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Continuity: This story takes place in AOA (though a lot of things are changed). So if you don't know: Legion (Xavier's mentally disturbed time travelling son) went back in time to when Xavier and Magneto were still friends and killed his father accidentally (He was really trying to kill Magnus, but missed). So because Legion killed Xavier (his father) he was never born—the universe changed and Magneto decided to carry on Xavier's dream, gathering mutants together to fight for peace. So in short, Xavier is dead and Magneto is running the institute (Yeah I know, I suck at explaining things). Anything else that needs to be explained will be mentioned in the story.



Other People's Property

The surrounding area was unusually quiet. The wind was still and the creatures of the night did not make any sounds. Even the nightly explosions, which would normally occur every hour, had ceased for the moment.

Spooning, Remy held her in his arms, in such a way that it would be impossible for him to ever let her go. He held her as if it was his first time, because it was his first time; his first caress, his first kiss, his first love…Rogue.

Of course there were other women before her. Although, no one else was able to touch his heart the way she had. She reached the depth of his soul, at a time when a touch of her skin would result in his death. But that was in the past; now he was finally able to feel her sensual skin against his warm body.

He observed the bulky collar, which circled her delicate neck. Originally, it had been smuggled from Genosha and placed on the black market. He paid a hefty price for the device, but concluded it was worth it—the evidence lay curled beside him on the bed.

Not everything went according to plan because he waited a few weeks too long searching for a mechanism to aid him in touching Rogue. He had suspected for some time now that she wasn't a virgin anymore, tonight he was certain. He could never claim to be her first—Eric would have that honor. However, he would not let his anger for Eric consume him. How could he when he now possessed Eric's woman…and he had no intention of giving her back.

It hadn't taken him long to coerce her into wearing the collar—that part was rather easy. The hard part was getting her to think only of the moment, diving headfirst leaving the consequences of their actions to another day. Within time she had finally relented, resulting in their present predicament.

He moved his hand down the front of her body, resting on her lower stomach. She'd always wanted a family—a bunch of kids. I never really liked de li'l brats, but for her I would do anyt'ing…even become a papa. However, he had gotten off to a bad start, deciding instead to be responsible, practicing safe sex. We'll have plenty of time in de future t' t'ink 'bout raisin' a family. T'night is jus' de beginning of de rest of our lives toget'er…

His thoughts trailed off upon hearing sniffling noises beside him. "Rogue?" He whispered with concern. "Are ya cryin'?"

"Uh-huh." She whispered, rubbing her nose against the sheets. She would not look at him, keeping her back against his front. "Ah shouldn't have done this." She cried into her pillow. "Eric will…"

"Shhh." He said trying to hush her. Lovingly, he stoked her long auburn hair, admiring the white streak down the front. "You don't have t' worry 'bout him t'night. We can talk t' him in a couple of days when he returns from D.C."

Her heart sank with his words. She rolled over to face him, pulling the covers higher against her naked body. "No we can't. Ah can't tell him about this."

"Fine, we don't have t' tell him not'ing." He replied, distracted by the flashing green light of the collar, which aggravated his eyes. Carefully, he turned the device around, so that the beaming light was at the back of her neck away from his face. "He'll get de message when he comes back an' sees our empty closets." Cracking a smile, he traced his fingers against her arm, moving up and down her smooth skin. "Sure, I would love t' see de look on his face when he learns 'bout us…" Shrugging he added, "But if ya don't wan' t' face him, I can understand dat too."

"No, yah don't understand." She moved her arm away from his hand. "Yesterday before Eric left, he asked me tah marry him."

His red eyes flashed through the darkness, causing a chill to run down her spine. "What?" Shaking his head in disgust he grumbled, "Dat pervert actually went dat far an' proposed t' ya?"

She snapped with fury in her emerald eyes, "He's not a pervert!"

"Rogue, you were barely 16 when ya arrived here. He was like a father t' ya—him bein' 26 years older. Couldn't he find a woman his own age t' fuck?"

She sat up, outraged by his comment, "What did yah say?!"

He grabbed her arm before she had the chance to escape from the bed, forcing her to look at him. He could see the anger in her face. "I'm sorry." No I'm not. "How did he react when ya turned him down?"

Her tense muscles relaxed underneath his grip. She lowered her eyes to the bed in search of the words to speak. She noticed the remainder of a scar over his heart, taking the time to reflect on the battle that gave him the mark—how bravely he preformed. It made everything else harder for her to say.

"Ah didn't turn him down." Mustering the courage, she looked him in the eyes, "Ah said yes."

