What a fantastic weekend!

Sunday night as we taxied into the runway at PDX I couldn't help but look down at my hand and the ring that still took my breath away. I thought back to Thanksgiving after everyone had gone to bed as Edward and I lay in his bed spooning and talking about the future.

I asked him if he was worried that this engagement came too soon after his break-up with Lauren. He had laughed and reminded me that he had been in love with me for over six years. He said he had let me get away once and would never make that mistake again. My heart had sped up and I felt warm and glowing inside.

Back in the present I heard him chuckle. I realized he had caught me staring at the ring again and my face felt warm. " You don't know how happy it makes me that you like my mother's ring." My eyes flew to his. "You didn't tell me that this was your mothers ring" I sputtered. He leaned in his warm breathe on my ear "If you don't like it we can get something different" his sincere look of concern made me feel horrible. "NO! I love this ring! It just struck me that you didn't give it to Lauren?"

He shook his head "I should have known even then. It just didn't feel right knowing my mother's ring would be on her finger. It was like a puzzle piece that didn't fit and I just didn't want to see her wear it. I guess because from the moment I lost you all those years ago I always fantasized about sliding it on your finger."

I felt my eyes burn as I leaned my head on his shoulder. "It was meant to be mine" I smiled.

"Yes, yes it was" he kissed the side of my head.

"I guess we should wake him up." Edward leaned forward to wake EJ who had fallen asleep ten minutes into the flight.

As EJ sat up rubbing the sleep from his eyes the steward came forward to help us gather our things.

"Riley, we will take our bags but can you make sure all the rest of the packages get delivered to my home?" Edward instructed the steward.

Again I felt my face burn from embarrassment. On Black Friday all the women had hit the stores. Between, Edward's family and mine I think we had spent enough to furnish a small village with gifts.

I had tried to use my cards only to have Esme or Alice step in and insist it be put on Edward's account. They were under strict instructions from Edward to make sure that I used his accounts instead of mine. When I confronted him later he said he wanted me to get used to being Isabella Cullen and all the trappings that came with that name. The pride on his face as he kissed the ring on my finger as he said this made it almost impossible for me to stay angry at him.

When the car pulled up to my place, Edward carried our son up the stairs and put him into his bed, removing his shoes and pulling the comforter up before placing a kiss on his forehead.

As I didn't want to keep the driver waiting I walked Edward to the door reminding myself that soon enough we wouldn't be leaving each other every night.

He must have been thinking the same thing because as he pulled me into a hug he said "We didn't talk about it yet but I want you and EJ with me as soon as possible."

I laughed "Me too, I guess I can rent this place out?"

He scooped me up and hugged me tighter. "Really, how soon? Would next weekend be ok? I can make the arrangements this week to have you packed and moved to my place. We can get rid of everything I own and you can just move your stuff in?"

"Seriously?" I gasped.

"Is that too soon?" he pulled back searching my face.

"No, but I don't want to get rid of all your things. I am sure we can blend our things but with the Christmas coming up and the Dornbecher ball should we wait until after the holidays?"

"No, I can't wait that long. Now that you have said yes I want to wake up to you every day for the rest of my life. The sooner I can make that happen the better. I love you Bella and our son I want you with me." his persuasive smile won me over.

"OK, you handle everything ? With the Christmas season coming up I am going to be really busy with the store and I will need to hire a seasonal person as it is." I smiled and kissed his warm lips reveling in his taste.

His smile lit up my heart. "Just leave it all to me" he kissed me again and turned to head out into the cold. "I love you Bella soon-to-be Cullen"

"I love you too Edward my soon-to-be husband!" I giggled as he laughed before getting into the car and waving.

I turned and headed back inside locking up on the way to bed.

With the Christmas season being on us the store was very busy. I hired one of Jessica's friends from PSU named Caroline who was looking to make extra money for Christmas.

Even with the extra help our heads were still spinning.

