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Sugar Me Sweet

Chapter 1: Beginning.

A brunette looked up at the starch white ceiling. Her hazelnut irises piercing through the thin paper-like plaster, like arrows shooting through the silently still air. Her slender, muscled form covered with a variety of blankets assorted in different shades of green. She slowly turned her head to look at the blaring red numbers of the digital clock perched on her oak wood bedside table.

Slowly shaking her head in disbelief, she arose from her bed, stretching like a Cheshire cat, she walked over to her bathroom. Switching the light on, she stared at the glass, pale reflection from the mirror across from her. Rubbing the little sleepiness she had out of her eyes, she grabbed a black sweater and pulled it over her head.

Slipping down the stairs as quiet as a mouse, she grabbed her assorted keys and eased the front door open. The cold breeze washed over her body, blowing her messy hair behind her, framing her delicate, high-boned cheeks. She noiselessly entered her Prius, the normal leather smell wafting and surrounding her. Slowly she stuck the key into the ignition, turning it in the process and tiredly, leaned back against the front seat, waiting for the unusual coldness to cease.

Her brown orbs stared up at the grey car roof, wondering when she would finally fall asleep; suddenly she felt warm and carefully eased the pedal down and reversed the car down the driveway. As she drove through streets, neighborhoods, parks, schools and all types of buildings, the sun slowly arose from behind her, the sunlight drifting into the silver Prius and engulfing the female driver in light. As she turned down to her street and parked her car in the asphalt driveway, she stared up to her opened window and noticed the light in her room shining brightly.

Slowly watching, she noticed a shadow stepping across the black floorboards and to her window. Fast as a cheetah she quickly ducked down behind the car, staying quiet and still until she thought she saw the onlooker back away.

Looking at the window again, she noticed that she had been caught. Caught out driving at night when she should have been asleep by the pair of warm brown eyes she had become accustomed but now, the pair of fierce, angry and dark eyes that glared at her. Trudging forward through the scattered leaves, she opened the door and walked up the winding steps to her room, where awaited another lecture and another punishment.

This was the daily nightlife of Tenten.


Tenten stood in front of her wooden, brown, bedroom door, hand wrapped unsurely and lazily around the golden, metal knob, compensating if she should enter or not. Finally deciding on the former, she slowly turned the round object in her hand and the door creaked open.

Her hazelnut orbs surveyed the blank room; eyes lingering on the figure slouched over the opened window.

"It's not very youthful to slouch you know." Tenten joked to the figure, her eyes looking forward. She caught the slight flinch from the man and the hiss of breath escape him.

"You are in no position to criticize my stature." The figure responded, voice low and hard.

Tenten didn't respond, choosing instead to look pointedly away from him.

As the silence increased in the room, the man decided now to inform her of his thoughts.

"That was youthfully unwise of you to go out late at night. Unsupervised and alone. I'm really disappointed in you Tenten."

"Wouldn't have been the first." Tenten muttered lowly, but despite her efforts, her roommate had acute hearing and had heard every word.

He hissed quietly at her words, "Yes it wouldn't have been the first time because I have caught you for the last week and a half." He said to her, his voice rising an octave. Tenten flinched at the pitch and stayed quiet.

"What were you thinking? How could you try this again after all that I have said to you? Are you not listening to me? What is wrong with you?" He shouted at her, hissing and quietly, unyouthfully swearing under his breath.

"I can't believe you'd do this, after all I have done for you…" He broke off into silence.

Tenten stared down at the floor, guilt spilled across her face. Her eyes dulled, she understood her roommate's feelings. She understood that her green spandex wearing, bowl cut haired, bushy browed friend: Rock Lee was feeling. She slowly nodded her head, understanding everything he had said and knowing that she would accept his punishment without complaint because a friend like him deserved everything she could give him.

Lee shook his head furiously, unable to think of a proper punishment for his sneaky friend, and then realization streaked across his features. A small devious grin spread across his face, attracting the attention of the awaiting brunette.

"Actually, I think I have thought of a very youthful punishment for you dear blossom." Lee stated. Tenten waited silently for him to finish, hoping dreadfully that it wouldn't be so bad as the time he made her run fifty laps around the school, without stopping because she had sneaked out one night.

"I'd like you to get a job…" Lee trailed off, Tenten's eyebrows raised at the aspect of getting a job. She was never good with bosses or with anyone with a higher rank than her. It never really ended well. Tenten inwardly groaned at the thought.

"At that new sweets place, Tenten." Lee finished. Tenten's head bobbed absentmindedly. She liked sweets so surely it wouldn't end as badly.

