Last Time: After finally getting by nosy Tai, Kari and TK went out on their first date. As they got to the theater, Davis was busy with his own crazy scheme, actually going as far as to infiltrate the projection room AND clear out the whole theater so Kari and TK could be alone. Everything's going great so far, but will things stay that way?

First Date: Part 3

It was a great movie so far. For Kari, the movie was actually very moving. She couldn't help but feel something for Mandy Moore's Jamie, who despite being looked down on and made fun of, still lived her life with so much confidence in herself. She didn't care what the people around her thought. Kari always admired that kind of person.

And with the way Jamie was starting to attract Shane West's Landon, everything was turning more…romantic. In fact…Kari got the idea to make the mood a little more romantic. She started snuggling up a little closer to TK, dropping a subtle hint. At first, TK didn't get it. So Kari nestled up a little closer until he finally got the point. Knowing what Kari wanted, TK put his arm around her.

Kari had a smile about a mile wide. It really didn't get any better than this. Here she was, watching a romantic movie in an empty theater with her ideal boyfriend.

Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Davis sat back in his chair, casually scarfing down a bag of buttered popcorn while the movie went on. The movie was great and everything, but already his mind was wandering. He was starting to wonder how he could make TK and Kari's next date just as good. Davis was willing to do whatever he had to do to make sure the happy couple stayed happy.

While Davis' mind went off into space, he started leaning back in his chair. But he didn't lean back very far, because the projection room suddenly went dark. The light bulb had gone out. Davis put down his popcorn on a nearby desk and struggled to find his way around. The only light source in the entire room now was coming from the film projector, and that left the room pretty dim.

So Davis got the idea of reaching into his pocket for a match. He lit the match and tried to find out where the light bulb was. Of course, Davis didn't use matches very often. So after a few seconds of holding the match, it started to burn his fingertips.


Davis hastily released the match into the air and shook his hand furiously, trying to shrug off the burning sensation. Unfortunately, he didn't look to see WHERE the match landed. Because a few seconds later…


The film projector lit on fire and the film itself was also ignited. Davis saw the fire and immediately panicked and screamed while scrambling to try and put it out. He looked around for a fire extinguisher or even a fire alarm. He could barely make out what looked like a fire alarm on the opposite side of the room. So he ran over towards it, but stumbled forward…knocking the film projector over.


The rest of the room was quickly lighting on fire. The problem of the room being too dark was now solved…because the FIRE had provided enough of a light source. The only silver lining was that Davis could now see the fire alarm. So he jumped over and pulled it. But all Davis could hear was an alarm. There was no sign of anything that could help him…

That's when he noticed…

As Kari continued to snuggle up against TK, she suddenly noticed that the film stopped. The whole romantic mood had been broken and now there was just an atmosphere of confusion.

"What's going on?" Kari asked.

"I was actually getting into it, too," TK added. "Why'd it stop?"

Suddenly, they both began to hear a fire alarm blaring. And without warning…the sprinklers went off in the theater, soaking Kari and TK from head to toe.

"TK!" Kari sputtered. "My dress!!"

TK gazed at Kari and gasped. "Yeesh! AND your makeup!"

Kari's jaw dropped open as she reached into her purse for any mirror. She finally reached a handheld mirror and looked into it. And what was staring back at her was one of the main reasons why she didn't like to wear makeup. Her mascara was running down her face and it was smeared all over the place. TK covered the top of Kari's head with his jacket and led her towards ANY place where they wouldn't get soaked.

Finally they decided to bite the bullet and duck under the seats. The water was now barely making contact with their backs, but it was already too late, because they were both soaking wet.

The night was quickly turning into a disaster.

Davis looked everywhere for anything to put out the fire. Finally, he found a fire extinguisher. He grabbed it and tried to spray the fire…and got nothing. The extinguisher was empty.

Seeing as Davis wouldn't be able to put the fire out, he did the next best thing and headed to the door. But when he put his hand on the knob, he quickly pulled it back. The knob was scalding hot and burned his hand. Davis was unable to open the door and he looked to be stuck. Then he saw the window…that led into the theater.

There were a lot of thoughts running through Davis' head. But he finally made his decision. He bravely ran through the fire…headed for the window…


…and went straight through it. He spilled through the glass and fell right into the theater below, rolling right onto his back. At first, it felt like quite a rush. Then Davis started to sense…going through a window was quite painful. Luckily, there were no serious cuts, but when he looked up…he saw that that could change at any time. Because Davis saw…

…Kari and TK. And Kari looked like she wanted to throttle Davis.

"Hi Kari," Davis said wearily.

