Life goes on…

It has too!

I can never go back, I would jeopardise everything and I couldn't do that, not to him.

Everything's 'peachy' around Stokely. All accept my heart, my memory and my life which lies at the bottom of the blood pool.

But I have to move on, to forget and to live as a simpleton. No one can know of the lives that they lived, the decisions they made, what they did!

My life is a lie, I'm a fraud, a cad, I should be cleaned, I should have forgotten.

It's time to take a deep breath and say…

…There's no such thing as Vampires, they don't exist.

* * * *

My life has ended but my death has just begun.

I lost!

I can't go back, for I am washed away from memories and I couldn't mess with his mind, not him.

Everything's evil here at the castle. All except my heart, my memory and the life I used to lead which has come to an abrupt end.

But I must move on, forget it and to live as a Vampire. No one can know of what they saw, what they believed, what we did to them!

My death is wrong, I'm not evil, or vicious, I should be normal, I want to breathe.

It's time to wake up and tell myself…

…I'm a Vampire, the Chosen One who will lead us to glory.