Edward was true to his word and by the following weekend everything I owned was packed and moved into a local warehouse until after the holidays where we would go through everything.

Saturday night was our first night together as a family in Edward's apartment. As we sat eating Sparky's Pizza at the kitchen table I had to take a deep breathe and remind myself that this was real.

I lucked out in that Jessica, Caroline and another one of their friends had agreed to lease the apartment over the store. So this took one more thing off my plate.

"Earth to Bella, Come in Bella" I heard Edward say and EJ giggle.

"Sorry, just thinking how everything has fallen into place so easily. I am almost worried that it is too easy and I should worry about the other shoe dropping."

Edward smiled at me and leaned over giving me a loud smack on the lips. I could taste the pizza sauce and that special ingredient that was Edward. "Baby, its good from here on in." he promised with a smirk. EJ giggled then rolled his eyes "Gross, you guys are not going to always be kissing and stuff all the time are you?"

"Yep, every chance I get and I am going to smooch you too because I love you too" Edward leaned forward to tickle EJ's side, then the wrestling match began as he attempted to hold EJ down and kiss his face to which EJ's half-hearted giggled protests echoed through the kitchen.

"Enough, I give up!" EJ said when he could catch his breath.

Edward picked him up and sat him back into his chair.

After we had finished eating and EJ had scampered off to take his bath, Edward and I started to clean up the kitchen.

"Babe, I forgot my mom wanted me to tell you to make sure you write in your date book to meet her and the girls on Thursday to get your dress for the Christmas ball." He had turned and was wiping off the counter.

"OH, um I guess I do need to get a dress. I just didn't think about it" I stammered the idea scared the crap out of me.

He turned back toward me pulling me into a hug before pulling back and placing a chaste kiss on my lips. "Listen, make me a promise though? Once you find what dress you want can you send me a picture of the dress?" his request confused me.


"I want to buy some slinky little things for you to wear underneath so it will be a Christmas present to myself. I get to watch you walk around knowing that when I get home I get to unwrap you" his eyes were lit with amusement and he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Seriously? Ok but just know I am so going to work it all night and by the time we get home you will be so begging me for it." I teased.

"Oh really?" he kissed my nose "Your on baby"

EJ called from the bathroom that he needed help getting the water adjusted.

"I got it" Edward let me go.

I smacked him on the rear end as he walked away. "Hey!" he laughed but kept walking.

"Maybe I will have my happy ending" I thought to myself before I finished loading the dishwasher and turned out the light.

I was looking forward to falling asleep with Edward in our bedroom, in our home.

I was finally where I was meant to be, with Edward and our son as a family.

Thursday afternoon as I pulled up to 'Priscilla of Boston' Salon I couldn't help but feel a little queasy. I was never good at this kind of shopping. As I walked in a twiggy looking woman who looked like she had just stepped off a runway complete with perfect make up rushed to greet me. "Oh you must be Ms. Swan ? Ms. Cullen, Hale and McCarty are waiting for you. Please follow me." she executed a perfect runway turn and glided toward a hallway on the side. When she opened a side door a chorus of laughter trilled out into the hallway.

"Bella!" Esme scooped me into a hug before pulling me down to sit next to her on one of the few overstuffed sofas in the stark white room that had a small raised platform like you would see on a runway in New York.

"Bells" Rose caught my attention before handing me a glass of champagne. "I hope you don't mind but we took the liberty of looking through some of the designs and added some that we thought would look fantastic on you" she smiled and leaned back sipping from her flute.

Alice smiled "I think you will be happy with what I chose for you as I have this sixth sense that always kicks in on these kind of things."

The super model chick took a seat at the other end of the sofa and asked "Ladies, shall we begin?"

Esme smiled "Of course"

'Model-host' leaned forward and pushed a button which must have signaled someone in the back because behind a black curtain a model stepped out wearing a gown where she proceeded to sashay down the little platform where she turned and headed back.

