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Tranquilly would seem to be what possessed the two travels, at least that's what it would appear to any onlooker. The two could pass for siblings, if need be, and surely quite a few who walked past them thought that was what they were, but they'd be wrong. Kohaku, in Miroku's humble opinion, looked nothing like him. He had paler skin, almost as if for the time that Naraku held him captive he had never seen any sunlight.

Yet, upon his face he held a few freckles. His eyes were the same mahogany color as the women Miroku now openly admitted he loved-really, to him, the similarities between the two siblings were striking. It was quite obvious that they were related.

Miroku taking Kohaku to the psychic and freeing his mind, with what Kohaku remembers he can lead them to Naraku. The psychic says that she can lead them to the Higurashi family as well. In that moment, though, none of that mattered. All that did was that Miroku could keep the comatose boy following him, the trance he was stuck in was like nothing he had ever come across.

Ever moment he chanced a glance to the boy to make sure he was doing alright, he was praying to the gods that the mystic he was going to would know how to cure him of this ailment. Because if she didn't then… he wasn't sure how his dearest would handle it. Her world had circled around him, all the deceitful things she had done was in hopes of saving her baby brother, and if after everything she got him back only to be this mindless child then… Miroku shivered at the thought.

He felt even worse when he thought of how broken she was at that moment, how much damage she had received in their latest encounter with the hanyou called Naraku. Inuyasha, too, was harmed and thus he needed to stay behind so that Kagome could tend to him. The fact that his dear cousin was there to tend to his beloved and his friend made it easier to leave them that morning but… it still wasn't easy.

It was hard to be so far from Sango when she was in need, not just physically but emotionally. She found it so easy to blame herself for all her brother woe's. More than anything, Miroku just wanted to see a genuine smile and without Kohaku pulling through, he doubted he ever would.

That was one of the many reasons why he smiled once he finally arrived at the mystics house, if anyone he knew could fix Kohaku it would be her. Hopefully, she would be willing to help. He took a breath in as he reached out to knock on the door, looking between it and the boy that stood just a short distance behind him.

The sound of the door opening caused him to look back to see the rather beautiful women standing there, her dull gray gaze shifting up and down the man before a smile slipped up her lips.

"It has been a long while, Miroku," she started as she stepped aside and motioned for him to enter. Once he did, he waved for Kohaku to follow. Sluggishly, the boy obeyed. "And who is this?"

"The reason I am here, darling. This is a dear, dear friend of mine's brother. A demon has thrown him into this trance and I was hoping that you would be able to save him?" There was always a proper way of how to word things in order to get her to help him. First of all, it had to b a dear, dear friend that was in need of assistance - not a lover - and she had to have the power to save someone, not just help.

"And believe me, If you were to save him, you'd be saving his family as well. I'm not sure what would become of his sister if he were stuck like this forever…"

"His sister, huh? Is that the dear, dear friend?" She inquired, motioning for them to follow her into her living room then for them to sit upon the couch. All she received in return was a nod. "I believe I can fix this. I will need to grab a few items to perform the counter-spell but I should be able to do that with ease. Give me about a half hour, and the boy will be fine."

"Also," he began cautiously, "I have another favor to ask, this one is in regards to my cousin…"

"Well, well, aren't we just full of favors today?"


A whole day had passed by before a relief flushed them all, Miroku had returned with Kohaku. All the time they had worried that something had happened to him the entire time he was gone, even though he had specifically told them it would probably take that long. After all, each of them had a bounty of their head for crimes against their country. Apparently, Shimizu had seen to it. It was out of pure vengeance that he went through that effort, getting Kagome back would solve nothing. She was too 'tainted'.

"Sango-chan will be very happy to see you," Kagome assured him the moment he returned, since she was the one to answer the door for them. "She's been very worried."

"All's well, finally," Miroku assured as he looked down to Kohaku, who finally was able to actually look at people back instead of lifelessly staring at nothing at all. The boy even showed a smile.

"Hello, Kohaku-kun, I'm Kagome," she greeted with her usual warm smile, "I'm sure my cousin has told you how we are friends of your sister."

"He has," Kohaku said with a small nod, "can I see her now? I remember that she got hurt…"

"She will be fine, just need some time to heal," Kagome explained as she motioned to the room behind her, "she will be so happy to see you."

