Damnit all! I didn't want to write this oneshot, but after the latest bleach episode, it just wouldn't let me be! I felt so sorry for poor Muramasa, he did all that for his wielder, and for what? Jack squat! The guy deserves, no needs a second chance! So I'll give him one!

Watch the latest bleach episode or you WILL be confused.

"Oof!" His attack was abruptly halted as he collided with a wall of orange. Angered, he tried to smash through it, only for the strike to stop halfway. Pain, pain like no other filled him. Groaning, the creature clutched its gut and doubled over, howling in pain. With a sickening crack, his mask shattered, dissolving into thin air

The air rushed out of his lungs, and with it a torrent of black liquid from behind the mouthpiece of the mask. He lay there for a moment, gasping on his hands and knees before vomitting again, his body purging itself of the last traces of hollow reiatsu.

Then...there was darkness.

"He's coming around!"

Muramasa blinked slowly as he rose from the brink of death, his bleary gaze focusing, adjusting taking in the strange scene before him. Realizing what had happened, what he had become, a hand flew to his face, but it was in vain. There was a short, relieved sigh as his long nails grazed skin, and not bone. Exhausted, he remained where he lay, on his knees.

Then, came the despair.

Koga's reaitsu...

"What...have I done? Koga, you're..."

Was gone.

"Kouga....what have I done?!"

Tears, blood red liquid, glassed over in his eyes, pooling down over his cheek as a sob wracked his body. Muramasa made a strange sound then. It was a mix between a horrible scream and and horrified sob, muffled only as he buried his face into the dew soaked grass.

"You did what you thought was right."

At the sound of that voice, his head snapped upward to meet a familiar face.


It was that human girl again. Inoue Orihime, Kurosaki Ichigo had called her.

The rogue zanpaktou made a surprised, choking sound. He...didn't know how to respond to this woman. Her kindness bordered on naivete, as if she wanted to see the good in everyone, the good in him. Foolish, yes, she was foolish. Who healed their enemies? Who fought with kindness, rather than hatred in their heart?

Apparently, she did.

"I think, that everyone deserves a second chance, don't you? Maybe you could find yourself another shinigami and start over?"

"Impossible." The words had already left his mouth, so he might as well speak the rest of them. "I do no deserve your kindness, nor my life. Now leave me to my misery."

"Of course you deserve kindness-

Something about those words just set Muramasa off. He'd deserved a great many things in his considerable, and he'd never once asked for any of them, even as the opportunity passed him by time and time again. Now this girl, this human, was trying to tell him what to do? How dare she!

"I do not deserve a thing, wench!"

Muramasa batted her hand away then, violently, and Inoue winced. Immediately, Muramasa frowned, distress flowing through him, coursing through is veins, as he recognized the faint stench of human blood, now dripping off his fingernails. He'd used excessive force and cut her palm. It was a thin wound, and she was already tending to it with that strange ability of hers, but the damage had been done.

"Inoue!" Kurosaki scowled, stepping forward, brandishing Tensa Zangetsu with obvious intent. Despite himself, despite his willingness to just die, right there on the spot, Muramasa flinched.

"Y-Yamaro! Stop it, Kurosaki-kun!"

Or so Murmasa thought.

Now, Inoue, arms spread wide, had placed herself between the wrathful vizard and the despondent zanpaktou.

"Inoue, what're you doing?! Move out of the way!"

"Muramasa-san, he deserves to be happy!" Inoue was obviously in pain from the injury, but still, she continued, hot, angry, stinging tears welling up in her silvery violet eyes as she continued to speak. "Happiness is something we all deserve, because no one should have to go through that kind of pain! Not even an enemy! It's just...it's just wrong!"


"So please," Now, the human girl turned back to Muramasa and held out her hand again, her expression teary, yet her voice soft, planitive, pleading and begging with him. "Won't you just let someone help you?"

Muramasa eyed her hand warily this time, as if he were considering, yet afraid to take it. In reality, he was afraid of so much more. He'd been a simple zanpaktou once. He'd comforted his master when he was troubled, reassured him, guided him. Indeed, he had given everything for Kouga's sake. And to that end, despite years and years of planning, plotting, and work, he had been deemed a unstable tool and tossed aside.

Already, Muramasa could feel the despair welling up inside his heart. He could not bear the thought of being abandoned, not again. If that were to happen, he would impale himself upon his own blade, rather than continue to exist.

"You just need to trust someone."

Reluctantly, Muramasa took her hand. Her fingertips were warm, soft, in comparison to his own. Willing himself to continue, Muramasa seized her palm, made his hand into a fist around hers, and allowed Inoue to help him to his feet.

"Inoue...Rukia breathed, awed at the sudden turnaround her friend had spurred in Muramasa.

Byakuya remained silent, his stony gaze reflecting nothing.

"Woman..."Releasing her hand, Muramasa fumbled with the words, a complex set of feelings he could not yet bring himself to understand. At last, he settle for something obvious, if pathetic and cliche sounding.

"You are too kind."

Orihime giggled innocently.

There was a clattering sound then, and everyone Byakuya, Ichigo, Sado, Uryuu, Rukia and all the other zanpakto spirits, glanced down just as an exact replica of Muramasa's sealed stated suddenly popped into existence within Inoue's free hand, which involuntarily closed around its sheathe.

"Huh?" Now Inoue noticed the katana, her eyes widening with confusion as she beheld the blade. "Where'd this come from? It looks just like-

Muramasa stared in surprise, uttering but one word.


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