Author's Note: I think before I can post up Digimon: The College Years, I need to tell this little story of TK and Kari's first date together. Mostly, because I hope to change an ongoing stereotype about your friend and mine, Davis Motomiya. And because I want to keep the whole ambiguity of the TK/Kari/Davis love triangle intact. But enough of my blabbering, let's get to the story.

Summary: At the end of "The Rock Show", Kari and TK officially became a couple and now they're ready to go on their first date. The thing is, though…no one's told Davis…so Ken and Yolei get that unenviable task. How does he react? The answer will surprise you.

First Date: Part 1

Two nights passed since the TRL concert and all was quiet in Odaiba. But for twelve-year-old Davis Motomiya, there was nary a moment to spare. He was already in his room working on a special gift for Kari Kamiya, the girl he's had a crush on for years. And he was almost finished.

"What'cha got there, Davish?"

Davis looked over to see his Digimon partner, Veemon, trying to sneak a peek on what he was working on. Rather than answer with words, Davis held up what he was working on. It was a golden picture frame that he had constructed himself. It took a lot of glue and it was a lot of money out of his pocket to get the material, but the end result would be worth it.

Once the picture frame was finished, Davis had the perfect photo to place in there. It was a picture of him and Kari sitting on a park bench together. There were no worries back then. It was just Davis and Kari side-by-side, smiling and laughing. Of course, they weren't alone at the time (after all, TK was holding the camera), but it was still a treasured memory. A memory Davis was hoping to frame for Kari.

"Hey…that looks great, Davish!" Veemon said cheerfully. "I think Kari will love it!"

Davis smiled. "You really think so?"

"Yeah! How'd you come up with that?"

Davis looked at the photo again. "I know Kari liked the poster I got her the other night…but I wanted this next gift to come from the heart."

Before Davis could keep working on his gift, he heard some knocking on his door.

"Davis? Are you in there?"

Davis opened the door and saw two of his friends had dropped by. It was twelve-year-old Ken Ichijouji and fourteen-year-old Yolei Inoue…and they looked…concerned. They were both looking at Davis like he was sick or something.

"Um…come in," Davis said a little uneasily.

Ken and Yolei carefully stepped into Davis' room (which was surprisingly clean on this day) and looked over at the craft he was trying to make.

"So…h-how are you, Davis?" Ken stammered. "You feeling ok?"

Davis didn't notice Ken's anxiety and just grinned. "I'm feeling great!"

Ken blinked. "Oh…then I guess…you haven't heard? OOF!" Yolei elbowed Ken in the stomach.

"Um…heard what?" Davis asked.

"Uh…Davis…have you talked to Kari in the last few days?" Yolei asked curiously…almost grimly.

But Davis didn't notice the subtle tone. "No. I haven't talked to Kari since the end of the TRL concert. Actually, I was hoping to surprise her with that picture frame and that picture."

Silence. It was obvious that Yolei and Ken were looking for something to say and neither one of them could find the words. Now Davis was starting to get nervous.

"What's wrong?" Davis asked.

Yolei shifted her gaze to Ken. "Um………you tell him."

"I can't," Ken said. "You do it."

"You're his best friend…tell him."

"I know I'm his best friend. That's why I CAN'T tell him."

"Tell me what?" Davis cut in.

Ken gulped. "Have you…talked to TK lately?"

Davis shook his head. "I haven't talked to TK in a while. Is…something wrong?"


"Davis…there's something you should know," Ken said slowly. He suddenly stepped back. "Tell him, Yolei."

Yolei looked like she didn't want to say anything, but she finally bit the bullet and talked. "Davis…a few nights ago……TK got a phone call."


"It was……from Kari…"


"And……Kari……she…I can't say it."

"Say what?" Davis asked ignorantly. "She probably just called him to tell him she had a great time at the concert. I mean, they DID go together…as friends, right?"

Yolei sighed. "Davis……Kari called TK…to ask him to be her boyfriend."

Davis' eyes widened. "What?!"

Ken nodded. "We heard all about it. TK and Kari…are a couple now. In fact…they're going out…on a date Friday. And…they didn't want to be the ones to tell you…because they didn't want to hurt your feelings. So…Yolei and I agreed to tell you. Davis…I know you really liked her…"

"We're sorry we had to tell you, Davis," Yolei added. "I mean…we didn't know how you'd react."

For Davis, this was all slow to sink in. It all came totally unexpected for him. He couldn't believe that…it was over…and it was all out of the blue. He never expected Kari to make her choice so suddenly. And she chose…TK.

Yolei frowned. "Davis…are you ok?"

Davis…smiled. "I'm fine, Yolei. I'm…really happy for them!"

Ken blinked. "That…was not what we were expecting. Davis…you don't have to put up a front for us."

"Ken, it's not a front. I really AM happy for them. I think it's wonderful!"