With a grand smile, Kohaku nodded his head before darting into the room. A loud, yet joyful, 'Kohaku' could be heard from Sango as soon as she saw her brother. "Aren't you going to go see her, too?" Kagome inquired with a nod of her head towards the door that was left ajar. "She's worried about you."

"That's nice to hear," he promised, "but I believe they deserve some alone time together. How is Inuyasha?"

"Fine," he heard the gruff declaration from his side, so the violet eyed man turned to see the hanyou standing there. He was upright without any problems and fully clothed, though he could see a bandage of two below it all. "I'm almost all the way healed."

"How long will it take you to become completely healed?" he countered.

"Not long, why?"

"You aren't even completely healed," Kagome countered quickly to catch both boy's attention, "you're arm hasn't healed all the way, if you put too much pressure on it then it'll break worse."

Miroku resisted the urge to sigh as he looked down to his left arm, it was true, from his night of being tortured for treason his arm had been broken. It would take more than a month for it to heal properly, but he didn't feel as if they had the time. So he merely shook his head lightly and said, "I'm fine, you worry far too much."

"The kids a'right?" Inuyasha inquired to change the subject since he agreed with Miroku on that. When it came to injuries, Kagome worried her pretty little head too much.

"Yes, his memories are still very vague from his time with Naraku but…" he cautiously paused to look over his supposed cousin before turning to Inuyasha, "he remembers where Narkau's main home is. I believe we only have a short time before Naraku decides he should move from there, in case we were able to get Kohaku's memories back. It's a day's journey to the east."

"What the hell are we waiting for then?"

"Inuyasha," Kagome harshly whispered, "you aren't in any condition to go fighting, look what happened to you last time."

"I wasn't prepared last time, he ambushed us, this time it'll be different."

"This time it will be we who ambush him," Miroku declared, "Kagome, I know this must be awfully difficult for you but… we have to go now. Or else we may lose this opportunity. Once Naraku is dead we will have one less thing to worry about. We haven't the time to heal up properly."

"You'd rather go damaged?" she countered, "this is not a good idea at all."

"I think it is," Inuyasha asserted, but of course he did, he always was ready for another fight. That and Narkau had always rubbed him the wrong way - he kidnapped his women twice, and tried to hurt her more than just that.

"Of course you do," she muttered, "Sango-chan won't agree to this."

"That's why…" Miroku murmured as his attention turned to the door she was behind, "I won't be telling her. We should leave now anyway, we could be there by dusk tonight if we hurry."

"Then what are we waiting for?"

"Inuyasha," Kagome whined as she grabbed his arm tightly, "please, don't go, don't do this. Rest, we'll have another chance sometime in the future."

"I won't this over with now," he countered as he tugged his arm free. "Just trust me, I'll be fine. I'll even make sure to bring this idiot back with me unharmed."

"I'm going to go tell Sango-chan," Kagome threatened as her hazels turned to Miroku.

"We'll be leaving either way," Miroku stated.

And it was true, regardless of how much she would argue, they'd be gone in time to making it to their destination by night fall. Whether that was a good thing or bad…


Night cascaded through the sky before they got to the fairly large house in the midst of an opening within the forest. It reeked of Naraku and the aura around it was terribly warped, he was there… he hadn't moved just yet. To them, it seemed perfect. They had the upper hand, there was no way he could have known they were coming. Could he…?

They had discussed various tac-tics the entire journey there, different ways they could work together to defeat this beast. There were two of them and only one of him, granted he was a merger of many demons but he was still merely one man. And mortal, he could die.

They all could…

"Killing him won't solve all our problems," Miroku had mentioned earlier that day, "we still have a bounty on our heads. We'll never be safe here."

"We'll be safer once he's gone," Inuyasha had answered. It was the truth, after all. Narkau had an obsession with Kagome and Inuyasha wouldn't allow that. He wasn't about to let that dirty bastard try to 'taint' her further.

He unsheathed his sword, ready for a fight. He didn't care if all his wounds weren't completely healed, he didn't mind that he wasn't fighting at his best, because with Miroku's help, he felt like he would be. Together they could take this challenge, he was sure of it.

Though, he wasn't so sure that they'd both live through it. He sure as hell hoped he would but… there was always a chance that would fail.

