' My Destiny, Dominus Imperitus Electus…

Her Destiny, Nox Noctis is Cado , Diluculo is Mos Intereo.'

Maybe one day she'll realise why she stays away from me.

She's not scared…never has been!

I've watched her thinking about it sometimes, if only she knew, If only she could.

But it can never ever happen, I can barely control my family and I might end up just like them when I transform and I can't lose control not with her.

In every dream or nightmare she is a slayer, she can defend herself from the beast which hides within me. That's all. She can never be mine.

I will never have her heart but she will always have mine until the very last beat.

For as long as I am normal, I will love her until the day I die and grow my fangs.

When I become mere dust she'll remember and know just how much she means but for now she will remain nothing more than my best mate's sister.

But as I smile, as she walks away, back home and turns to give me a little wave, the underlay thought crawls back into my mind.

'Chloe ut Cinis cineris , Vlad ut Pulvis.' My ancient tongue resurrects itself to bring sadness to my heart.

The prophecy forever engraved into a stake of hearts.

Chloe to Ashes, Vlad to Dust.