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I felt like I had been sitting at the red light forever but in reality it was only a few minutes. I had forgotten it was the first week of school and I sat there watching the children with their new backpacks and lunch boxes crossing the street and passing through the gate into the playground. I had left plenty of time to get to my appointment as I hated to be late.

Out of the corner of my eye, a woman caught my attention. For six years now I had scanned crowds and random people everywhere I went, my eyes searching for any familiar part of her. It had only been one weekend. One life changing, amazing weekend, that left me fucked up. Every time I would catch a glimpse of someone with the same color hair, her confident stride, or the graceful turn of her neck, my heart would catch, but it was never her. I had finally six months ago given up. She was gone and I had resolved to move on. Which is why I tried my best not to glance over to where my eyes wanted to go.

Losing the battle with myself I looked over,,the breath left my body, my heart began thudding in my chest. It was her..the woman I knew as Jane Doe. She looked stunning, in a grey wool pencil skirt and those fuck me boots. Her hair was longer and loose down her back. She was holding the hand of a little boy who had his back to me and was hopping up in down in his excitement as he was talking animatedly. I saw her laugh. Not the little half laugh that some people did in public but that loud, full on belly laugh that I remembered so well. My heart clenched,.was she married?

All at once, my hand hit the steering wheel and my horn burped..She looked up, not being able to see me through the tinted windows and suddenly the boy turned around and looked towards my car.

HOLY SHIT!! I was looking into my own eyes,down to the emerald green shade. My Aunt Esme had pictures of me all over the house and I remember the one of me at that age. He could have passed as my twin.

Time stopped, he turned back around, tugging harder towards the playground. They made it onto the sidewalk and into the playground on the other side.

The light changed and I made it through the intersection, almost causing an accident as I pulled to the curb and leaned my head back against the seat rest. That weekend came rushing back to me in a second every detail burned into my brain. I have a son! Why didn't she tell me? Why didn't she contact me? Didn't the weekend mean anything to her? I didn't know but now that I found her I was going to find out and if the boy was mine...I wanted him to be mine...I was definitely going to have him in my life. She was going to answer some questions. I sat back and waited for her to appear on the other side of the gate so that I could follow her. I wasn't going to let her get away. I had even more at stake now. I have a son..I am a father..Damn it Jane..Why didn't you come back?