Saving the Day

Related to "Requiem"

Tony ran. He shot the bad guys, running, and dived into the water. The boss was in danger. He had to rescue the boss, and the girl.


"Please don't make me kiss you, boss." Grimacing, Tony bent to do mouth-to-mouth. Then he did the same on the girl. It wasn't kissing, of course. He just had to keep them both alive.

But still.


"Don't think this means I'll let you off easy just because you saved my life." Gibbs was his usual hardnosed self.

"Don't worry, boss. You don't, eh, have to spread it around." Tony ran a hand back through his wet hair, trying to straighten it.

Maybe this wouldn't get back to the Probie and Ziva. Like he needed to live this down.

Still. He'd saved the day. Just like in a movieā€¦