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When Wizards Meet.

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Chapter 1: In Which There Is No Explanation How This Happened

Disclaimer: The Dresden Files belongs to Jim butcher. Sci Fi (now Scyfy) are geniuses to have managed to ruin it. Negima belongs to Ken Akamatsu. Everyone loves wizards!

Harry Dresden, the group of Wardens with him, and the Senior council stared at the scene of devastation around them. They were all pretty familiar with scenes of devastation. The 'full-scale' part of the war against the Red Court wasn't that long ago, and Harry had the nasty ability to find himself in the middle of such scenes but even for him and the battle-hardened men and women around him, this was a new one. There were a lot of ghouls in this one. Not the superghouls that had been in the Raith Deeps, thank goodness, just the regular garden variety ghouls, but still nasty.

They'd all been slaughtered. And for once, Harry had nothing to do with it.

It had all been the figure in the tan, hooded robe with the tall staff. It had to be a midget. Harry hoped it was the midget. Because the alternative…

Then the figure turned, pulling back its hood as every member of the White Council, Harry included, trained various destructive foci at it, and Harry knew there was no such luck. It was a kid, looking about ten or eleven, with dark red hair. He blinked at them in surprise, as if he hadn't known they were there, then bowed deeply towards them, then looked chagrined as he straightened. "Sorry, force of habit. My name is Negi Springfield, and I seem to be a little lost. Are you mages?"

- To be continued...

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