As the model did a second walk down the runway Ms. Host proceed to name the designer, fabric and point out the different aspects of the gown.

There were various designs that just by looking at them I could see them on my companions.

Finally I saw the perfect dress. It was the most beautiful peacock blue. It was a strapless gown with a fitted waist. I knew when I saw it that I had to have it.

As I tried on the dress I was surprised that it needed very little altering to fit me perfectly.

Alice suggested a beautiful pair of heels by a designer named Isadora Momten.

I was sure to snap a picture of the dress hanging up so Edward could do his shopping and sent it to him on my phone. He immediately texted back that he was disappointed that the picture wasn't of me wearing it which made me laugh.

After we had all selected our dresses we decided to stop somewhere and have a snack. As we entered the hallway another door opened a few doors down and a young woman was exiting holding a few gowns over her arm and talking to someone in the room she was leaving.

"Of course Ms. Mallory I will send in our seamstress and we can get your dress taken in, I hope that when I am pregnant I hardly show like you" the young woman smiled. Rose had reached where they were and while passing glanced into the room to see Lauren standing in a gown in front of a huge mirror. She was turned sideways and her eyes met Rose's in the reflection. "Yes, its quite amazing how you don't really look pregnant, I am just so jealous!" Rose snarked before continuing down the hall.

I snuck a peak at Lauren through the door right before the young lady closed it with a snap. Lauren's face was flushed with anger.

"Now Rose" I piped up, feeling a little defensive for Lauren. I was divided as I knew what it felt like to be carrying the baby of a man who I thought didn't want me. Yet Edward was my fiancée and the father of her child so the other half wanted to join in and hurt her terribly.

We found a small café nearby and stopped in for coffee and tea. I indulged myself in a slice of chocolate cake as I was still a little bummed over seeing Lauren and the reminder of her being in our lives forever.

As we sat chatting we finalized the arrangements for the transportation to the party. I had been to charity functions in the past but I had never attended the Doernbecher ball.

We agreed to meet at Edward's apartment and take the limousine together. I was very excited visualizing being twirled around in Edwards arms. This would be our first outing as an engaged couple and so it meant a big deal to me.

Rose worked magic on her cell and booked a few beauticians to come to Edward's place that day figuring that it would be easier for us to all get ready there.

I had to get back to the store so I left before everyone else after reconfirming arrival times for the following weekend.

When I got back to the store I was so far behind on my internet orders that I lost myself in the computer and before I knew it Edward was there to pick EJ and I up and we headed for home. As we pulled into the underground parking area I took a deep breathe and reminded myself that this was home now. What an incredible turn my life had taken.

The morning of the charity ball arrived before I knew it. I had butterflies in my stomach as I went through the motions of the day spending time with EJ watching cartoons in the morning over a bowl of cereal. Edward had a cleaning lady that came in twice a week but I insisted on doing my own laundry which I did to pass a little more time before everyone started to arrive. The salon people arrived first and began setting up. I made myself busy in the kitchen making lunch when EJ complained he really wasn't hungry and that his stomach kind of hurt.

I thought maybe it might be nerves over being left alone with a sitter as this was the first time since we had moved into the apartment with Edward.

Once all the girls had arrived we all took turns getting manis and pedis or sitting in the 'big' chair getting hair and make up done. I had just gotten my hair up in curlers and was getting my make up applied when the sitter Stephanie came over and said that EJ was vomiting and running a slight fever. Edward had just arrived back from his stylist and was putting his keys in the drop tray on the entry way table.

We both went to check on EJ who was brushing his teeth in the bathroom.

He looked pale and as he had a very high pain thresh hold so I knew for him to complain at all about feeling sick or in pain it had to be pretty bad.

'Edward, I am sorry I am going to need to cancel for tonight' I said as I hugged EJ.

'We will both stay' Edward said immediately.

