Title: the best laid plans

Disclaimer: not my characters; just for fun.

Warnings: spoilers for movie

Pairings: Elise/Max

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 300

Point of view: third

It was a stupid fucking plan, Max thinks, and Charlie's goon pulls the trigger.


Elise is warm in his arms, sun-kissed and golden, and they're set for life. He feels bad about betraying the guys, but Elise smiles up at him, licks his neck, whispers, Let's go below, babe.

They'll be fine, he's sure. Charlie seemed like a pretty honorable guy, for a scumbag, so he'll leave them alone. He's smart enough to figure out what really happened, so the guys are safe.


Hey, Elise says, slinking around him and sliding into his lap, unhooking her bikini top. We made it. Quit bein' so gloomy.

I know, he replies, placing his hands on her back, pulling her close. I just… we should call Avery. Let him know you're okay.

Elise scoffs, biting his bottom lip. And that'll lead the poor bastard you tortured right to us.


It was stupid fucking plan, Max thinks, right from the beginning. It was so goddamned stupid, and we're all gonna die.

Charlie's bleeding, and still acting smooth as butter. He's in complete control of the situation, while taped to a chair and one finger down. Max has no idea how everything got this far—Elise's dad was supposed to the pay the ransom, and then they'd be gone.

It wasn't supposed to be like this, and Charlie keeps looking at him like he knows.


Let's get married, Elise says.

Let's trick Dad into giving us money, Elise says.

It'll be easy, Elise says.

Trust me, babe, Elise says.

Max is a fucking moron, but he does.


They're so calm. Cold and precise, and he knew back in Ira's house he was going to die. All these months with Elise—just a gift, and Charlie's smile is knowing.

Max dies happy, Elise in his arms.