A young teen, just barely thirteen, stood beside his mother as she registered him for his previously picked classes. His excitement was causing him to bounce on the balls of his feet; finally he'd find a challenge. He was saddened that Donny, his big brother had taken the first chance he got to disappear out of his life but the experiences ahead of him outweighed the sadness he felt.

The boy was abruptly thrown from his swiftly roving thoughts by the impact of a form slighter than his own. When he turned he saw a girl, younger than himself; she was pale with a multitude of freckles across her nose, light brown hair, and excited green eyes.

What happened next almost caused his own fast moving brain to overload.

"Hi! I'm Adina! Are you going here? Or are you just with your mom to sign up for classes for her? We, Ryan and I, are checking out Colleges with our brig brother and sister. We're all going to go to the same college, 'cept Ryan and I are gunna join them next year, we still have to graduate high school. High school is gunna suck without them there with us, but it won't be so bad. The bullies are scared of us since we could figure out a way to hurt them and no leave evidence. Anyways, do you kn—Mph!!!"

The diatribe form the overly excited girl was cut off when a hand slammed itself over her mouth.

"Adina! Breathe! Uh, hi, sorry about her, she's not supposed to have too much sugar otherwise she acts like a chipmunk on crack. Unfortunately, she had three donuts and a glass of fruit juice this morning for breakfast."

"Oh, that's okay; I act like that with Lemon Meringue Pie or a new math equation. I, um, I'm Charlie. And yes, I'm going here next semester. You guys are graduating next year? That's so cool! Finally someone my age graduating from high school, too! Where do you guys live? What do you like to do? Can we hang out some time?"

Just as quickly as his excitement had been interrupted, it came back, but for an entirely different reason. These two were the same age as him almost and they were just as smart as him! They would understand the stuff he liked!

Margaret had finished registering Charlie shortly after the young girl had bumped into him. Watching him with the two other kids, seeing their excitement as they began discussing things she could barely follow she smiled, she had never seen him fit in so well with other kids his age.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed an aged African woman, a young Latino girl and a young African man walk up to them; she was shocked to hear the woman address her after looking at the kids together.

"Hello, I'm Rona Wolfe, I'm so sorry if those two are causing you any trouble."

"No, no trouble. In fact, I've never seen my son so at ease with kids his own age. Are you their babysitter . . .?"

Rona Laughed, "No, I'm the foster mother of all four these kids. I've been taking care of them for quite a few years now. Those two are trouble on the best of times and hellions at the worst because they're so smart. I just wanted to make sure they're not confusing you."

"Well, actually I think it's a bit of a blessing in disguise that they've met."


"Yes, my son has always had trouble making friends his own age because of how smart he is; he meeting those two is probably the best thing that has happened. I've been so worried that he'll never be able to interact socially."

"I know how you feel. Ryan has had the most trouble interacting with the outside world out of these four, but his problems are a bit more than just being smart."

Margaret looked at her son, watching him and the two children chat animatedly about various topics. They appeared to be as thick as thieves already. Turning to say something she realized she had made a slight faux pas.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Margaret Eppes and that is my son Charlie."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Margaret. Those two are Ryan and Adina, and these two are Damien and Angelica Wolfe.

It was the start of a beautiful friendship, one that over the years turned them into family.