He slashed his sword in the air, causing a cascade of yellow lights to fly towards the house and destroy its outer wall. A deep throated chuckle could be heard after it fell, out of the dust arose a figure. In a flash, tentacle like appendages began to emerge from him only to strike out at each of them. It was surely meant to try and keep them apart, but both knew he would try that so they moved to the left together to avoid the attack.

In a swift and unified movement, Miroku threw a couple of talisman in Naraku's direction. When they stuck on him they froze him for a moment, which was long enough for Inuyasha to continue on with his attack, another slash forward to slice off a few of his extra parts. A scream of pain was welcomed to their ears, until something came out of the ground to stab Miroku in the side. Another root attempted to do the same to Inuyasha, but he saw it coming and avoided it.

Finally, that broke the two apart, which started a frenzy of uncoordinated attacks and plenty of blood to be spewed across the ground.

In the end, there were three stilled bodies upon the ground.


Two days.

Two whole days had passed by before Kagome allowed her worry to consume her, her hazels to constantly stare out the window longingly - hoping, praying, that those she loved would return. The man who was not her blood but might as well be, that was who she was so very worried about. Granted, she did love Inuyasha ever so much but he was a hanyou and had proven time and time again that what hurt a human was just a scratch to him.

Miroku… he was just a human.

She wasn't the only one that worried about him, she could tell every time she checked on her friend that her heart was heavy with worry, too heavy to be joyful over the return of her brother. Relief coursed through her veins, since she knew she had Kohaku back but… an equal amount of pain pulsed in her heart. Miroku had left without even saying goodbye.

Without her even telling him that she loved him… she did. No one would ever do so much for him as he did, no one would ever endure all that he had for all the horror she had put him through. Yet, he still loved her. Still praised her, still told her how beautiful she was.

For a brief moment she had thought her world would be fine, perfect even. She would have her brother and her lover, the two most important people in the world to her. When she didn't hear Miroku follow Kohaku into her room she called out for him, when she didn't hear him she worried just briefly… when Kagome came in to tell her what the boys were up to it crushed her.

They didn't know what they were going up against. She had seen Naraku do his worse and she knew that both boys were hurt. Maybe Narkau was mildly injured from their last encounter but nowhere near as badly as Inuyasha and Miroku.

"What will we do if they don't come back?" Sango finally asked, breaking the silence of both women's worry.

Kagome was quite a while longer, then she swallowed and looked to Sango who was lying on her side due to her injuries. "I don't know… how long should we give them?"

"It's been two days, Miroku said it shouldn't have taken them more than a day to get there?" She waited for Kagome to nod, confirming what she had thought. A sigh left her lips before she continued, "well, if they aren't back in another two I think we should do something."

"You can really get up and walk around yet," Kagome reminded.

"I could," Kohaku interrupted, earning both their attention. "I know where it is, I could go find them."

"No," Sango staunchly stated, "I refuse to risk losing you again."

"I would say that I could try and find them but I shouldn't leave you unattended, Sango-chan."

"I'm very worried about them…" Sango stated as her eyes shifted up to the sky, it was the second day since they left and the darkness was once more taking it. "Maybe they couldn't find him… maybe they decided to try and find him somewhere else?"

"I think they would have come home to tell us that," Kagome muttered, she would like to think they were safely wandering around, too, but she was aware that they would have returned to tell her what their next plan of action was.

A thud at their door caught their attention, they both turned their attention to it before Kagome rushed to the door to see who it was. When she opened it she held her breath and covered her mouth. Quickly, she stepped aside to let the one at the door in.

"What happened?" Sango inquired as she sat up, wincing in pain all the while. There Inuyasha was, lugging in an unconscious Miroku - at last, she prayed he was just unconscious.

"Naraku," Inuyasha grumbled as he lied his friend down, "we got him… he's gone. But Miroku got pretty badly injured, I was able to patch up his wounds enough to get him back. I was hoping you could work some magic on him, Kagome?"

"I'll try my best," she assured as she knelt down to the raven haired man to look over him. Blood was all over him… she really hoped it wasn't all his own.

