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"We've already debated on this God knows how many times. It's not that I don't appreciate your art, Sasori-danna, it's just that it's not supreme." Deidara flipped his bangs out of his left eye, to which they fell immediately back on, and smirked. "Including everything that I've already mentioned, it doesn't even bring the user any benefits, hm."

Sasori looked up from his puppet workings. He and Deidara had been on the same argument about each other's art for the last twenty minutes and he had found himself becoming tirelessly bored. But the last card Deidara had played he did not understand. And now, sitting on the edge of the bottom bunk –Deidara's bed- he looked at his partner with a twinge of curiosity.

"What do you mean?"

As Deidara's hands rose to cup behind his head he felt a little more dominant. It felt good to explain something to someone who was rarely cretinous of anything.

"Well, really, look at you. No offense, but I've never seen a walking-talking tree before, hm. I mean, you do look nicer out of your Hiruko form then in, but still. What kind of social life do you have?"

Sasori went back to fixing his broken puppet. He was surprised that for a moment there, he had actually been interested. "Things like that have no relevance to me. And nor should they you, as a member of the Akatsuki. Why would it matter to me what my body looks like if it's serving its purpose?"

The equally bored Deidara sat up and decided to take a jab at something he'd never thought of before.

"But you're heart is still a human form, hm. We all –even those with permanent bloodstains on our hands- have certain urges that need to be met, wouldn't you agree? And living in that grotesque body of yours provides no way of getting an outlet. Even one without personal bonds." The blond chuckled a bit at the whole thought of Sasori's non-existent love life.

But Sasori's eyes narrowed as he looked at his supposed comrade. He wasn't as amused.

"There is nothing regarding my body that would prevent me from doing anything you could do with those disgusting hands of yours." The puppeteer felt a sting of something inside, but he dismissed it as frivolous.

"On the contrary," Deidara was a tiger stalking its next meal. Relishing in the knowledge that his prey would not escape. "I bet you didn't think of applying a certain male organ to your body of art when you first created it. You're useless in the pleasing section of social interaction, hm."

Sasori's jaw clicked but he did not say a word.

That was when Deidara should've stopped.

"In fact, Sasori-danna, I'm sure that even if you found someone to cherish, their appreciation for your art may not grow so much after they've realized your limitations, hm. I mean who wants a man who isn't really a man at all? Not even close in the bedroom. Wasn't it said that one of the greatest things in life is the gift of pleasure to someone else? Which in turn you cannot be prefo-"

Suddenly Deidara was up against the wall with his partner's face inches from his and Sasori's metal bladed 'tail' pressing his neck.

With an icicle hanging off of every frigid word he was something Deidara had never seen before.

"What I do with others in that sense is of no concern to you. The fact is, as I've told you before, I have no interest in any sexual act of pleasing someone else because I don't give a damn about a situation where I have to rely on someone else and they feel somehow bound to me. That's a useless knot I would never tie and if you don't get it though your skull quickly, I may just have to crack it."

As his last word was uttered he spun and walked briskly out of the room, the motion causing a small open cut on Deidara's cheek.

Deidara slid slowly down the wall and landed with a slump on the ground. He didn't even notice the blood, which began to trickle to his chin.

"Sasori-danna… Really lost it. I've never seen him so…"

Deidara rubbed his cheek with his wrist and looked at the vital fluid now pattered on his skin.



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