Remy let the silence fill the air. He wasn't mad at her, reasoning that he probably would have done the same thing if he were in her place. A couple of weeks ago, dere was no way we could have touched. I know how much she wanted a family, 'til t'night I wasn't able t' give dat t' her. "Eric was de only guy able t' touch ya, so I don't blame ya for sayin' yes." His long index finger traced the ring around her neck. "But now ya have de collar. After t'ree years I can now touch ya. Jus' tell Eric dat ya changed your mind. He'll understand." No he won't.

"Yah don't get it, Remy." She braced herself for the worst. Ah hope this won't turn into a big argument. "Ah want tah marry, Eric. Ah love him."

Despite doing his best to told it in, Remy burst out with laughter. As if on cue, he witnessed the heat building up in her face, turning her cheeks red. She hates when I laugh at her, but how I can take her seriously when she talks shit. Placing his hand under her chin, he explained to her as if she were a child, "Naw, ya don't love Eric. You're jus' confusin' your loyalty t' him wit' love."

Slapping his hand away, she yelled, "Stop tryin' tah tell me how Ah feel!" His condescending tone was what pushed her to explode. He never takes what Ah say seriously, when it comes tah Eric. He treats me like Ah'm some brainwashed kid. "Ah know what Ah want…"

He snorted then looked away from her, causing her anger to increase.

It was she that now forced him to look at her by getting in his face. "Ah know who Ah want."

He didn't believe her. "Den what 'bout us? I t'ought what we had was special?" The fact that they were both naked on Eric's bed did not escape him. "Or do ya jus' fuck anybody when Magneto's away?"

Instead of feeling angry, she felt guilty. How could she explain to him that what had happened between them was just a momentary lapse in her judgement…how would she explain it to herself? "This shouldn't have happened. Tahnight was a mistake…"

"Mistake? Mistake?!"

Her eyes widened with the realization that she had finally managed to push him too far. His red eyes that would normally flash when he was angry, where now blazing with rage. "Calm down." However, she new he was too far-gone to calm down so easily.

"Tell me, Rogue, when did ya realize dis was a mistake? Did ya realize it when I fucked ya on de dresser, against de wall or on dis bed?! Maybe it was when I was eatin' ya out or you were suckin' my…"

A slap across the face stopped him mid sentence. "Fuck you!"

Holding the sheets against her body, she stormed towards the door, hoping that she wouldn't bump into the other X-Men in the hallway.

Not caring that he was naked, he jumped out the bed. Remy caught her before she could make it through the door, spinning her around to face him. She struggled against his hold on her, trying to brake free from his clutches.

"Stop it." He ordered; she still continued to struggle. "Stop it!"

She stopped, realizing that it was pointless. He would only let her go when he wanted to let her go.

"T'ree years, Rogue. Dat's how long I waited for ya. De hardest t'ing I ever had t' do was be dis close t' ya an' never cross de line—never touchin' ya accidentally or purposely, despite wantin' t' so badly. Losin' myself in your mind would have been worth losin' my life." He spoke with intensity, brought on from years of heartache. "You can't tell me it's over, not after all dis time. Dis can't be all dere is for us." He hungrily pressed his lips against hers, easing up only when she returned his kiss with the same amount of passion.

He broke away from her, both breathing heavily. He knew he would lose her if he didn't do something drastic. He would have to quit all the games he had been playing and tell her how he truly felt. But it wasn't so easy for him to do, for him expression his true feelings was terrifying.

He swallowed hard taking a deep breath. With a lump in his throat, he whispered, "Rogue…I love ya."

She looked at him dumbfounded, hearing those words from his lips for the first time, once believing that she would never hear them from him. He loves me? She was suspicious. Does he love me, or does he love the idea of takin' me from Eric? Maybe, it doesn't matter either way.

"And I know ya love me too." She has to. "Look me in de eyes an' say ya feel not'ing at all for me an' I'll leave you forever." His proposal was a gamble, knowing that everything could crumble if she did not share the same feelings toward him. He had to take that risk, even though he knew that he might not be able to live with the consequences.

"Remy…" She whispered, her fingers twisting in between the bed sheets that kept her body covered. "Ah have feelin's for yah—Ah always will. Yah're right, Ah do love yah but…"

"But?" How could dere be a but after de words: I love you.

"Ah'm not in love with yah. Ah am in love with Eric." She could feel his grasp on her shoulders decrease in pressure. She could see the defeated look in his face. It was as if she had kicked him in the stomach. Rogue knew she had hurt him, but still she pressed on. "Mah love for Eric—Ah've never been more sure of anythin' in mah life…especially after tahnight."