She couldn't work actual magic, but she did all she could to tend to his wounds. First she had to unclothe him completely to try and find out where all his wounds were, then she lathered on plenty of ointments. She had a jar for preventing infections already prepared, a jar for helping wounds heal, a jar for numbing the pain, and a more bandages than she could possibly need in case they came back with injuries.

Quickly, well, at least as quickly as she could while still being thorough, she worked on him. It took hours until she finally felt she was finished, and even through all of that he hadn't awoken. He had lost a lot of blood, his arm was broken again, and he surely had some venom in his system. Unfortunately, the medicine she had for the venom had to be drank which meant he would have to awaken for some relief from whatever pain that caused. It also had to be consumed before the symptoms started to show… she doubted he had much time.

"Please, Kagome-chan, tell me that he'll be alright," Sango whispered from behind her.

"Sango-chan, you shouldn't be up," Kagome countered as she looked to her friend who had to cling to the door to stay upright.

"That's not a very reassuring answer," Sango muttered as she made her fumbled way over to sit next to Miroku on his bed.

"I want to believe he will be fine but… really, with all his injuries, only time will tell. I was able to reset his arm, so if it heals it should heal properly."

"If it heals?"

"I mean, when he heals," Kagome corrected with a forced smile. She had to believe he would make it through this… he just had to. "Call me if he wakes up."

Sango just nodded at that request before Kagome got up to go check on Inuyasha, when she saw the way he was holding his side she knew he was injured as well so she grabbed her gear and led him to their room. "Take your clothes off, now, Inuyasha."

"Jeez, Kagome, you really missed me, eh?" he questioned with a grin only to receive a dull stare in return.

"Stop pretending like you are not hurt." She ordered and then pulled out an awful smelling liquid. "I'll kill you if you argue with me, just drink this."

He frowned deeply, he knew very well what that was supposed to be and he also knew he had poison in his system so he reluctantly took it and drank it. Gagging so much that he hurt his wound further and winced as he grabbed his side.

"Take off all your clothes, Inuyasha," Kagome ordered once more. Unwillingly, he did just that. Exposing far more wounds that she had thought where there. With a frown, she let her hands hover over the ones on his chest, then his stomach, then her eyes glanced at the ones up and down his legs. She shook her head, "why didn't you tell me how hurt you were from the start?"

"Miroku was far worse off, I'm not going to die," he rejoined. Miroku could have… Miroku got hurt a lot worse than him in the fight.

She just leaned in to kiss him upon the forehead, she then began to work on his injuries. There were quite a few, she figured it would take just as long as it did with Miroku. The one advatange this time, was that Inuyasha was awake enough to tell her which hurt the most. That was always a helpful way of deciding which needed to take priority over the other.

Either way, when she was done, she had to tell him exactly what she needed from him. "Go to sleep, don't you dare get up for anything for a while. If you are hungry, call me, I'll get you something to eat. Do you understand me?"

"I understand, Kagome," and for once, he'd listen to her.

His body ached too much to protest, it begged him to listen to her, and the moment he shut his eyes he was out cold.


It took a full day for Miroku to finally awaken, to finally tell her how he felt, what hurt and what didn't, and from the sounds of it the poison had already started to take effect. She would have to find some other herbs to counteract it, since it was too late for the strongest remedy she knew. At least he was alive, for the time being anyway.

Sango had refused to leave his side for anything, so Kohaku and her had gotten a cot to put in the room so that Sango could sleep on it. It was rather pointless in hindsight, she only ended up using the same bed as Miroku. It was what they bother wanted.

Neither were well enough to move around too much, so when it came to doing just about anything it was either Kohaku or Kagome that got them water or food, that helped them bath or get to the bathroom. It wasn't always glamorous but it was what mattered and what helped them get better.

It would take a couple weeks but Sango would be fine, it was Miroku everyone worried about.

"Kagome," Miroku began on one of the many ties that she decided it was time to change his bandages, "I want to tell you something."

"Alright," she said as she looked up from what she was doing to see that look in his eyes. She hoped he wasn't planning to confess anything to her 'just in case I die', he had been saying that often after his fits of coughs from the poison.

"When I went to see the mystic, I asked her for another favor," he explained, cringing when she pried some of the bandages from his wounds. "I asked her to tell me where to find the Higurashi family, the one that was yours."

She pressed her lips together before she looked him the eyes, "and?"

