Eye Candy

Chapter 12

"You can't be serious!" shouted Uhura.

Kirk agreed wholeheartedly, "Right! There is no way I am fighting Uhura."

Roshara replied, "Then you forfeit and all the men of the Enterprise are mine as compensation for the insult of having me speak to a man."

Spock exclaimed, "No. There is no need to forfeit. We will accept your request and Uhura will take your challenge. And if I may, Great Ruler I ask that I may fight Kirk in my Mistress' behalf."

"Denied. First, only Nyota Uhura can name a champion. And second, to choose a champion would be a sign of disrespect."

Roshara then clapped her hands and a warrior came and brought the ruler a strange looking headband. She took the headband and placed it on Kirk's head. The young Captain didn't have time to response before he suddenly went limp and was gently guided to the ground by the Queen.

Uhura approached Roshara with rage. "What did you do to him!"

With a knowing smile Roshara turned towards the dark-beauty like a snake stalking its prey. She took a dagger out from her belt and placed it into her hands.

She said, "You must fight whether you like it or not, Federation. Show me your warrior's spirit or die as an unworthy lamb."

Roshara then shoved Uhura into the arena and commanded her warriors to stand back with the rise of her hand.

The pale-eyed Queen looked at Kirk, slump on the ground and shouted, "Rise, Kirk. And defeat Nyota Uhura!"

Then like a possessed puppet, the young Captain rose from the floor with an unnatural stagger and slowly stood tall and ready to do as he was told.

Kirk leapt into the arena and began to circle Uhura into a sense of unease.

Nyota saw that Jim's eyes were no longer blue, but black and unseeing. It frightened her. She didn't know if what had happened to him could be undone. She didn't know if she would be forced to kill one of her friends. It was madness and there was no way out.

Uhura unconsciously clutched the dagger tightly in her hands, but when she looked at the blade and all she could think about was throwing it away. She didn't want to risk killing Jim. It would end the temptation to use lethal force, but then Kirk step forward and tried to grab Uhura's arm and throat, but she quickly stepped away.

Kirk had ripped the fabric of her gown off her shoulder and tore it to shreds down her arm. She turned saw that he was now smiling—wicked and cruel as he tossed the rag onto the ground.

His dead black eyes shined under the torchlight and revealed no remorse or sign of recognition. Kirk was gone and it broke Uhura's heart. Jim didn't deserve this. No one did.

It was then that Uhura's fear turned to anger. She was determined now. She wasn't going to lose. No one ever beats an Uhura!


Spock rushed to the pale-eyed Queen's side. "Please, I must protest Roshara. I quest that you end this challenge immediately."

Roshara gave Spock a smirk and sighed. "I can see why she likes you so much, Vulcan. You are very loyal and persistent—those are very good qualities in a lover, but if you continue to pester me I'll have you punished."

Spock glared at the Thula ruler. How could someone so illogical be a queen? Was it her intent all along to lure men to her planet? Why the deception? The childish grudge? According to the probe transmissions and the Thula guide Nell, Roshara was always described as a competent ruler. How could the information be so wrong?

Spock disliked being so useless. He could see no way in aiding his beloved. And Kirk was being controlled by some kind of alien technology. The outcome of the fight was difficult to predict.


Uhura didn't want to take any risk accidentally killing Kirk that would certainly not go over well on her next report to Starfleet, so she threw the dagger out of the arena and began to approach her zombified Captain with stealth.

Like another Federation Officer, Uhura was well trained in hand-to-hand combat. She even had the pleasure of having Spock teach her a thing or two about Vulcan fighting techniques. She just wished she got him to teach her the notorious Vulcan nerve-pinch. She would've loved to have dropped Kirk with that—but this was no time to get sidetracked, she had to end this and end it fast.

With the quickness of a lioness, Uhura deflected Kirk's punch with a pull of the wrist and swiftly kicked him squarely in the groin. Jim quickly fell onto his knees. Uhura then pulled back his head by the hair and took aim for a final punch.

Softly, Nyota mumbled, "I'm sorry Jim" and landed a blow to his head.

Then as fast as she could, Uhura pulled the headband off his head and marched up to Roshara's thrown.

Nyota fixed her dark brown eyes on the Thula Queen and dropped the headband at her feet. With her chin held high she shouted, "There, Roshara I have passed your challenge. Now keep your word."

