 'I need some comfort.'

'We might be walked on in any moment, we can't do this now as much as I want to,' I argued half heartedly, the way Chris was kissing me with such passion was clouding my rational judgement and as time progressed I was finding it harder to care.

'Please Wyatt,' he huskily breathed in my ear sending a jolt through my cock and making it harden instantly.

'Just let me have this now?' He breathed as he bit lightly on the side of my neck.

'We have to be quick ok?' I spoke roughly as my cock overrode my brain functions.

Chris wasted no time in roaming his hands over my body as I did the same to him.

As much as I wanted to spend my time exploring his body, I knew there was too little time. We could be interrupted at any moment and with Phoebe here, she might sense the lust emanating from us both if she came close enough.

I slid my hand under his trousers and found that his cock was already hard. He groaned deeply and I used my other hand to cover his mouth as I wanked him harshly.

My own cock was painfully hard but I could deal with that later on. I wanted to give Chris all the pleasure this time and the sight of him in rapture gave me a form of pleasure in itself.

It didn't take long for him to cum, less than three minutes to be exact and I felt the liquid squirt over my hand as well as his boxers. He went limp and sighed in content.

I took my cum stained hand out and licked and sucked every digit until there was none of his fluid left on my hand. Chris looked on in fascination as I did this and I smirked cheekily at him in response.

'Delicious!' I grinned and my grin grew wider at the blush that appeared on his cheeks.

'What about you Wyatt?' he said pointing to the obvious bulge in my jeans.

'Don't worry, I'll jack off later, it won't take too long for me to cum if I fantasise about what we just did now in my head' I cheekily state.

'If it won't take long...than we can deal with it now,' He murmured demurely as his hand brushed against my erection. I breathe in sharply and cannot refuse his proposal when the next words come out of his mouth.

'I want to taste you.'

I sit shock still as he gets on his knees in front of me and the bed. He maintains eye contact with me as he unbuttons my jeans and I am mesmerised by his actions.

As my fully hard erection pops out from its confines Chris gently tugs it up and down and I can do nothing but stare as one of my biggest fantasies comes to life. Something I have spent months imagining in my head is happening now and I can't believe my luck.

He licks the underside of my cock upwards in one long drag until his hot tongue reaches the head of my cock.

I pant deeply at the sensation and the image.

'You taste salty,' he ponders curiously 'very thick and musky.'

He goes on to suck the head of my cock and it is me who now has to contain the deep groans I want to exude. Chris experiments with his mouth to see how deep he can take me and manages close to three quarters before he gags.

'Chris...fuck yeah...just like're so fucking beautiful, if only you could see yourself baby,' My words rapidly become incoherent at the sight of my dick thrusting into his extremely hot and wet mouth.

I've had plenty of blowjobs before but this is honestly the best one I've experienced.

Chris may not have experience and he definitely needs practice but just the simple fact that the person I love with all my heart is giving me a blowjob makes this perfect.

I feel his teeth skim lightly against my cock and watch as his hand wraps around the lower half of my cock that he can't fit into his mouth. The sight and sensation of Chris both wanking and sucking me off brings my impending orgasm quicker than I'd hoped.

'Chris – I'm gonna cum!' I pant expecting him to withdraw his mouth. Instead he continues to bob his mouth faster and chooses that moment to gaze upwards into my eyes.

The image of his eyes penetrating mine while my slick wet cock is filled in his mouth causes me to cum. I continue to gaze into his eyes as I feel myself ejaculate into the back of his throat and the sight is something that will stay with me until I die.

I try to control my breathing as hard as I can as my orgasm fades and as Chris withdraws his mouth from my cock with a pop I see the essence of my fluid leak a little out of his mouth.

I kiss him as passionately as I can to convey the gratitude I feel for him and he kisses me back sweetly in return.

'You should go downstairs, mum and the others are waiting,' he murmurs as I hold him tightly.

I nod and kiss him once more before I walk away and out of his room.

As I walk downstairs I try to keep the grin off my face and adopt a more sombre mood. It's a lot harder than I expected and I can't stop visualising the amazing memory of Chris sucking me off.

We are definitely doing that again.

'Is Chris feeling better?' Mum enquires in concern.

'Oh he's feeling a lot better I'm sure.' I honestly reply while smiling genuinely.

Mum and Paige smile at me but I find Phoebe staring at me in puzzled confusion. I suddenly realise I'm still thinking lustful thoughts and do my best to calm my emotions.

