We're The Same You and I

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Higurashi Kagome sat on the floor of an empty well house. It had been a few day's, she had lost track of exactly how many day's it had been, she just presumed it had been a few day's by the deep feeling's swirling in her soul like a massive hurricane trying to destroy the earth from which it was created from, except that this hurricane did not reach the other earth dweller's. No, this one was made souly by the person currently sitting by the well.

Blue eye's full of emotion, emotion that did not belong on the girl's face. There was despair, longing, hatred, loneliness and rage as she stared at the old well that had brought on a life of hardship but also the chance to belong and felt needed and ultimately it had been her downfall. It was foolishness on her part. She had hoped to live a happy life that, though danger was always present her happiness would remain because after all she had been needed.

Inuyasha would have needed her for the simple pleasure of friendship; she had given up loving him after many times of seeing him with Kikyo. She had hated both of them for a time after her heart collapsed under the torture she had endured of the hanyou's betrayal. Though after seeing them together happier than one would care to admit she offered both a friendship neither could deny.

Sango who had long ago transcended from mere friendship to that of something that neither had noticed till, once pointed out bye a passerby in a village to the east of Edo, that even though they were not related by any amount of blood, they had acted as if they were long lost sister's catching up on the way's of life and treasuring it to the fullest. Both had laughed at first of the ridiculous notion but after much contemplating both had come to the conclusion that it was true and had embraced it to the fullest, Sango because she had lost a sibling but gained another in return and Kagome simply because she was the older sister she never had.

Miroku like Sango had transcended from a friend to that of an older brother. Miroku despite his lecherous ways had been wise among his years. It may have been the training at a young age as a Buddhist monk or the fact that his life was shortened to a marginal degree by the curse placed on his person passed down generation's on all male descendants. The curse curtsy of Naraku was quite nasty. It was placed on the palm of his right hand wrapped in sutras so that it would not affect those he did not want to harm. One day it would suck his whole being up leaving no proof that Miroku ever existed, and that left a fear so deep in his soul that he turned to lechery fore he very well did not want to get attached and leave his possible Koi like his father left his mother. While Miroku had been an older bother for her, she had been a comfort source to tell his fear's and know she was loyal and would never tell a soul. She had helped get both him and Sango together and to put their fears behind them and start the road ahead leading to the couple's future.

Shippo, oh Shippo he had been the hardest to let go. He was her son since the beginning of their travels together. She was the only one he had left and she wished with all her soul that she didn't have to leave him. His father had been killed by youkai that had thirsted for the jewel and later had been worn as a pelt for one of the vile creatures. Kagome aided him despite his wariness of her at the time and had become the only one he would consider a direct line of family despite no blood relation. She was his mother like he was her son.

It pained her to know that it could never be. That time had ended. She was now back to the time she had been born and it pained her. Three years of suffering had been all but washed away. She was fifteen again. The jewel had decided that her adventures of the past would not interfere with her time. It also seem to want her to suffer alone as she later found out that the people who new of her adventures of the past did not seem to understand what she was trying convey what had gone wrong which they had looked at her like she was crazy. That one had hurt after all they were her family.

Kagome shook her head clearing away memories she had and sealed them away as if it way only a dream. She knew better but she refused to acknowledge it any time soon fore if she did she knew she would break and she needed to get up and start packing. She would be leaving this place, a place that held so many memories both happy and sad. She had received a letter earlier today stating that she would be studying at a school in England call Hogwarts, though she could not fathom why but none the less she would go. After all she her self needed time away from haunting memories. She made her way upstairs to pack for her long trip across seas. Her eyes hardened from the once peaceful ocean blue to the cold and hard dark blue that looked Sapphire. As she moved up the stairs she couldn't help but mutter bitterly "Just another day for the Kami's favorite little play thing Higurashi Kagome."

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