It was late at night as a boy is standing close of the rails of a ship staring at the sea he suddenly gains an irritated look on his face and screams"Where Are you?" as he continues to scan the sea still finding nothing as he grasp the rails

As he stays there by himself a girl suddenly exits a door slowly making her way to the boy asking him "Shouldn't you be asleep by now Takeo?"

Takeo turns around to face the girl "I'm sorry Misaki. I just wanted to take some fresh air before I go to sleep" He then made his way to the door

Misaki said "Oh really cause it looks like you were looking for him. I guess regardless of what you said back then you really are worried about him"

Takeo stops after this remark standing just beside the girl "Well what do you expect his been gone for 4 months now. Why should I not be worried about my cousin"

Misaki giggles abit "I wonder if you will go to all this trouble if I ever get lost?"

The boy then gave her a serious look and said "I was when you got lost the first few times. But then I stop worrying after the tenth time"

The two then started to laugh abit as they recalled events from their childhood but after sometime wish each other a goodnight and headed to their rooms. But after a few hours Takeo is suddenly awaken when he felt something wet on his pants. only to discover that a ton of water has suddenly entered his room already reaching where his bed was where he was also located at. he then quickly grabs his back pack putting it on along with his goggles and then exits the room wearing a life vest.

Only to find the hallway in the same condition well actually a little worse he then rushes to Misak's room only to find it locked he continuesly bangs at the door only to get no responses "Darnit at this rate I may have to leave Misaki behind" He then takes a look at the end of the hallway where a door was located "Maybe it's not as bad as it looks" he tries his best to quickly get to the door and upon opening it more water rushes into the hallway "Ok it is as bad as I thought it was maybe even worse"

He decides that he couldn't do anything but go outside and maybe abandon ship as he steps out he discovers that the ship carelessly found itself in the middle of a storm Takeo then had an irritated look on his face and thought "What was the captain thinking?" as he scans across the deck he finds a familiar girl standing at the front part of the boat "Misaki so she was able to get out of the boat" He then rushes to her but was surprise when a huge wave suddenly appears which seemed so big compared to the boat landing on it and somehow Takeo falls overboard from the boat

"I'm losing consciousness...."

"I wonder what will happen to me now...."

"Sorry Ikuto I guess I couldn't save you or protect Misaki..."

With these last thoughts Takeo's body continues to float on the sea with the help of his life vest unconscious.