A Paranoia Agent Oneshot with hints at Lil' SluggerXTskiko

The Labryinth is a movie made by Jim Henson.

The Underground is a song made for the movie that belongs to David Bowie.

Paranoia Agent, which I just found out might get turned into a live-action movie, belongs to Satoshi Kon.

"No one can blame you for walking away. For too much protection don't love rejection."

Lil' Slugger's creator is singing the song to herself as he watches her surf the net at work. He's in the form of a shadow...unnoticed by her...the way he likes it. In a low voice that she won't hear, the song escapes his lips as well. He wishes she would acknowledge his presence....but she's thought him gone for years.


"Life can be easy. It's not always swell.

Don't tell me truth hurts lil' girl...because it hurts like-"

The boy singing didn't get a chance to finish. His mother quickly covers his mouth. "Now son, we don't say words like that." She tells him before patting him on the head.

Not far off, a young man perhaps 7 years older than the boy, idly swings his bat in anticipation. The boy is cornered...and the young man, Lil' Slugger, is going to help him escape the dismal corner. However, something about the tune the boy sings is familiar.


"Down in the underground, you'll find someone true."

An elderly man is singing this part. Not far off, again, Lil' Slugger is waiting to attack the cornered man. He is also, again, disturbed the song that's eating at his memory.

It could be his creator. He'd stalked her home once and the movie she'd watched had this song. The main character was not unlike his creator. Lil' Slugger remembered enjoying the parts with a particularly tall kingly fellow. When the girl left...Lil' Slugger wondered if that person felt emotionally cornered. It's only a movie though. That's what he thinks to himself before skating towards his soon-to-be prey


"It's only forever. Not long at all. Lost and lonely."

Lil' Slugger is singing this part to the song in his head. He's thinking of his creator. Perhaps the kingly fellow is similar to him. Obviously, both exist within the imagination of someone special to them. His creator is all he really has. Sometimes, secretely, he wishes for her to know that.

The phantom boy doesn't have a maze to test his creator. He only has a bat to do that. Her test is one that's been passed for several years...but one he can easily give her again.

At this, Lil' Slugger seems a bit sad for the king. His shot only came once yet Lil' Slugger has as many as he likes. He also supposes the king would feel bad for him as well if he exists. After all, no matter how many tests he gives her, the result will always be the same....forever...