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Now Loading Kids Next Door Mission.

Operation: Devastation

It was the start of Junior High School, one year had passed since Numbah 1 left Earth and joined the Galactic Kids Next Door. It was a solemn year for the members of Sector V. For the first couple of weeks the team didnt go on any missions. The team was allowed a leave of absence by Numbah 362, who herself was dealing with the loss of Numbah 1. However for some kids, it wasnt in thier nature to sit around feeling sorry. Numbah 4 went on solo missions for a time and was soon joined by Numbah 2 who had also grown weary of the somber atmosphere at the treehouse. Numbah 5 was the last one to come out of it. Though it would take alot of encouragement from the others, coupled with Wally's constant badgering that finally brought her out of it. With Nigel gone Abby was once again the de facto leader of the team. They considered several replacement members for Numbah 1 but none of them panned out. Rules stated that there be five members in each sector of the KND Network. But the team soon became the exception to the rule and thus learned to move on without Nigel.

That didnt mean that it got any easier for the team. They persevered nonetheless knowing that Nigel would want them to succeed. In time things would catch up to them, Rachael stepped down as Supreme Commander of the Kids Next Door and Abby became her successor almost immediately afterwards. Rachael continued on as a regular Kids Next Door operative, rumors flew as to why she elected to step down. But those closest to her already knew the answer. She was in love with Nigel, he was the one who encouraged her to stay on as Commander. His absence in her life was apparent, and even though she was a spectacular leader she couldnt take the stress of leading an entire organization. And now here they were about to start Junior High. It was a time for change in a lot of ways: physically, emotionally and environmentally. They only had a year or so of membership left in the KND, and then they would either be decommissioned or allowed to stay on as special agents. That knowledge coupled with all the other changes made it one of the most nerve racking years of thier young lives.

The kids stood at the front entrance of Warburton Junior High. Numbah 5 slung her bookbag over her shoulder as she stood next to her friends.

"Well...I guess this is it." she said.

" guys ready?" Hoagie asked.

"I wish Numbah 1 was here" Kuki said solumly.

"Yeah well, nothing we can do about that now. Come on guys let's get this over with." Wally said slinging his bookbag and went on ahead of them.

The others reluctantly followed thier teammate across the long sidewalk that led up the front stairs. Inside the main hallway Rachael got her books out of her locker dressed in a blue dress shirt and orange short skirt when they approached her.

"Sup Rachael?" Abby said welcoming her.

"Hey Numbah 5." she said turning to her.

"How you holding up?" Wally asked.

"All right I suppose. How about you guys?" she asked.

"Oh you know. Look it'll be great junior high will be fine!" Hoagie said.

"I hope so." said Rachael.

"Well come on. You ready to start the first day of the rest of your life?" Abby asked.

"I thought that was high school?" she asked. Abby shrugged.

"What difference does it make?" she replied.

"Guess your right." she smiled.

"So where's your homeroom?" asked Hoagie.

"Its just down the hall." she answered.

"Oh cool we have the same homeroom!" said Kuki.

"I wonder why Nigel is up to?" wondered Rachael.

"Its best if you dont think about it." advised Abby.

In another star system a battle raged on, a volley of laser fire flew between two ships. On the bridge of one ship alarms blared and was blanketed in red lights as people scrambled throughout. At the controls was a young girl who appeared to be the commander. She turned and yelled something in alien dialect, a bald headed boy turned and faced her answering her command. The boy in sunglasses saluted before taking off.

Rushing downstairs Numbah 1 raced past several other kids who were running in the opposite direction. Getting to a control council he typed in a series of commands that showed up in an alien language and targeted the opposing ship. A large cannon lowered from the bottom of the ship and opened fire. An orange-red blast hit the bottom of the opposing ship resulting in a large blast. Numbah 1 then prepaired to board a small gun ship and took off. With smoke billowing from the belly of the enemy ship Numbah 1 joined his compatriots and flew towards the passive hole but at the last minute was called back.

"What do you mean call off the attack?" he yelled.

"Just do it Numbah 1!" his superior ordered.

Nigel groaned as he pulled back and headed back towards his ship. The crippled star destroyer started to limp off. On the opposite ship, the doors to the bridge flew open as Nigel stormed in.

"We have them on the run. Why on Earth would we call off the attack? We could finish them here and now!" he yelled.

"Protecting this planet is top priority." his commander told him.

"But we could at least capture them and know what they're plans are for the other planets!" Nigel told her.

The commander turned in her chair and faced him.

"Those are my orders Numbah 1." she said.

"I mean its not that often we have this kind of opportunity." he told her.

"I know Numbah 1 but its out of my hands." she told him.

The alien ship gimped off and activated its warp gate escaping the battlefield. The GKND ship remained relatively undamaged as it hovered above a purple planet.

"That's one world the Destructacon wont get thier hands on." the commander said.

On the other side of the warp gate the Destructacon ship emerged and drifted weakly through space. On the bridge a group of green skinned aliens with tenticle-like appendages hanging down from thier faces bemoaned thier defeat.

"I cant believe we lost to those putrid children!" one of them yelled.

"This last defeat is unacceptable. And they have only become more persistent since we appeared in this system." said another one.

"Then perhaps it is time we focus our attention elsewhere?" said thier leader.

"What do you have in mind?" asked the first one.

"The GKND have jurisdiction in just about every star system. However there is one where they have no such defense. In a galaxy called the Milky Way." their leader told them.

"But most of those planets are uninhabited. What fun is it to destroy when nobody lives there?" the other squid asked.

"There is one planet that's inhabited. A little blue planet called Earth." thier leader told them.

"But that planet is full of backwater people." his leutinent said.

"Exactly we'll be doing the universe a favor in eliminating them. And as a bonus I hear it is the home world of thier own." the leader said. The others snickered and laughed.

"They'll let anyone in." one of them said.

"Then its settled, set a course for Earth." the leader said sitting down.

To be continued.

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