"What are you doing here, Davis?!" Kari demanded.

"I made sure the theater stayed empty," Davis said proudly. "And I'm the one who snuck into the projection room and played the movie…until I accidentally set it on fire."

"YOU set it on fire?!" Kari shouted. "No wonder the sprinklers are going off! This is your fault!"

Davis grinned sheepishly as he still lay on his back. "Well…at least it can't get any worse."

Davis had learned a lot from his mistakes in the past, but he still didn't learn the number one rule. If you say things can't get any worse, then they WILL get worse. The doors were opening and some of the REAL ushers were coming in. Kari and TK ducked further into the seats so they wouldn't be seen. But there was no hiding for Davis. The ushers came over and picked him up.

"This is the guy," one of them said. "This is the fake usher."

"Too bad we didn't find the other two," the other said. "They probably got away. Oh well, let's take him. Get up, kid! Time to call your parents."

Davis turned white. "NOOOOO!! Not my parents!!"

Davis couldn't do anything to save himself now. He had been caught…and he looked back one more time as he was dragged out…to see the concerned looks on TK and Kari's faces.

Kari shook her head as she walked down the street towards her house. "Well…it was a long night. Think Davis is doing ok?"

"I hope so," TK replied. "Making a headfirst dive through a glass window has GOT to hurt."

"TK…what possessed him to do what he did?" Kari asked.

"He wants you to be happy," TK answered. "And he knows that…you're happy when you're with me…so he wants to make every moment you and I share special."

"He's a lot more mature than he used to be," Kari noted.

"Too bad he's not much smarter," TK grinned.

Finally, after what could only be described as an awkward and unusual first date, Kari was back at the porch of her house. And as unusual as the last hour may have been…there was still one ideal way to end this night.

"I had a wonderful time, TK," Kari smiled.

TK blushed. "So did I. I guess this WAS a night we'll always remember."

Kari giggled. "How could we forget a night like THIS?"

"Well…there is ONE more thing we can do to make it totally unforgettable."

TK reached over and so did Kari. The two 12-year-olds locked…

…in their first kiss.

Unfortunately…the door opened…

"Aww…how cute! Smile!"

…and a flash went off. Tai had taken a picture of them in mid-kiss. To say they were both caught off-guard would be an understatement.

"TAI!!" Kari shouted, spreading her arms in outrage.

Of course, when Kari spread her arms, she knocked TK off-balance…and he was starting to fall right towards Kari's rosebush. Kari gasped and quickly caught him by his shirt, desperately trying to pull him up.

"Tai…do something!!" Kari grunted.

Tai grinned. "Ok!" He took another picture.


Kari was so indignant that she accidentally let go of TK's shirt. With no one else holding onto him, TK fell…


…into Kari's rosebush.

As TK jumped out of the rosebush, Tai took yet another picture. Kari was beyond infuriated.

"Tai Kamiya, you get inside that house this instant!" Kari shouted, before using her greatest threat. "Or else when you fall asleep tonight, I'll give you a HAIRCUT!"

Tai blinked. "Well…I guess I'll leave you two alone. Good night, TK."

TK was busy picking thorns out of his butt. "Good night, Tai."

Kari sighed as she walked into her house. "I'll call you. Good night, sweet prince."

Kari shut the door behind her. Having her big brother taking pictures wasn't the ideal way to end her first date. Kari would have to do everything in the power to keep from reaching for the shears.

Besides…the night was still one Kari would never forget.

Before the night ended, there was still one more thing TK wanted to do. Before going back to his apartment, TK made a detour and headed for Davis' house. But obviously, the goggled usher would be in a bit of trouble, so TK headed for his window. TK tapped on the glass and the curtains came open.

Davis opened the window. "Hi TK!"

"How bad is it?" TK asked.

"Um…I think I'm grounded for a few weeks, but that's about it. I got off easy."

"I'm sorry that happened, Davis. But…I want to thank you for helping. I'll admit, I didn't believe you at first when you said you wanted to see me and Kari happy."

"You're both my friends, dude. Of course I want to see you two happy. Nobody deserves happiness more than Kari and nobody deserves to MAKE her happy as much as you do."

"That means a lot to me, Davis. I'm sure it means a lot to Kari, too."

"Look, I'd better get some sleep. I'll see you later, buddy."

"Well…ok. Good night, Davis."

"Good night, TK. By tomorrow, I should be ready for your NEXT date with Kari."

TK sweatdropped as Davis shut the curtains. It looked like Davis was planning to make a HABIT of this. And if he was…

…then future dates were going to be a lot more interesting.


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