Hello readers!

Fear not, this story is NOT dead, nor is it discontinued. I've just been EXTREMELY busy over the last few months, and have had literally no time to even sit down and contemplate writing for pleasure.

I am a full time college student. Because of this, homework will always come first. I will work hard to turn out a new chapter for at least one of my stories during my winter break, but no guarantees. I have a job, bills to pay, chores to do, all that fun adult stuff. These things come first.

Also, my husband and I just bought our first house, so we're moving in about 30 days or less. So things will be fairly hectic for a while as we try and get settled into our new abode.

I just wanted to make sure I posted this to let you see that I'm not dead or anything, I've just been focusing on other important life tasks. I have every intention of continuing my stories, they just might fall to the back burner for a bit. Thank you for your continued support and reviews. They're always great to read.