'No Edward it is important that you go and represent the family. If this gets worse I promise I will call you' I pleaded as I really didn't want him to miss tonight.

'Are you sure? Carlisle will be there he can represent the family' he insisted.

I lead EJ to his room where we picked out some pjs for him to change into.

'I got this under control' I assured Edward 'I will be right back I am going to grab him a bottle of water and the children's Tylenol' I called as I headed for the kitchen undoing the hot rollers as I went.

I grabbed a few of EJ's favorite DVDs on my way back.

Edward explained to everyone that because EJ was sick that I would not be attending so they all made sure to stop in and check on EJ before they left.

I settled onto his bed with him and stroked his hair as we watched "How to train a dragon."

About an hour after they had left EJ started to really complain about his side hurting. I checked it and it was a little swollen and he complained of pain when I touched it. I called the advice nurse and after waiting twenty minutes on hold with horrible elevator type music I finally reached the nurse. She insisted that I bring EJ in immediately.

I called Edward on his cell and left a voicemail that we were on the way to the urgent care for the doctor to see EJ and to call me as soon as he could.


As we pulled up to the charity function I felt guilty for leaving my family knowing that EJ wasn't feeling well. I checked my phone for messages and seeing none I slipped the phone into my coat pocket before exiting the limo and waited for the rest of my family to join me. Once inside we stopped at coat check and I without thinking checked my coat without grabbing my phone as I saw Lauren approaching with her parents.

'Edward!' she hugged me which I pulled out of quickly before turning to her parents to acknowledge them. Carlisle was instantly by my side running interference.

We greeted them quickly before Carlisle saved the day by excusing us to go and make sure that everything was set up for the speeches that we were to deliver later.

Once on the farthest side of the ballroom we began to mingle shaking hands and making small talk with as many people as possible and thanking them for their generous donations for the children.

At some point I realized Lauren was at my side making small talk. One of the women complimented her on her outfit making a big deal out of her purse and shoes.

It looked like a simple clutch purse to me and I turned away as Lauren explained she had discovered this new boutique the day before and fell madly in love with them and couldn't bear not to purchase them.

I ignored her and continue on stopping at a table with a business associate that I had scheduled to play golf with next week.

As Mac stood up to shake my hand he congratulated me on my engagement to Bella.

I heard a sharp intake of breath and a strangled gasp. I turned to see Lauren with her face red and angry. I turned back to Mac and thanked him smiling a little on the inside as I knew Lauren wouldn't make a scene with so many people in the room. We talked for a few moments before Esme walked up with a worried look on her face. 'Edward sweetheart I just received a call from Bella. Can you join me near the door?'

I quickly made my apologies and headed towards the exit.

'What is going on? ' I asked as Esme walked quickly with me. 'Bella said she couldn't reach you on your phone so she tried mine. It appears EJ is very sick so they have advised to take him to urgent care she wanted you to know that she will update you once they see the doctor but from the sound of her voice I suggest you may want to get over there.' I felt my pockets for my phone and realized I had left it in my coat pocket.

I hurried to the coat room barging past the harried attendant to grab my jacket. I had just pulled out my phone when I felt a hand on my arm pulling me back.

I looked at Lauren and realized that she thought she had me alone and was planning on confronting me regarding my engagement but I just didn't have time for it.

'Edward! We need to discuss this and our baby!' she screeched.

'Lauren , not now my son is ill and on the way to urgent care. I have to go' I turned back to put on my jacket.

'Edward! We need to discuss this now!' she said and hit me on the arm with her clutch.

The purse flew out of her hands and hit the ground with items spilling out.

I looked down and anger flooded me at one of the items in particular stood out like a huge blinking neon light.

I scooped down and picked it up before holding it in front of her face.

"Lauren would you care to explain to me why a pregnant woman would have a tampon in her purse?' I said with just the right amount of ice in my tone to let her know I was not in the mood for her games.

I could see the wheels spinning as she tried to come up with a good excuse.