However, the Amazon Queen didn't frown or curse like she expected. Instead, Roshara began to laugh and she mirthfully clapped her hands in glee.

"You are a fine warrior, Uhura. I recognize your skill. That is good, for I now know that your Federation is worthy of an alliance. Since the destruction of Vulcan, I was uncertain of your worth, but I no longer have any doubts. In fact, I Roshara promise on this day to my alliance myself with the Federation and I grant you the trade agreement that you seek."

Nyota fumed, "You mean to tell me this was all some kind of test?"

Roshara laughed and placed her hands onto the dark-beauty's shoulders. "Yes, Uhura it was, but don't be too angry I had my reasons. Now come, all of you need your rest and then we will have talks on how to proceed with the trade union."

Then, just like that the monster monarch was transformed into a polite dignitary. Uhura was so surprised she could hardly speak.

"Oh-hmm, yes my party and I will need time to rest."

Roshara smiled, "Yes, I'm sure you will have much to inquire about after you have meditated."

Spock then came to stand next to Uhura. He turned to face the Queen. "Roshara, you have displayed a cunning deception. However, given your planet's customs I'd like to thank you for what I assume as 'taking it easy' on Lieutenant Uhura by issuing her challenge to Kirk instead of one of your warriors."

"Oh I see, you finally realized that? Yes, I thought it would be unfair to have Uhura fight a Thula warrior. Captain Kirk is a much better match. Besides I read in a data PADD once that you humans usually have more strength among your males than your females. This point is the opposite on Thula."

Uhura asked, "But, is it true that you treat men as second class citizens?"

The pale-eyed beauty frowned. "I'm sorry to say it, but that information is true. As I said before, the Thula have a genetic imbalance of men to women. What I want to seriously go into talks with you is the prospect of the Federation, helping to solve this dilemma. This problem of population has caused some internal conflicts on Thula. Our recent advancements in space travel have caused much controversy and desires of some to leave off world. As Thula's ruler, I can't allow my people to scatter themselves across space."

Spock raised his brow and stated, "I now understand Roshara why you were reluctant to join the Federation. You sought to prevent an increase desire among your people to leave."


Out of no where, Kirk stumbled up to Spock and leaned against his shoulder as he tried to ignore the weird pain in his pants and the throbbing in his head. He felt like he'd been in a bar fight, yet he couldn't remember a thing. What in the world happened? The last thing he remembered was Uhura being set up with a match, though it looked like it was already over. And judging by their conversation, they had won.

With a mental shrug, Kirk decided to just jump in. "I don't get it? Why don't you just have men just come to Thula instead of the ladies having to leave home?"

Roshara looked surprised and tilled her head to one side in confusion. "But doesn't your Federation value its men? Why would you so willingly give us your men?"

Kirk shrugged, "It really isn't such a big deal. Not every place is like Thula. Once word gets out that there is a planet full of hot single women the planet will be crawling with eager men."

The Great Ruler pressed her lips and gazed at them all in disbelief. "I do not understand? Is what you say true?"

Uhura took a deep breath to fight off feeling annoyed and sighed, "Yes, Roshara what the Captain said is true. Most men in the universe would love to visit Thula."

Roshara was speechless and Kirk positively beamed. He threw his arms around both Spock and Uhura's shoulders with a clap and said, "Great! Then it's all figured out. We get some advertisement out on how fabulous a vacation spot Thula is and how lovely the ladies are and the Federation gets its hands on some new technology. I'd say this mission turned out all right."

"Indeed, Captain."

"Now, Spock can you tell me what the heck happened? I can't remember a thing?"

Uhura saw Spock try with all his Vulcan might not to smile, but Nyota couldn't help but laugh. Kirk frowned, "What's so funny?"

Spock tactfully replied, "Nothing Captain."

"No, I'm not buying that Spock. Uhura here is busting a gut right in front of me."

However, Roshara turned towards Uhura with that all-too-clever smile and asked, "Uhura, may I seriously request if I may keep Kirk. I can tell you are attached to the Vulcan, Spock. You won't miss him and I promise to care for him tenderly."

Kirk was annoyed. What was he? A puppy?

Uhura giggled and said, "I'm sorry Roshara, but humans don't give away men like the Thula. Kirk's eye-candy, you can look but you can't touch."



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