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D o n ' t L e t M e F a l l - L e n k a

Elena's relationship with Reno was like a catchy song. Once she had a taste of it, she couldn't get enough. And she didn't want to forget.

You're just the one that I've been waiting for, I'll give you all that I have to give and more, but don't let me fall.

Elena trusted Reno with her heart. He would never let anything he loved escape from his grasp. Especially not his Daisy Queen.

She would always giggle at the childish name he'd blessed her with.

H i m - L i l y A l l e n

Sometimes, when Elena got into a fight with Reno, she wondered if it meant their relationship was failing. She'd sit alone in her apartment and ponder on questions for hours on end, questions such as, 'Were we meant to be together?' and 'What does everyone think of us?'. She soon learnt that disagreements in relationships were completely normal and healthy, as long as they didn't dominate. And she was certain that they didn't. She could only recall two fights between them. And each one occurred when Reno accidentally smashed her toaster whilst trying to fix the broken hinges on her cupboard, or when Elena ate Reno's entire tub of chocolate ice-cream. Each time, however, the two of them would make up, offering the victim a trip to the Gold Saucer.

Yes, doubts would occur, Elena knew. Questions would be asked. Arguments would happen. The inevitable couldn't be prevented, but the couple would get through it all. Their love made sure of it.

I r i s - G o o G o o D o l l s

When Rude was killed in a gunfight two blocks away from Reno's apartment, Reno became lost. His shock ruled his mind. He'd lost his best friend and partner. Instincts told him that drinking was the answer, but Elena thought otherwise. As devastated as she was, she didn't want to lose another.

After several nights of nothing-no tears, no drinks, no kisses, Reno sought after one thing. Elena. Her smiles had faded, therefore his had too. She was his light in the dark times. His uncertain emotions searched Elena's intentions too harshly, letting the touch of her hand against his meant more than it should. Before long, her kisses began to clear his mind. Her soothing touch made him long for her. Never had anything felt so right.

After that night, Reno was certain that there was no other woman for him. And there never would be.

M y L o v e - J u s t i n T i m b e r l a k e

I've never felt so sure.

Hand-in-hand, lying together in the sands of Costa Del Sol, feet entwined, the gentle tide dappling their soles with water droplets...It was like heaven on earth. Even the light flecks of rain that fell silently against them were refreshing. Reno had never felt so at peace. He could have lain there for all eternity, admiring the warmth of his girlfriend's slender hand. All that was missing was a ring.

"Elena, Laney, Daisy Queen...God I love you." The two Turks turned to face each other, smiles bright despite the dark weather that surrounded them. They hadn't even noticed.

Elena poked her tongue out at him. "Even when I put veggies in your dinner?"

Reno smirked. He loved her innocent playfulness. "Even then."

After a moment's silence, Elena said, "You've changed a lot Reno. In a good way."

He chuckled. "Yeah, well, I blame you."

With a light-hearted sigh, Reno held her hand up and observed it. He caressed her fingers until a small frown formed on his face.

"It's missing something."


Reno tugged at his pocket. A moment later, he slipped a golden ring on her finger. A single diamond shaped as a tiny flower gleamed.

"That's better." He murmured, turning to read her expression.

Elena was choked up. A cherry-coloured blush had spread across her feminine features, and after emitting a soft gasp, a wide smile became stained on her face.


After leaning over and kissing him intently for a few moments, she pulled back and saw the grin on his face.

"So, what do you say?"

Elena giggled. She could sound so child-like when she wanted to. "How could I say no to a daisy? Yes, Reno. Yes, yes, yes!"

Reno had never felt so much relief. Elena was his, and only his.

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