She bit her bottom lip in frustration. How can Ah tell him that Ah jus' needed tah feel the touch of another man—tah know what his touch felt like? How could Ah be sure Ah loved Eric, if he was the only man Ah was capable of bein' with?

Eric's touch is gentle, knowin', secure. Remy's touch is passionate, intense, filled with lust…Ah really do love him, but not enough tah spend are lives together, not enough tah raise a family. He's never serious, too immature when we are away from the battlefield.

But the truth of the matter is, Ah made a promise tah always be there for Eric and Ah don't intend on breakin' it—Ah can't.

Remy felt as if she ripped his heart beating from his chest and stomped on it three times wearing a 4-inch stiletto. He found the strength to let go of Rogue with the knowledge that he would probably never touch her again. Thinking his world was now shattered to pieces, he slowly backed away from her.

Without another word, he searched for his clothes, only stopping to put on his boxers, holding the remaining things in his hands. After fully regaining his composure, he brushed her aside in reach of the doorknob.

"Remy, Remy wait."

The door was slightly open, but he did not pass through. "Why? Dere's not'ing left t' say."

He is right. There is nothin' left tah say that can ease his pain—so Ah won't bother tah try. "Don't tell Eric that Ah slept with yah."

Instead of letting the tears fall from his eyes, he snickered. After all dat happened, de only t'ing she wants me t' do is keep quiet. He past through the door, still hearing her plead.

"Remy…please don't tell…" Her words were silenced by the closing door. "…Eric." She finished, though he was already gone.

Letting the bed sheets drop to the floor, she grappled with the collar, succeeding in removing it from her neck. There! It's off! She thought triumphantly.

Rogue circled the furnished room, her eyes stopping at the sight of Eric's ruffled bed. Falling to her knees, she suddenly burst into tears.

*(two days later)*

Remy LeBeau climbed into the open bedroom window on the 15th floor of a ritzy hotel. With complete silence he walked through the dark bedroom out the open door into the hallway. He could see that a dim light was on in the living room a couple of steps away.

He entered the living room, quietly observing the white-haired man siting with his back turned in an antique chair. Remy's open hand turned into a fist as he thought about how easy it would be to kill the older man at that moment. He regained control of his emotions, never being the type of person to murder someone when their back was turned.

Eric Magnus Lehnsherr. Never in my life would I have ever t'ought it would come t' dis between us. With his fist he banged on the wall, replicating the sound of knocking outside the door.

Eric did not stir from his seat, too deep into the novel he was reading. "Whoever it is, I'm busy." He said, eyes moving across the words in the book.

"Too busy t' see your best friend?"

Eric's head jerked up at the sound of the familiar voice. Remy was leaning against the doorframe leading into the room, dressed completely in black clothing.

"…Or should I say, ex-best friend." Remy finished saying, removing the shades from his face. He moved to sit in the vacant seat across from Eric, slouching casually in the stiff chair. The two haven't been best friends in months, choosing instead to be cautious of each other—being in love with the same woman can do that to a friendship.

Placing the novel on the coffee table between them, Eric curiously eyed him. "What are you doing here in D.C.?" Suddenly he leaned forward in his seat, fearing the worst. "Is there a problem back at the base?"

"Nope, dere's no problem." He reached into his pocket; his hand re-emerged filled with a deck of playing cards. "Besides de fact dat I found out 'bout de engagement."

Eric kept an eye on Remy's hand, unsure of what his emotional state would be. "I see, Rogue told you." What was she thinking, telling him something so serious without me being there? There are very few things that make Gambit fly off the handle—our engagement would be one of those things. He took a sip of brandy and placed it back on the coffee table. "Rogue and I agreed that we would wait until I came back before we informed anyone."

He began to shuffle the deck of cards. "I guess she jus' couldn't wait t' spread de good news."

I better calm him down before he explodes. "Look, Remy…"

"Stop!" He yelled, with venomous rage. He so badly, wanted to tell Eric he slept with his fiancée, but it would have been useless. He only had Rogue for one night—wining the battle, Eric would have her forever—wining the war.

Eric knew better than to interrupt him when he was in a confrontational mode and remained silent.

"I don't wan' t' hear your excuses. I don't care dat she was de only person t' make you feel again since your wife died. I don't wan' t' hear dat she was dere for you after your daughter was murdered. And I really don't wan' you t' tell me 'bout how deeply you love her."

