Eye Candy

To the Unknown – chapter 1

Kirk sat slump in the captain's chair. He was bored out of his mind. Who the heck would think that being Captain would be so—so boring? There wasn't anything in space, but a lot of space. It wasn't like Kirk didn't like being captain of the Federation's flagship, but seriously, it wasn't all aliens and spaceships in fact, he wouldn't even mind looking at a passing asteroid, right about now.

Suddenly, Uhura announced an incoming message from HQ. Kirk could kiss her on the lips for saving him unknowingly from his boredom, but he knew that Spock would probably snap him in two for trying.

"Captain, Federation Headquarters instructs the Enterprise to head to a newly charter planet, Thula and engage in an assessment for diplomatic relations with their leader, the Gai."

Kirk smiled from ear to ear and rubbed his hands in anticipation. Finally, something captain-ish to do. He turned to Sulu.

"Heading, Mr. Sulu. We're go to Thula."

Kirk then turned to Spock and order, "Mr. Spock, give me the run down. What information do we have on "the Guy" and the Thula people?"

Spock raised that trade mark eyebrow at the Captain mispronouncement of "Gia," but chose to ignore it.

"Captain, there is very little data on Thula and its people since as the Lt. has stated, they belong to a newly discovered planet. However, initial surveys have revealed that Thula is ruled by a monarchy known as the Gai or 'ruler.' The people of Thula possess advance technology and warp capability, but for unknown reasons live in a relatively primitive society."

Kirk frowned. For Spock, that summary was kind of weak. "That's it? There isn't anymore data on these guys?"

"Negative, Captain."

Kirk sighed and spun back facing the view screen. He didn't like not having more information before walking into a situation, but contact with new aliens was part of what the Federation was about. Besides, who doesn't like a good mystery?

"Well, I guess we better make a good first impression, Spock. Mr. Sulu, engage."

...to be continued

I promise to write some more, but its a start. There is a plot swirling in my head, but it needs to brew a little longer.

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