"They left the country after you were taken from them, they live in the bordering one. If you could get there, if you could get past the border, then that bounty of your head would be rendered useless. The two kingdoms are feuding after all and anything that Shimizu says wouldn't be held in any sort of regard there."

"Why do you say it like that?" she asked with a frown, "if I get there, don't you mean we? If we get there then the bounties on our heads wouldn't mean anything?"

"Right, of course, we," he smiled weakly at her.

"In a month, I swear you'll be alright, I promise that you, me, Kohaku, Sango, and Inuyasha will all be crossing that border together."

"Sounds good," Miroku murmured, though he knew how difficult of a task that would be for one person let alone five.

"I love you."

"I love you as well," he assured as he squeezed one of her hands. She was practically the only family she had in the world, and really the only one that ever mattered since the passing of his parents. He just hoped that someday soon, she could know her real family. And he prayed that they would open their arms to her. That they'd accept her.

That'd she get a happily ever after.


The borders were severely guarded, most of what split the two countries were rivers and up and down each of them were boats that would catch anyone who tried to cross illegally. Any chance they had a crossing legally went out the window when bounties were placed on their heads, even though if they got to the other country they would not be honored, it still meant they were dangerous and they didn't want to allow them into their country.

"Bribing someone would be the easiest way, I suppose," Miroku had mentioned after he was well enough to at least sit up and go out into the living room around. A month had passed by and whatever funds they had to support themselves were nearly gone, they would have to be gone in a couple days. Which meant, "yet, we have no money."

"If we were able to get over there would we be alright?" Kagome questioned, "I mean, we wouldn't be citizens."

"I hear they don't check papers often, and your family is in a small village so it would be simpler there than in a large city I believe."

"I see," she murmured as she looked over to Inuyasha, he was almost completely healed. Anything that hadn't disappeared all together wasn't any worse than a paper cut. "Any ideas over there?"

"I have a… friend," he supposed, he could use that term, "who owes me a favor. I think he can help."

"And who is this friend?" Kagome questioned.

"A demon, and at the time being they all owe me, they think it's thanks to me that…"

"I failed," she supposed.

He just nodded at that.

"Would humans need to be harmed?" Miroku asked, "your demon 'friend' wouldn't be in need of harming anyone, right?"

"He has a lot of money, he could bribe someone," he answered. "He'd feel like that's the easier way. If he killed someone it would just spark a demon hunt, after all."

"How long would it take you to contact him?" Sango inquired.

"I already sent him notice of what I want to do," he stated with a shrug, "he should be getting back to me soon."

"And you didn't tell us?" Kagome questioned.

"I guess not," he really didn't want to get her hopes up just in case his friend failed me. He doubted it, but he wanted to hear back from him before he threw that idea out there.

Luckily, it took just a day more to hear from him and only two more to get across the border.

Then, all they had to do was just make it to the Higurashi house. A simple two story home next to a tranquil temple…


"We'll need to find jobs here," Miroku mused as he leaned against the door to the inn that they were staying at, with money that Inuyasha had received from his friend. A flee demon, it just so happened to be, by the name of Myoga. "And then somewhere to live…"

"Together?" Sango inquired, winning his attention back to her.

He smiled, "I was hoping so. You, me, Kohaku, all under one roof. I would like that, very much."

That earned a smile of her own, a genuine one, one that warmed his heart. "Well, on the way in, I did see that a shop was looking for a physical trainer. I feel like I could do that job fairly well."

"Of course, a demon slayer has to be in tip-top shape, am I right?"


"I saw that there was a school here, if you would like we could try and enroll Kohaku there at the start of the year," he suggested.

"That sounds like a very good idea." Just then, their attention turned to Kagome who was fully prepared for what she was about to go and do. She wore a white shirt and a green skirt, with a red scarf, and looked ever so nervous.

"You'll do great," Miroku assured, "I'm certain they will be happy to see you."

"It's been over twenty years," Kagome muttered, "they've probably moved on…"

"No mother could ever move on," Sango stated with a smile, "I just know she will be happy to see you."

"Wish me luck," Kagome requested before she left to go across the small village and to the two story house that she had tried to go up to already twice since she had arrived. It took a series of breaths and constant mental reassures to finally get her to knock on the door. What if no one was home? What if they really wouldn't care anymore? What if they didn't want her? What if they didn't believe her?

