Title: Sex, Booze and a new friend..
Summary: Maybe Jack didn't need sex with the stranger the Doctor hooked him up with, maybe he just needed a friend.
Warnings: slash, scences of a sexual nature, mentions of character death.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Mild Jack/Alonso.


Sex, Booze and a new friend...


Jack let out a groan as Alonso kissed his neck, he closed his eyes as the other man began to unbutton his trousers. Then a pair of light blue eyes popped into Jack's head, a pair of soft hands tugging at his trousers, a welsh voice murmuring sweet nothings in his ear... "Stop." Jack said, lurching away from Alonso.

"What? But you.." The other man trailed off, moving away, leanign against the wall and watchign Jack with confusion, "You're crying." He said after a while.

Jack moved his hand to his face, swiping at his tears, "I'm sorry." He said, "I shouldn't have led you on."

Alonso shrugged, "No big deal. Bad break up?" He asked.

Jack gave a sad smile, "Something like that... He... He died." It felt good, to say it out loud, to see the understanding on the other man's face that let Jack know it was okay to be acting the way he was.

"And I thought I had it bad." Alonso muttered.

"What's up with you?" Jack asked, needing a distraction from all the memories of Ianto spinning around in his mind.

"My boss made a deal to crash the ship I was driving... It didn't actually crash in the end but everyone thinks I was part of the deal so wont hire me now... But that is nothing compared to your stuff." Alonso said.

Jack gave a sad laugh and quickly buttoned his trousers back up, "You have no idea." He murmured.

"So tell me... Over a pint." Alonso offered, "Just a chat." He added quickly, seeing Jack's expression, "Only you look as if you could do with a friend."

"Yeah, go on then." Jack smiled.

"And maybe you can tell me how you really knew my name." Alonso grinned as they walked back into the bar.


Although I believe that Jack and Ianto belonged together I hated the thought of Jack being alone once Ianto had gone...

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