'Oh, well I must have forgotten that in my clutch from before I got pregnant' she stuttered.

'I JUST HEARD YOU TELL THAT WOMAN YOU JUST BOUGHT THAT PURSE FROM A NEW BOUTIQUE YESTERDAY!' I shouted then lowered my voice 'You have been lying all along haven't you?' I stepped back letting my disgust show on my face. When she went to open her mouth to say something I stepped up as close as I could till I was almost nose to nose with her. 'Understand this Lauren no more lies!' I seethed.

'Tell me the truth right now or I will have your doctor brought into court and I will sue both of you. Tell me the truth and all I will do is walk away and NEVER speak to you again!'

I saw her eyes flare and the fear in them. Again with the wheels turning in her head I saw her come to a decision.

'I was never pregnant' she whispered.

'Thank you!' I whispered and turned on my heel headed out of the coat room and into the lobby.

The doorman hailed me a cab as I called Bella. 'Edward? Oh Edward I need you here right away ' her voice made my heart speed up. 'What's wrong' I stuttered.

'They said he has appendicitis and they need to take him into surgery right away! He is calling for you. How long till you get here?' I heard the tears in her voice.

'I am just a few blocks away baby just let him know I am on my way' I offered the cabbie an extra $50 if he could get me to the emergency room faster.

When we pulled up I threw a wad of cash at the driver and dashed through the sliding glass doors before stopping in front of the receptionist. She guided me to the elevator and let me know which floor I needed.

When the elevator doors opened I saw Bella at the end of the hall with EJ on a gurney being pushed by a orderly.

My heart broke when I heard EJ tell Bella that he wanted his daddy. He had never called me that before! I called out for them to wait just before they got to the restricted access doors.

'DADDY' EJ called 'Daddy it hurts so bad!'

I leaned over the gurney and hugged him being very careful of his side. "I know buddy but these very nice people are going to make it all better and when you get done I will be right here waiting for you ok?" I kissed his cheeks and nose.

'I am really scared' he admitted. 'Want to know a secret?' I whispered in his ear. He nodded as his little tears tracked down his face. 'Me too all the time. It is ok to be scared. You are one of the bravest little boys in the whole world. The doctors are going to do a very good job fixing your tummy and before you know it you will be waking up with a really cool scar you can show Jackson. He is going to be so jealous!' I smiled as I saw the idea appealed to him. 'Mom and I will be here when you wake up ok?' he nodded at me and tried to put on a brave face. 'I love you EJ' I kissed his forehead. 'I love you too Daddy' he said quietly. I didn't want to let the tears fall as I knew it would scare him.

'See ya in a little bit' I said as I caught the nurse giving me a look that said 'wrap this up'

I squeezed his little hand before the nurse slowly started to push him forward.

When I turned to Bella I opened my arms and she flew into them hugging me so tight.

'Oh baby he will be all right' I stroked her hair as she sobbed into my shoulder.

'I know but I was just so scared. I hate that I can't take his pain away.' she sniffled against my shoulder.

When the storm of emotions had passed we found the waiting room where I sat with Bella curled up on my lap.

It seemed like the longest hour and a half of my life before the doctor came out and told us that everything was fine and EJ was in the recovery room. They would come and get us when he started to wake up.

Our families started to trickle in and before we knew it the waiting room was full.

When the nurse came to get us to go to EJ and we finally could see that he was really and truly alright I felt myself start to breathe normally again.

It amazed me that in such a short time my whole world had changed and now revolved around my little family. Such a short time ago I was a happy single man living my life for me. Here today I stood looking and my fiancée and my son and knew there is no where in the world I would rather be. I thought of Lauren and her manipulations and how much of a mistake I had almost made in marrying her. I couldn't wait to share that bit of news with Bella later when we were alone for now I just wanted to enjoy this moment.

I was the luckiest man in the whole world so I said a little prayer thanking God for blessing me with so much.