All of her questions died when a woman answered the door, she appeared to be in her mid to late forties with short wavy black hair and sweet brown eyes. There were a few wrinkles upon her forehead and cropped around her eyes. It was probably just her imagination, but her voice seemed so familiar to Kagome as she spoke.

"Hello, how can I help you?"

Kagome swallowed before asking, in stutters, "a… are you… Hi… Higurashi-sama?"

"Yes, that's me," she assured.

"I… I'm… Kagome," she held her breath then, wondering if that was good enough or if she had to explain it further. She didn't know if Kagome was the name that her supposed father gave her, or one that she already had.

A gasp came from the women as she covered her mouth and looked over the girl in front of her. Finally, she took her hand away and said, "of course… of course you are. I should have known. I should have... but… but how?"

"It's a really long story," she assured, softly, but with a smile. It seemed to be going well enough.

"Come in," she requested as she stepped aside, "and please, take your time in telling me it."

She would, she had planned it out time and time again. Exactly how she would explain everything to her family.


She was going to stay, that much he was certain of after he heard how well her family had taken it. Apparently, her mother had remarried a couple years later and had a son with her second husband so she had a half-brother. He had never seen Kagome so excited when she went on and on about her night at the Higurashi household, then to hear she had a grandfather! One that was her father's father made her so happy. He could tell her countless stories about her dad.

And, what made her happiest, was to hear how her grandpa said she looked so much like her dad. Well, that was, if her father was a girl. Apparently she had his nose and complexion. She was happy, she would certainly be happy there… Miroku, Sango, and Kohaku were already talking about setting up their lives in that very village.

They wanted to get jobs and a house together, apparently the village was in need of a spiritual guide and an exorcist and Miroku was more than fitting for that. Sango had already applied for the physical trainer position at the health clinic. Kohaku was excited by the idea of getting into school there and making friends his own age.

Everyone was so happy, so ready to move to the next step of their life, but… what did that mean for him? He was fairly certain he couldn't stay there, that he wouldn't be welcomed. He was a hanyou, after all, and had given up his human traits when he revealed himself to Kagome. And her family probably wouldn't approve of her relationship with him… did that really mean, after everything, he had to let her go?

That he would lose her?

The very idea made his heart collapse upon itself. At least he knew she would be happy there… that she'd finally have a family that loved her for her. That her live would be a good one.

"Where are you right now?" Kagome questioned, earning his attention back as he looked to her.

"Right here," he replied with a weak attempt at a smile as he held her closer on their bed. She had yet to move in with her family and out of the inn, but it was surely in the future. They were just getting to know each other better before she made that move.

"It's cute, isn't it? How Miroku and Sango are right now."

"I guess," if she wanted to use the word 'cute', he wouldn't use that word. He'd say he was jealous of how they acted, jealous of how they could so easily be together.

"Inuyasha," she murmured as she looked up to him, waiting until he looked to her to continue, "I love you."

"I love you, too," he assured, he could say it a hundred thousand times and it wouldn't express the love he felt for her. The adoration. The need.

"So…" she dragged out as she began to draw a random design on his bare chest, "why haven't you asked me to move in with you like Miroku has to Sango…?"

That stopped him for a bit, with a raised brow he looked over her to ask, "you… want me to? You want to live with me?"

"My mother," she always smiled when she said that, or 'brother' or 'grandpa', "said that she usually rents out the two floor of her house to tenants since there is plenty of room for them on the first. She said she'd rent it out to us. Of course, she offered to let us move in for free but… I feel better about doing it this way."

"Did you tell your mother we're together? That I'm a hanyou?" Surely, the moment she heard either of those she wouldn't allow it. She'd put her foot down. She'd refuse to let her precious, beautiful, daughter be with a man that had demon blood in him.

"Yes, and I told her how you saved me from everything, from the ritual, from the castle, from Shimizu, from Naraku, from everything, and that I loved you very much. She was completely fine with it."

"She… she was?"

Kagome smiled all the more as she nodded her head against his head and closed her eyes, "she was."

It was a crazy thought… that somehow, through everything, he had finally found a place that would accept him.

Somehow, he finally found everything he ever wanted. Everything he could ever need. And it was a wondrous feeling.

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