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Warning: mentions of FrUk (FrancexEngland)

Alfred stood outside the door for a second, and smirked. Arthur was going to kill him for what was in the bag, but at the moment Al couldn't care less. After all if he played his cards right Arthur would (eventually) end up doing what he wanted him to do.

He moved away from the bathroom, knowing that he only had a couple more minutes before Arthur gathered his courage to look into the bag, and when that happened all hell would break lose…

He moved quickly around the room, making sure everything was neat and organized. Well as organized as he could get it, which wasn't very, but it would suffice for the time being. He glanced at the mirror with a smirk every time he passed it.

He had honestly been shocked when he'd come home, early, and found Arthur like that. But that shock had been wiped away by the complete sexiness of the situation. (Though, of course, when he had come up the stairs, and heard Arthur moaning, he had expected to see Arthur in bed with another man. Heaven knows Arthur could/would never bed with a woman)

There was a loud scream of anger, modification, and fury that came from the bathroom and Alfred knew his time was up.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS YOU FUCKING BASTARD?!" Arthur shouted, throwing the bathroom door open, making it crash against the doorstopper, almost smacking back into the pissed man.

Arthur chunked the item he was holding in his hands, smirking when it slammed into the taller blonds face. It would have been more satisfying if it had been a more solid, blunt, sharp object, but that would have to do for the moment.

The object slid from Alfred's face, and he quickly caught it before it feel to the ground. "Oh come on Arty it's just a cheerleading outfit." He spoke with a grin, and unfolded the garment that had been crumbled in the temperamental blonds rage.

It was a simple enough design. The top was bright red, with a large, white, taunting, A plastered on the front. The skirt was blue with a white star pattern. Really Alfred couldn't see what was so wrong with it.

"What do you mean 'just'?! There's no way in HELL I'm wearing that!" Arthur spat, glaring at the American before he finally realized the state of the room, and froze. "What the fu-"

"Now, now Arty, language."

"-Did you do to the room?!" Arthur continued on as if Al hadn't interrupted him, staring around him mortified.

Clothes were scattered all around the room, as if they were being held on display. It wouldn't have been too bad if they were out there for him to do laundry, or if he'd seen these clothes before, or hell if they were all men's clothes he wouldn't have a problem with it.

But no…. They were women's clothes, all brand new, (as he'd never seen any of them ever before), and they were dirtying up his previously clean room! He'd worked hard to keep this room clean, which was no easy task; because it was after all Alfred he was currently living with.

Alfred grinned, and looked around him proudly. "Do you like them?" Arthur's death glare was proof enough that he didn't, so the blond continued on before he could respond. "I thought you might, that's why I bought all these." His grin widened. "So we could try them out."

'Oh… Dear... God! When did Alfred get more perverted than Francis?!' Arthur lamented, closing his eyes as anger sizzled in his chest. "No." He refused, running a hand over his face tiredly. "I'm too bleeding old to be doing this kinky shit with you. Go build a fucking time machine and come back 20 years ago." See what Alfred had reduced him too?! He'd actually made him admit that he was old! Which he wasn't, thank you very much, it was just an excuse to get this 'idea', if one could call it that, out of Alfred's head.

"If I did that your younger self would kill over. 20 years ago we weren't together remember?" Alfred chirped, making Arthur growl in annoyance at the happy tone in his voice. "Oh come on Arty~! It'll be fun~ and I promise it'll only be till I have to go back to work. And it's not as if you have too much of a problem about cross dressing." Alfred pointed out, motioning to Arthur's 'attire'.

Arthur flushed, having forgotten that he was only in a bra and panties, and crossed his arms over his chest and looked away. "…Alright fine. But only until you go back to work." He growled begrudgingly.

Alfred smiled, and moved closer to the pouting blond. The man was utterly adorable when he did this, and Alfred found he always wanted to kiss away his pout, because he knew it would make Arthur pout more and blush brightly.

And so when he was close enough, he grabbed Arthur's chin, tilted his face up and kissed his lips gently and lovingly. Arthur didn't respond at first, and Alfred could practically feel the blush coming off of Arthurs face, but after a couple of seconds he leaned into the kiss.

Alfred pulled back almost immediately and used the hand that had been holding Arthur's chin to brush some of the wheat blond hair out of his face. He smiled again at the rosy color on the man's cheeks.

It was almost insane how much he loved this man. He had been in love with him probably longer than he had realized, as he remembered being jealous when Arthur had been with Francis, and that had been many years ago. Though, at the time, Alfred had taken the tightening of his chest and the sick feeling in his stomach as a side effect of having eaten some of Arthurs cooking.

Arthur fidgeted, uncomfortable with being looked at for so long. "S – So… What do you want to try out first?" He tentatively asked, looking around glaring at the articles of clothing that were polluting his bedroom.

Alfred was pulled out of his thoughts, and grinned, almost devilishly down at the older male. And almost instantly Arthur regretted giving in to this demon's demands.

"Well we could always start with this one." Alfred held up the cheerleaders outfit, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Or we could save that for later and we could try out the school girl one or the cat girl."

Arthur pouted. "Why must they all be girls clothing?" He asked a slight whine in his voice.

"What, I'm just trying to live out my fantasies."

Arthur sighed, resisting the urge to rub his temple. "If you exhaust your fantasies there's not going to be any left." He pointed out.

"Not really, even if we do run out of girl clothes, there's still some guy clothes that I'd like to fuck you in." Alfred said as easily as if he were commenting about the weather.

Arthur sputtered, his face flushing bright red. And Alfred continued to grin down at him. "D – Don't say such e – embarrassing things you ass!" he snapped.

Alfred chuckled and thrust the cheerleaders outfit into Arthurs arms. "For me?" He asked pleadingly. And Arthur knew that his resistance was slowly diminishing.

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