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Arthur wasn't sure when exactly he has started liking it. He wasn't sure if it was Al, or himself, or hell even France, that had gotten him into it, and frankly, only a small part of him cared.

He expected himself again in the mirror, taking in the image before him. His phallus throbbed suddenly in its silk clothed cage, and he bit his bottom lip and willed his hand not to move down and fondle with that hard part of him that begged for release. He'd been hard since he had put them on, and he wasn't sure if he was going to make till Alfred got home from work.

Women's lingerie wasn't something he wore too often, as he tried not to make a habit of it, but there were just days that he slipped on a pair and stood in front of the mirror.

The underwear he chose today was that of black silk, contrasting nicely with his white skin. He had even put on the bra, which he usually didn't as it looked ridicules without anything to fill it, because he was feeling a bit strange today. Well horny, and a bit masochistic, was more like it.

He was no stranger to pain, and knew that if it was done in the right was, it was actually quite euphoric.

His cock throbbed again at the thought of what he could do, or have Alfred do, to himself.

He brought up his right hand to his face and nibble on his nails, while is other hand clawed at his right bicep, leaving bright pink marks in their wake. He had to resist touching himself until Al got home, and as antagonizing as that sounded, he knew it would be all the sweeter once it was Alfred touching him.

He glanced over at the clock and noticed that it was way too early for Al to be getting home anytime soon. Whimpering, bottom lip jutting out in a small pout, before a thought struck him: He could touch himself now, and still be good when Alfred came home.

Feeling his cock throb again, his erection growing, sensing that what it desperately wanted was about to come. But he pushed that want again out of his mind, and wondered how he was going to do this.

Well of course it would be the same no matter what; masturbation wasn't a complicated subject, especially with how horny he was at the moment. But it was more of a question of where exactly. He could do it in the bed, but he didn't really want to get the bedspread dirty, and the bathroom was too boring.

He sighed, and glanced back into the mirror, his mirror image copying his movement. He frowned slightly, an idea forming in his mind as his hand slipped down his chest sensationally.

His hand trailed down his flat stomach, and his replica copied the movement with ease lust dancing in its jade green eyes. The image locked eyes with his briefly before lowering them as Arthur's hand slipped under the silken black cloth. Both Arthur's slowly leaned their heads back with a quiet gasp, their eyes locked on what the other was doing.

Arthur's hand slowly stroked his cock as his replica did the same. He teased himself loving the way his duplicate's face was flushed with pleasure, panting for more.

"Ahh… m – more…!" The image gasped, bucking his hips to try and meet with his strokes.

But Arthur wasn't going to give in that easily. He moved his hand away and out from under the bottom lingerie, his mirror image whimpering but following his movements all the same.

He lowered himself down on his hands and knees and slowly crawled his way over to the mirror. His ass swayed as he inched forward his crawling as sexily as he could in panties and a bra. Which was pretty damn sexy if he could say so himself.

His breath mingled with his replicas as he finally got within an inch of the reflective surface. Their breath fogged up the glass, reminding them both of the barrier between them. But both participants were willing to continue on despite the obstacle.

Heated lips met against the cold glass and both Arthur's shivered, either from the cold or from the kiss neither was sure.

Arthur placed his hands on the cold glass to steady himself as he raised himself up onto his knees, breaking the kiss for only a second before he returned with full force.

He moaned loudly, breath speeding up and his cock throbbing in steady beat with his fast heartbeat. The glass was so fogged up that he could no longer see himself, but he didn't care and continued kissing his replica hungrily.

He pushed his chest against the glass, his rosy pert nipples touching the coolness of the glass, the bitter cold of it blocked by the thin layer of the bra. Still he moaned at the feeling, and rubbed his chest against the glass, his replica doing the same.

His cock was so hard now that poked out a bit, wanting its release from its silky prison.

Pushing himself away from his replica he steadying himself on his knees, and the balls of his feet, and quickly pushed down the silk underwear, to wear it caught just above his knees.

He sighed, and stroked his erection, forgetting momentarily about his replica, and concentrated only on the pleasure. Gripping himself tighter he shifted forward a bit and the top of his cock met with the cold glass. Pre-cum dripped out of the head and wetted the cold glass.

Biting his lip as he stroked himself faster, he glanced up and met eyes with his replica's lust hazed ones. His hips thrusts forward, involuntarily, and he moaned loudly again.

He was close, a couple more strokes and he would reach completion.

Still pumping his rock hard cock, he leaned forward and kissed his replica passionately, as the pressure in his lower half continued to build.

Any minute now and he would –

With a choked off moan he came, spilling his seed onto the mirror, and his replicas chest. He clenched his eyes shut, hand still stroking, as another orgasm hit him.

He moaned loudly this time, and threw his head back. He was falling back suddenly, having sent himself off balance.

His head hit the floor first, then his back. He gasped in both pain and pleasure, having not fully ridden out his orgasm yet.

Finally he laid there, his orgasm done with having its way with him, panting heavily on the ground.

"Wow…" A voice came from the area of the door, and if Arthur hadn't been so exhausted he would have been in shock.

The most he could manage was warily turning his eyes over towards the door, and meeting the blue hues that belonged to Alfred.

Alfred was leaning against the doorframe, one of his hands covering up the bottom of his face, and Arthur could tell he was smirking. He didn't miss the bulge in the blond's pants either.

"Don't laugh at me…" He mumbled, his eyebrows furrowing, as he glanced away, his face feeling warm. Either because of what he has just done or from embarrassment at being caught, he wasn't sure.

"You know…" Alfred started, taking a step towards the worn out man still on the floor. He knelt down beside Arthur who continued to stare at him warily. "Most people would have called something like that Narcissistic. Me, however," He placed a hand under Arthur's chin and tilted his head up, and gave him a chaste kiss on the lips. "I just thought it was hot."

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