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- EPOV -

Something was missing from my life.

Something intangible – a vague notion of lost love. I had never experienced love, never found anyone who had turned my eye that way, but somehow I still missed it. I longed for it with every fibre of my being. I desired a love which was beautiful and transcendent. A love which would last the ages and never be broken.

The absence was most prevalent in the still of the night, when the darkness was full. When the night sky was black and the moon refused to shine. Because that was when I saw her – my light. It was as though a bright star had streaked across the night sky and now I was left with the void. The blackness. And how I craved the light. My heart longed for something I had never had and therefore shouldn't miss.

During those times I would find myself staring at the ceiling and dreaming of chocolate eyes. Of course I wasn't really dreaming, I couldn't sleep, so I didn't dream.

I often thought that maybe, just maybe, if I could dream I would see more of the one I had never met but would die for. It was maddening and heartbreaking to lie dreaming of love I had never experienced, while my family pursued their own nocturnal activities. I was always left feeling more alone that I ever had before. It was as though part of me had been torn away, like my heart resided with another. I could pinpoint the moment in my life these feelings began. For ninety years I wandered with my family, content within myself and then suddenly I changed. For no reason I could find I suddenly felt like part of me had been torn away. I had talked to Carlisle about it but he had no explanation. Change was rare for us. Rare but permanent. I would live forever dreaming of those chocolate pools of knowledge. I spent the time sifting through my darkened memories, trying to find some hint, some glimpse of the girl, anything that would help me figure out the mystery. Anything to prove she was something more than a figment of my imagination. But I always came up blank. There was nothing.

She was the love of my life and I didn't even know if she was real.

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