Thankfully my powers seem to have a natural defence to Phoebe's empathic ability so she could only get a minor hint of my emotions. I see Phoebe's expression change and see her shaking her head in denial and breathe a silent sigh of relief.

'Shall we head off?' I ask and mum and Phoebe nod in agreement.

'Check on Chris later ok?' Mum asks Paige and she nods in agreement.

'Of course sweetie, I'll check on him in a bit. Good luck.' she states as I orb Phoebe and mum to Bianca's house.

As soon as I materialise us into her living room, I can hear the gasps of shock that the other two make involuntarily.

The house is a mess.

Furniture is broken and tossed everywhere, the cabinet is smashed to pieces and there are shards of glass all over the floor.

'Guys look at that...' Phoebe points to the TV and the wall beside it.

My eyes darken in anger as I gaze upon the scorch marks.

'Demons.' Mum states in confusion. 'Why would demons attack Bianca...?'

Kara is going to pay for this. I told her to make this look like a mortals work.

'We don't know it's demons for sure mum,' I say and curse my stupidity as mum and Phoebe glance at me incredulously.

'Wyatt there's scorch marks on the wall and the TV has a wide gaping hole in the screen. You know what scorch marks are like.' Phoebe frowns.

'Yeah well I don't fancy telling Chris that demons have killed Bianca ok?' I try to backtrack.

'We don't know she's dead for sure,' Mum mutters though she doesn't sound as if she believes her own words.

We inspect the living room for a while longer and Phoebe touches things but is exasperated that no premonition is occurring. As we make our way into the kitchen I can see why Chris was so freaked out.

Mum groans in disgust at the sight of the large puddle of blood that has spread throughout the surface.

'Phoebe can you touch the blood and see if you can get a premonition that way?' Phoebe nods solemnly and can't help the disgust show on her face as she dips her fingers into the blood and then rubs it between her fingers.

The sight of her eyes clenching shut and her sharp intake of breath indicates the start of a premonition and I touch her shoulder to see what she is seeing.

Premonition flashback

Bianca flies against the living room and hits the wall with a large thud, the scream that emits from her is involuntary and pain filled.

Kara throws an energy ball in Bianca's direction which Bianca manages to divert with a side jump. The energy ball hits the TV instead emitting a huge hissing sound as the screen shatters and sparks fly.

Kara has Bianca against the wall with a large energy ball formed in her hand. Her smile is sadistic while Bianca's is hate filled.

'This is for my master!' she crows as she lets the energy ball fly.

Bianca screams with her hand extended and an energy ball shoots from her own hand.

The impact of both energy balls creates a minor shockwave which shatters the glass in its proximity.

Kara stares in shock while Bianca stares disbelievingly at her own hands.

Bianca is in the kitchen bleeding heavily from a wound in her stomach. Kara looks pissed as she approaches her with a bloody knife.

'No more running.' She hisses in glee as she rushes towards Bianca.

Bianca screams.

End premonition

'Oh my God!' Phoebe shakily gasps.

I'm in a state of surprise myself, who on earth would have guessed that there was more to Bianca than met the eye.

She certainly put up a decent fight and how the fuck can she throw energy balls?

'What is it' Mum asked firmly and in anticipation of the reply.

'This is a lot more complicated than we could have imagined,' Phoebe replied seriously

'What do you mean?' Mum enquired further.

'Well there was definitely a demon here, a female one at that and she was under the orders of someone else to kill Bianca. But that's not even the biggest surprise...Bianca could throw energy balls.'

'What?' Mum responded in shock looking at me for confirmation.

'It's true.' I nodded.

We stood there in silence for a minute before mum shook us out of our reverie.

'Let's head back home and start scrying for Bianca. Just because she's using a demonic power doesn't mean she's evil herself. I refuse to believe she's evil until we get proof and more importantly we need to this for Chris.'

Phoebe looked around the remnants of the living room until she found a picture of Bianca lying on the floor.

'For scrying.' She stated in response to our stares.

'Let's go.' I orbed us out and we arrived in the living room.

'Paige? Chris?' Mum shouted out loud.

'In here Piper!' Paige shouted from the dining room.

We noticed immediately that something was wrong from the tone of her voice. As we rushed into the dining room our expressions changed from ones of confusion to that of shock.

Bianca was sitting in a chair a bruised and bloody mess, with Paige in front of her and Chris with his arm wrapped around her protectively.

Oh and she was alive.



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