She remained silent as her eyes looked out at the bright sun slowly rising from the horizon.

"Today and downtown, near that coffee shop you always go to every morning." Lee answered her, pearl white teeth forming a charming smile.

"Fine." Tenten responded. She opened her closet door and took out her school uniform. Lee took that as his cue to get the hell outta there and sprinted out the door and to his own room.

Tenten changed in utter silence, her thoughts pondering over the last conversation.

"I'd like you to get a job…a job….a job."

She moaned as she got up and looked over herself in the bathroom mirror. She had to admit, even though she did not like the thought of herself in a skirt, it was highly flattering on her.

Her uniform consisted of a white button up blouse with the school's insignia imprinted on the right shoulder sleeve, a black tie that hung loosely around her neck and a plaid black and blue skirt that ended right above her knees. She wore a pair of white leggings underneath her skirt as she fit her new, black, Puma sneakers onto her feet.

She grabbed the navy blue blazer off her chair as she hung her grey and green messenger bag across her shoulder. Shaping her chocolate brown hair into twin Chinese buns, she dashed out her room and down the stairs to the kitchen.

Grabbing a piece of toast from the toaster, she hurried out the door without further notice and sped to her beloved Prius. Opening the metal door, she was met with the smell of soft leather.

While munching on the piece of bread, Tenten silently drove to her high school. The prestigious, well known, Konoha Leaf High, or for short KLH.

As she turned the bend into the parking lot, her hazelnut orbs caught something that stood out amongst the several groups of students, the bobbing of pink hair.

Tenten blinked her eyes.

"It couldn't be her from all this time could it?" Tenten's thoughts swarmed around her mind as the questioning grew more pronounced.

Finally blaming the sight on the fact that she didn't exactly have any sleep the previous night and dropping the mental fight in her mind, she found a place to park, stepping out of the car and she began her walk to her locker.


Tenten reached the hallway and trudged down the several steps until coming in front of her locker. Reaching in, she grabbed her books for her next four classes. As she closed her locker and stepped into the school's courtyard, she found a great surprise awaiting her.

Someone was already there, and that someone was occupying her spot. Narrowing her eyes in hatred, she scanned the petit, lithe form that crouched over a sketchbook. The girl's indigo hair fell past her shoulders, draping her face from view. Tenten looked on at the girl, a faint lingering of remembrance, of familiarity. She wore exactly the same uniform as Tenten except the fact that she was wearing her blazer. Her small, pale hand raced across the page, forming shapes into faces, into sceneries. Tenten was awed by her ability to produce such beautiful canvases but showed no inclination to compliment the girl as she sat at the opposite corner. Pulling her knees up to her chest, she set her head down to take a light nap before her first class started.

Upon hearing the crunching of leaves, the indigo haired girl's head snapped up in surprise. Pale lavender eyes widened in shock and disbelief. A slow, heavy gasp escaped her slightly ajar mouth. Tears stung her eyes in hatred and fury, but also in sadness.

Tenten's head rose, hearing the warning bell ringing through the school. She stared ahead of her, her face immediately contorting into fury. Their gazes met, each icy and cold. Tenten rose from her seat, brushing access dirt and leaves off her clothes, while maintaining eye contact with the indigo haired girl. Before slipping through the courtyard exit, she sent a quick glare toward the silent girl and disappeared through the doorway.

Tears immediately leaked through the pale eyes as the girl tried desperately to conceal them behind her stoic façade; they dripped silently down onto her sketch.

The faces blurred to her dazed eyes, but still throughout her slight blindness she could still faintly make out the smiling faces of her separated friends. The original styled Chinese buns that were oh so familiar to the girl who had glared at her, the gleaming shine in the hazelnut eyes. Beside the girl was the eccentric form of a radiating girl. Head tilted to show her slight questioning face, shoulder length hair flowing around her shoulders, her arms wrapped around the two girls beside her. On her right was the girl with the Panda like buns and on her left was a dancer like girl. Arms poised over her head like wings, head tilted to show the sparkling smile adorning her flawless face.

A soft, muffled cry of pain emitted from the silent girl. At these moments she was the weakest of them all, at these moments, she was alone.

Hyuuga Hinata had always been the shy, meek, quiet girl. She stuttered at times but it soon faded once she had met Tenten, she threw herself into academics to please her father; she was a natural artist who always portrayed her emotions through paints, encils and acrylics. She was motherly, friendly, caring, kind; she was everything a friend could ever be, but she wasn't a liar. And that fact changed a lot of things.


And that was the first chapter of Sugar Me Sweet.



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