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Anyway I hope you enjoy the prologue to this fanfic. Chapter 1 will come soon!

Miah-Chan disclaims Naruto!

I Just Can't Live A Lie


"Target found."

"Are you certain?"

"Absolutely. Target sighted and in position to capture."

"…Do it."


Haruno Sakura sat behind her desk, looking over medical papers for her patients. It was late, about twelve in the morning now, but she didn't have time for sleep with all of these patients to care for. What, with Ino being sick herself, only a few nurses to help out in Ino's stead, and a couple of know-nothing interns, she had no choice but to work overtime. It may cost her, her own health in the long run but the patients came first.

Maybe that's why, with her thoughts so engrossed in her work, Sakura never heard the slight thud that the window made against the sill as it was opened, or the near-silent footsteps making their way across the floor that she had been specially trained to notice. Perhaps that's why she never had a chance at defending herself, even when the shadow passed over her, before she was knocked unconscious.

Sakura blamed it on the medical papers and fatigue, but she knew she should have been more alert for such an ambush. After all, she'd been personally trained in detecting Akatsuki members, all of them. But maybe because she hadn't known that Akatsuki had four newer members was why she had fallen prey to their kidnapping.

Whatever the reason, that night, Haruno Sakura had fallen into the hands of the Akatsuki and it would forever change her life.

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