The Legend of Zelda

White Knights of Althor

A/N: Hello again! Many have asked for it, so I've started work finally. This is a sequel to The Legacy of Myriad, and so I suggest, if you haven't read that story, you give it a gander, otherwise none of this story will really make much sense to you.

To be honest, chapter one may not be up for a while. The direction of this story is still coming to me slowly but surely, and I'm likely not to write it as quickly without a proper map in my mind to direct the actions of the characters in this fiction as I did the first one. Just thought I'd let some of you know who might have gotten used to me updating every other day with the last story xD! But I wanted to get this prologue up a slight bit prematurely so that everyone could see that, yeah, I'm going for it! Yay! I hope anyway lol xD!

The story this time around is going to focus more on romantic interests with adventure being secondary to the plot line, but like the first story, I do intend for there to be a good few twists that will hopefully take people by surprise. One thing I think I can say I won't miss is doing the Temples LoL! Those were always a pain to do xD!

In the meantime, basic copyright info, The Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo and so do all of the canonical characters. But I take credit for the original ones xD! I hope you guys enjoy this one!


The white halls of the Palace were kept pristine, not a mark or a smudge of dirt amongst the columns, walls, polished floors, or the decor anywhere. Silver suits of armor stood along the walls, murals, tapestries, coats of arms bearing the kingdoms crest, and other such items gave the rooms a regal feel. Though the Kingdom did not have the same renowned bearings that the Kingdom of Hyrule did, Althor still held its own, and it's regal qualities were nothing to be scoffed at.

It was a seaside Kingdom, located to the southwest of Lake Hylia and over the mountains. Most of its villages were a good size, prosperous, and being so close to the sea, many of the Kingdom's citizens were fisherman and sailors. One of the prides of the Kingdom was it's naval fleet. Althor was said to have the best vessels in the world, and on top of that, their voyages bore stories and rare items alike from distant lands all over the known world.

The entire kingdom had also borrowed, over time, architecture from differing lands as well, making it a fairly diverse and beautiful place for its citizens to live. Not only this, but its history was just as steeped in myth, legend, and culture as any other kingdom, perhaps even more than most. The life spent so near the ocean led everyone to know that there was never any telling what the tides would turn up. This was a widely known philosophy among the seaside Kingdom's citizens, and taken to heart by most of them.

Despite this saying that the winds could change at anytime, and that Althor had never been an enemy of it's closest neighbor, Hyrule, recently their relationship had become somewhat shaky. The Royals were not sure what to think over the rumors they'd heard. A son swapped with a daughter who was raised as the Prince in her place, only to take the throne and become a tyrant of a ruler only to later be dethroned at the hands of the very daughter he had replaced, aided by a legendary hero. That word had spread now that all of those problems had been diffused. The tale had reached the King of Althor, and though the royal had grown ill, he was interested after hearing it in sending a contingency of diplomats and his ambassador to Hyrule in order to reestablish relations.

As noble as this cause was, to certain people, it did not sit well. Althor did not need relations with Hyrule. Too long had that Kingdom stood as the pinnacle of the Three Goddesses' creations, and now was the time to attack, when that power was at its weakest, recovering from the war that had been waged on its own lands. Rumor had it that the battle was indeed one to go down in history as legendary, so it stood to reason that Hyrule was in need of restoration.

It was a rainy day outside, an unpleasant cold rain as the winter season had drawn upon them. The shores of the ocean were clearly visible below and in the near distance from where he stood in his chamber, water crashing down upon the sand in white waves. Quietly considering these matters, remembering his discussion with his men earlier upon the issue, he'd come to one single conclusion. Travel had to be made to Hyrule to assess the Kingdom's situation before any other determination could even be considered. It would take time, possibly enough to allow Hyrule to recover, but in the end, there were other means of progress.

The ill King's wishes to establish relations once again would indeed be the perfect opportunity to go there however. Also, the return of the daughter that had been lost so long ago was discussed amongst his men. The word on her name was Zelda, and she was apparently already fairly well loved and respected by the citizens under her. But one thing was for certain. If she had not been raised as Royalty, then the future of the Kingdom could still be questionable, regardless of the state it could have currently been in. This might have been even more good news for them.

Princess Zelda's naivete could prove to be useful. She was young and no doubt foolish, even if she was born to eventually lead her Kingdom. But, perhaps the foolishness lay with her parents, the ones who'd lost sight of their true child from the beginning. After all, if Zelda had found her way back to them, then one had to at least consider her intelligence. It would simply take a trip to ascertain the truth behind it all.

In the end, however, once he had what he had been searching for, none of it would matter anymore. All would perish who stood against them, King and Country alike.