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"Oi, Meatball Head!"

Serena paused midstep and turned around slowly. Why was the Jerk following her home? Oh god, was he going to kill her? Leave her mutilated body in a drain somewhere, to be washed away to sea and found in pieces inside a shark by French fishermen? How angry did she make him today at the arcade, anyway?

Serena shuddered and turned back. She couldn't pretend she hadn't seen him now. She would just have to run into the nearest house if he tried anything suspicious.

"Hey! Wait when someone's trying to catch up with you!" Darien snapped as he reached her side. Serena stuck her nose in the opposite direction.

"I don't wait for killers."

Darien blinked. "Er... Well, good!"

She peeked an eye at him. "That was you I was referring to, you know. Now go away. I don't want you to know where I live. You'll chop me up in my sleep."

"What?" Darien demanded.

"Why are you following me home?"

"Andrew asked me to keep the cry baby safe and to make sure she got home all right!"

"So he sent you?"

"You know what, you can just forget it."






"God! You're such a kid!" Darien yelled, turning away. He had taken a few steps forward when a bolt of lightning flashed overhead, accompanied by a scream. He spun around to find Serena running towards the park, screaming as she went.

"No you idiot! You don't head for the trees!" he shouted after her as a crash of thunder echoed above him. A streak of lightning flared across the sky, illuminating the sky momentarily in a blinding white. A chilly wind picked up and rushed around him as he stood, torn between going after Serena and heading home to his quiet, warm apartment.

He didn't know why, but he chose Serena.

"Hey!" he tried to yell after her again, even though he couldn't see past the trees and bushes.

He caught up to her easily as she cowered below an oak tree. "Are you stupid or something?" he snapped at her. Great, now he was going to get hit by lightning because some airhead didn't know what the meaning of safety was.

"Go away!" Serena whimpered, cowering closer to the tree. More thunder and lightning fought above them, and the wind swirled around them powerfully. "Hey." She straightened quickly, looking up at Darien with terrified eyes. "Do you feel that?"

Usually, Darien would have snorted and told her she was being stupid, whatever she was doing. But he too, could feel that. Some strange, unidentifiable feeling in his stomach. "Yes," he said, frowning.

The loudest crack of thunder they'd ever heard sounded right above their heads, and the wind felt like it was turning into a small hurricane. Serena clutched her bag and milkshake fearfully to her chest as Darien reached out and held her collar. They squinted through the wind, trying to look for a way out before things got even worse.

Seconds later, everything was pitch black.


Darien couldn't see a thing. He wasn't even sure if his eyes were open. When his hands made it to his face, he felt around, poking one in the process. He held his hands millimetres away.

He couldn't see them.

"Where am I?" he tried to ask, but no sound came out. He was sure his eyes bulged in the darkness as he realised he was mute. He tried to scream, but nothing was coming out. It was like the energy was being absorbed before it even left his mouth.

He felt like he was floating, he realised. He turned this way and that, rolling over and somersaulting in apparent mid-air.

What is this place? he thought fearfully to himself, curling into a foetal position. Suddenly, he felt wind rushing past his ears and though he couldn't remember if his eyes were open or shut, they stung with tears as the force barrelled into them. The very weight of the atmosphere began to crush him.

Darien tried to scream, oh he tried. He screamed as the mysterious weight pressed down on his, pushing down on his lungs and heart. Darien took his last breath and slammed his eyes shut forcefully. He couldn't escape the darkness.

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