"Worry is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained" -Arthur Somers Roche

It was frightening, sitting in that cold lonely waiting room, me and Tails didn't speak to each other, hell everytime he looked at me I'd just close my eyes and shake my head. Anyways,

after at least twenty minutes of waiting, the doctor came out and spoke to us, "Is Cosmo gonna be alright?" I asked as I was very concerened, the doctor took of his glasses, "She's fine,

just a bump on the noggin, do you guys wanna go see her?" he asked, I shook my head yes and Tails did as well. We walked down the hallway, I could see people on gurneys and to tell

you the truth, it was a scary scene but we pressed on. We then were outside Cosmo's room and there were two chairs, "Sit" I said to Tails, "Why should I sit out here? I wanna visit her

first!" exclaimed Tails, but I didn't listen. I opened the door and there was Cosmo, laying in her bed, she was happy to see me, "Hey John! Where's Tails?" she asked, "He's outside, we

agreed that we'd take turns" and by agreed I mean that I made him sit outside and wait. "So... how you feeling?" I asked, "A little better, this bump on my head hurts" she replied, I took

one look at it; "HOLY COW! IT'S THE SIZE OF A BASEBALL!" I thought to myself, "Ahh... it's not that big" I said as I nervously rubbed the back of my head, "John, it's the size of a baseball

for crying out loud" replied Cosmo, and that certainly shut me up. Then all of a sudden I hear the door open and guess who it was? Take a guess come on... you give? You're no fun, it was

Tails but you already knew that. I was kinda pissed to see him but at the same time I felt guilty, "Tails! Hey!" exclaimed Cosmo, I just sat down, and strummed my acoustic guitar a little,

just to try and liven things up. Tails gave Cosmo a hug and a kiss, I just rolled my eyes and resumed playing, "Wow... that sure is a big bump, I'm so sorry" cried Tails, "It's okay, don't

worry about it, accidents happen" replied Cosmo, "Yeah but it was all John's fault!" exclaimed Tails as he pointed at me, I put my guitar down and got pissed, "MY FAULT?! IF YOU HADN'T


exclaimed Tails, and I looked over and Cosmo was getting angry, never have I seen her like that. "OH WILL YOU BOTH JUST SHUT UP!" exclaimed Cosmo, me and Tails were shocked, never

had we seen Cosmo like this before, "Now... listen! What me and Johnny did was wrong but come on, hormones took over!" exclaimed Cosmo, even though it wasn't the whole truth but I

went with it. "John still swore on his Father's grave, come on Cosmo, that's deep you don't do that!" exclaimed Tails, "You're right Tails, absolutley right, it's a pile of shit on my dad's

grave... but you gotta understand, like Cosmo said, hormones plus teens of the opposite sex do not mix" I replied and I think I got through to Tails, "John... I forgive you, and well... I'm

sorry Cosmo for hitting you with the guitar" cried Tails. Cosmo sat up, "Guys come here" said Cosmo as we both went to her bedside, "Group hug?" asked Cosmo, we all smiled and had a

great big group hug and vowed to remain friends till the end.

Yes I forgave Tails for what he did

Also my song; "All Springtime Long" became a hit and will be on store shelves this Summer!!!

...only if you live in Mobius though.


Well that was my triumphant return... sorry for the delay but my computer and Word Pad have been acting all wonky on me.