It was obvious that Ken and Yolei were shocked by Davis' reaction. After everything the goggle boy had gone through to try and win over Kari…this was the last thing they were expecting to see. Davis…looked to be just fine.

Yolei got up to go and she was dragging Ken along. "So…are you sure you're ok, Davis?"

Davis nodded. "Absolutely! I'm fine!"

Ken was noticeably shocked and it took Yolei dragging him out to get him moving.

"Then…we'll see you later, Davis," Ken said slowly.

Davis waved. "Bye guys!"

Veemon got up and walked over to the door. With no one around, he shut the door and looked back at his partner with concern.

"Ok, Davish. They're gone now. You can let it all out now."

But Davis wasn't crying. He still looked…happy. "Veemon…I'm not sad. I'm serious. I'm happy that TK and Kari are together."

Veemon was in shock. "R-R-Really?"

Davis walked over to his bed. "Have a seat, buddy."

Veemon slowly approached Davis and finally leaped up on the bed. The little blue Digimon immediately felt Davis' forehead, obviously looking for any signs of sickness. But Davis was feeling just fine.

"Davish…you're taking this…really well. Almost…TOO well."

Davis sighed. "Veemon…remember a few months ago…when you, me, and TK were all stuck in that cabin?* We were all snowed in…and after almost taking each other apart…we talked about everything that was going through our minds. And…we started talking about Kari. Veemon…remember the last thing we said to each other?"

Veemon shook his head. "No, Davish. What'd you say?"

"We shook hands…and we agreed 'May the best man win'. We agreed to let Kari decide for herself, because we both want her to be happy. And…I guess the better man won. But as long as Kari's happy…then I didn't lose, Veemon. I don't think anybody lost."

Veemon nodded slowly. "Oh…I see now. So you really ARE happy for them!"

Davis stood up. "I really am. In fact…I want to see this new relationship work! And I'll do whatever I can to make it work!" Then he got an idea. "Now that I think of it…I'm going to make their date on Friday a night they'll never forget!"

Veemon looked to be analyzing Davis' words, but there were no misinterpretations. Davis truly wanted to make TK and Kari's first date unforgettable…in a good way.

Davis got up and headed for the door. "Meet me outside, Veemon. We're going to see TK."

Veemon started making his way towards the window while Davis walked out the door. He wanted there to be no mistake about it. He wanted the new couple to know that they not only had Davis Motomiya's blessing and support…but also his services.

After what happened a few nights ago, TK Takaishi was on top of the world. He had always wanted to take the next step with Kari and now he had. They were now officially a couple and were set to go out on their first actual formal date on Friday night. And TK would be lying to himself if he didn't admit that he was just a little nervous.

So now he was in the bathroom of his house, looking in the mirror of the medicine cabinet. And TK had eight jars, tubes, and containers in front of him. They were all full of either…hair gel or hair spray. And of course, he borrowed them all from his older brother, Matt.

TK wet his hair and looked in the mirror, watching the water drip in front of his face and into the basin. He looked over at all the gel and spray and wondered what would look best on him. Matt would always go with a variety, but TK wanted to set himself apart from his older brother. He wanted to develop his own style…but he also wanted to go with something different than his usual white hat. Friday was going to be a big night, so TK wanted it to be special.

Finally TK dipped his hand in the jar of hair gel and took a moment to feel the squishiness. But before TK could run the gel through his hair, he heard someone knock on the front door. TK quickly put a pile of gel on his head and ran to answer the door. But when he opened it, he started to wish he hadn't.

He saw Davis…and immediately began to feel very awkward. TK knew how much Davis cared about Kari…and he didn't want to believe that Davis was still unaware that Kari had made her decision. But he also knew that if Davis DID know…then things would be very awkward.

Davis broke the silence. "TK…I heard."

TK gulped. He was expecting the worst to happen now, but to his surprise…Davis only smiled…and extended the hand of friendship.

"I wanted to congratulate you," Davis said cheerfully.

TK blinked. "Y-You mean it? You're not upset?"

Davis shook his head. "Dude! Don't you remember? We told each other that what really matters is Kari's happiness. We agreed 'May the best man win'. And…you won."

TK still couldn't believe this. He didn't think anything like this was possible. He remembered hearing a similar story from Matt about how Tai gave him and Sora his best wishes. Now TK was living that story. Feeling relieved, TK accepted the handshake.

"You've really grown up, Davis," TK said softly.

"I just want Kari to be happy," Davis smiled. "And…if you make her happy…then I want this relationship to work. So I'm willing to help make your first date unforgettable."

"Uh…what do you mean?" TK asked curiously.

Davis patted TK on the back as he led him to his couch. "Have a seat, buddy. Let me tell you what I have in mind…"


*- See "Break A Leg", which is where the battlelines were drawn.

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