The master of magnetism could no longer keep quiet. "I do love her."

"No, I love her!" He interjected, slamming his fist against the table. "You were supposed t' help me find a way t' touch her! But instead, you found a way t' touch her yourself." I will never forgive him for dat. "We were friends Eric. Ya fucked over your best friend!"

He looked out toward the window, too ashamed to look Remy in the eyes. Feeling guilty with the knowledge that if he had to do it all over again, he wouldn't change anything. Now that he was with Rogue, he couldn't imagine being without her. There was a part of him that couldn't blame Remy for any ill will he was feeling. If he's this mad now, I'm glad he never found out how far my deception truly went. He tried to offer a lame excuse. "I never intended to fall in love with Rogue."

"Yes ya did. Ya let yourself fall for her! Ya said, 't' hell wit' Remy's feelings' an' went after her, knowin' dat I would get hurt in de process."

How could he believe that I set out to hurt him? Folding his fingers on his lap he relented, "If that's what you want to believe, then there is nothing I can say to change your mind."

"We were best friends an' ya let a woman come in between us." He whispered, opening up his heart slightly so that his pain could be felt.

"No, I believe you were the one who let her come in between us. Even after all that has happened, I still consider you to be my best friend—though you seem to feel otherwise."

Remy chuckled. He knew that as long as he still had a breath of life, their friendship would forever be lost. "Ya know what I wan' t' do right now?"

"No, I do not."

"I wan' t' firmly place my hands 'round your neck an' squeeze, slowly takin' your life as ya gasp for air." He had a distant smile, imagining Eric's cold limp body underneath his long warm fingers. "I would do it to…'cept dat I know you would put up a force field de second I get too close t' ya."

Staring at the intensity of the man he knew so well, he was positive that Remy would make good on his threat. Still, he does have the power to make me combust with a mere thought. However, I know his style. He is the type who would prefer to torment the person he truly hated. Spontaneous combustion is, in his own words, 'too humane.'

Taking a deep breath, he said, "I've come here t' inform ya of my resignation."

Eric was shocked. Resignation?! He's has to be joking. Rogue and I have been together for weeks, and he has managed well—or so it seemed.

"Yes, I was able t' stay around when ya made your feelin's for Rogue public, but I won't be able t' stay t' witness your marital bliss."

His heart was heavy. Not only was Remy once his closet friend, he was also the second in command of the X-Men. Eric saw in him, the natural ability to lead, something that could not be found in just anyone. Not even Eric's son, Quicksilver, had that ability. Eric was prepared to turn over his Legacy, the dream that began with Xavier, to Remy when the time was right and he could no longer go on leading the X-men.

How can he just turn his back on all that we had worked for so easily? "You are an asset to our team." More than just an asset…"Despite the feelings between us, I would think they could be put aside for the greater good."

He waved his hand, "Not interested…"

"But the cause for justice…"

"Fuck de cause." He mumbled. Nothing seemed to matter to him anymore, let alone justice for mutant kind. He stood up, noticing how carefully Eric watched the playing cards in his hand. "Ya don't have t' worry 'bout me. Most likely, you'll never hear from me again."

Eric nodded his head, still trying to think up ways for him to remain on the team—remain his friend. "I wish that you could at least leave on better terms. Maybe after a few weeks, you'll look back on his day with regret. If so, the door is always open for you to return."

Eric reminisced on the moment their friendship solidified with an action of sacrifice. He remembered how weird it was to relate with someone so different from his dearest friend Charles.

Even after all that took place, Eric couldn't accept that the thief would leave. He foolishly thought he could have the best of both worlds—Rogue's devotion and Remy's companionship. I'm half way there.

Taking a deep breath, he said, "I see how deeply I hurt you, again that was never my intention. The only thing I can do now is ask for your forgiveness…"

De bastard jus' doesn't get it, does he? He stared him down, fighting the anger in his voice, "Dere will never be forgiveness. Rogue was mine an' ya stole her from me. You stole de one t'ing I ever loved." The unnerving expression on Eric's face caused Remy to laugh darkly. "Ya stole Rogue an' Rogue stole my heart." How could de thief in me every let such a t'ing happen? He mused to himself.

Remy's face changed from a smile to nothing at all. Turning his back on the man he once respected more than anyone in the world, he whispered, "As of now, you're dead t' me—both of ya."

Walking away from his former colleague, his heart transformed into a dark shell, devoid of all emotion.

Remy disappeared from Eric's sight, down the hallway. He left as quietly as he came…like a thief in the night.


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