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H o l d i n g O u t F o r A H e r o – F r o u F r o u

Ever since she was a child, all Elena wanted was someone to protect her. Someone strong and brave, like the hero of a fairytale. Someone larger than life. In the years to come, she soon learned that no such man existed. Her own father betrayed her. Her brother died of alcohol poisoning. Her first and last boyfriend almost murdered her. She had learned to trust no man. As far as she was concerned, there was no hero outside her faraway dreams.

When she had become a Turk, she had hoped to forget her past. But instead, she had unconsciously sought out the attention of the three men by her side. Tseng had become her new father figure, Rude had become her bodyguard, and Reno was just the ignorant man-next-door. Yet when Reno discovered Elena's past, he changed. He was closer than Rude was. He was her protector. He would walk her home each night. He would kiss her goodbye, yet to Elena, it was merely a sign of good friendship. She took it as nothing more. She didn't realise that Reno was her hero in a totally different way to the rest.

T h e C a l l - R e g i n a S p e k t o r

It happened so suddenly. It was just a glance. But that glance sparked a feeling in Elena. Something in Reno was so appealing that she couldn't help but hope that maybe...

But wasn't that the way it always began? One day, you realise what you've had all along is something that you too cherish. And it arrives in the simplest of forms. A glance, a smile, a touch.

Yet you can never be certain until it is spoken aloud, and in doing so, a renewed determination settles inside of you. This is how it all began.

Yet Reno knew it all along.

W h o K n o w s - N a t a s h a B e d i n g f o r d

Elena was still in the 'like' category at the moment. Concerning Reno, of course. Yet she was falling, and fast. Every quirky little thing he did make her smirk. Everything he said made her turn. Their first date felt like their third. She was liking him more and more by the minute, and her heart was now the ruler of her body. She stuttered, made clumsy mistakes she never normally would have, and blushed every time Reno kissed her. She felt like a teenage girl experiencing love for the first time. Which wasn't far off. Mentally, that was how inexperienced she was. Reno was the first guy to pay attention to her in such a way. He was far more mature in the dating department, which Elena considered both a good thing and a bad thing. The latter was that he was ready to move forward much faster than Elena. Then again, someone had to get things rolling.

A c c i d e n t a l l y I n L o v e - C o u n t i n g C r o w s

Love, love, love! Elena wanted to scream it from the rooftops. It seemed such a bizarre emotion. Something rare and exciting, a joy that blurred your vision. After everything that had happened in Elena's life, she didn't think love was possible, or that she even deserved it. So naturally, when she finally recognized the feeling, she wanted nothing more than to share it with the world.

Reno had been in love with her all along. She knew it when he crashed her toboggan one winter's day, doing so only for the excuse to kiss her in the snow. He said the white brought out the brown in her eyes.

Yes, she was definitely in love.

S h e I s T h e S u n l i g h t - T r a d i n g Y e s t e r d a y

Elena's love had matured Reno. In a few short years, he had grown from the foolish boy whose only love was of strip clubs and alcohol, to the young man who bought daisies from the florist every week so that his girlfriend could adorn herself with daisy chains. She looked so innocent and perfect when she wore them. Even more so than she usually did.

Reno was so in love with Elena that not only had he changed dramatically, but her smile lit up his face-even if it was a sly one for taken the last frosted donut. And when she told him that she was considering dying her hair brown, he told her that her hair was more beautiful than sunlight. Elena's temptation vanished. She had found her prince, her hero and her knight in shining armour all in one.

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