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3 Years Later

As Randy drove into High Ridge after being away on a very long road trip, he couldn't help but smile. The last three years had treated him, as well as Ashley, well. His WWE career couldn't be any hotter, and was the current WWE champion. His thoughts then turned to Ashley. It was the day of their 6 year wedding anniversary, and they couldn't have been happier. Some say they still act like newlyweds around each other.

The red light soon turned to green, as he drove past the grade school, the first thing that came into Randy's mind was Kaelyn. She was now five and a proud kindergartener. Every night Randy called home before the kids' bedtime, and she would always have several stories to tell. She was also a spitting image of Randy, except for having Ashley's eyes and her curly dark hair. Ever since day one, Kaelyn was a daddy's girl and still is to this day.

Nathan and Gracie were doing good as well and healthy 3 year olds. Just like his name sake, Nathan loved playing baseball, or any sport really, and was super close with his uncle. When the twins were about a year old, both Randy and Ashley noticed Nathan's eyes weren't focusing like they should have, and took him to his peditrician. She recommended an out patient eye surgery at a children's hospital in St. Louis, and now two years later, is seeing better than ever. Like his parents and sister, Nathan also has the brunette hair and Randy's blue eyes. Gracie loved playing dress up and dolls, but unlike the rest of her family, got the blonde hair trait from Ashley's side of the family. She looked more like Ashley, but had Randy's eyes as well.

Then there was the youngest, baby Ryan Keith Orton. After the twins were born, Randy and Ashley originally decided their family was complete, and was totally surprised when learning about the pregnancy. He was born just a week after the twins turned 2, and born 5 weeks early due to low oxygen levels and low body temperature. Today though, a stranger would guess that Ryan was born full term. He acted like any 1 year old would, and shows no effects from his early arrival. He is also an exact replica of Ashley, with the exception of having his father's smile.

While waiting on another red light, Randy saw the cemetery in front of him. As he contimplated on either driving straight or turning left towards his home, he knew that it had been awhile since he had visited her-over 3 years in fact, since the night he and Ashley patched things up and began to work through their rough year together. The light turned green, and instead of turning, he drove straight.

Within minutes, he parked his Hummer, and walked along the now grass grown path. It didn't take long to find the particular grave he was looking for, and knelt down in front of it for a closer look.

"Hey Mack," he began as a sudden rush of emotion came over him. "I'm sorry it's been so long since I've been here. Over 3 years is a long time. That was long and hard year for Ashley and me, and that was the night we began to work through it together. Damn, I still can't believe it's been 9 years since you've passed. It's crazy because I can still picture you and how beautiful you were. I'm still amazed on how things work out. Up until the day you died, I really thought we would be together forever, and because my mind was on you the day of my motorcycle accident...I met Ashley," he said as he smirked.

"Mack, I just want you to know that even though I haven't been here lately doesn't mean I don't care about you any less. You will always have a special place in my heart. It's just...with Ash, four kids and traveling, it gets hard, you know. Now I may not be back for awhile, but I just want you to know that you do cross my mind from time to time, and I can't do anything but smile at our memories together. After all, you were my first love. Hell, you taught me how to love someone, and for that, I will always be grateful," he said as he gently kissed the top of the grave stone. After saying a short prayer, he walked back toward his Hummer and drove away.

When Randy walked through the kitchen door, he could instantly hear his kids running around and Ashley following them. "Mommy! Tell Nathan to leave me alone!" Kaelyn yelled.

"I want my dolly back!" Gracie added.

Ashley took a deep breath as she tried to seperate her daughters. "Ok, how about we all just take a break from each other, and let's keep our voices down please. I don't want Ryan to be woken up. Kaelyn, why don't you go in your room and play. Nathan, Gracie, I want you to do the same as well."

Everyone listened to what Ashley said, and as she descended down the stairs into the kitchen, a big smile spread across her face. There was Randy, going through the mail he had received throughout the week and as soon as he looked up, a smile spread across his face as well.

"Baby your home!"

"Hey babe," he said as she literally jumped into his arms. "Happy anniversary Ash," he whispered after a passionate embrace. "I love you."

"I love you too Randy, and happy anniversary. How long have you been home?"

"Just a few minutes," he said as he let Ashley back down on the floor. "I was actually going to head upstairs when I noticed you standing there. How have the kiddos been?"

"It's been one of those days today, but nothing too bad," Ashley replied as Kaelyn walked into the room.

"Mommy, can you tell Nathan-DADDY!!!" she squealed as she also jumped into Randy's arms.

"Hi princess! I missed you!" Randy said as he kissed his daughter's cheek. "Have you been a good girl for mommy?"

Kaelyn nodded her head. "Yep, but Nathan hasn't. He's been pestering me all the time today. Go ground him!"

Both Ashley and Randy giggled as Nathan and Gracie walked into the room. "DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!"

The kitchen was filled with noise and excitement, and Randy wouldn't have it any other way as he hugged his children. Before he could say anything more, everyone heard Ryan start to fuss over the baby monitor. "I'll go get him," Randy said as Ashley started walking.

"Daddy, did you get us anything?" Kaelyn asked.

"Have mommy check in my blue suitcase," Randy called as he climbed the hall stairs that led to the bedrooms.

When Randy walked into the nursery, he chuckled when he saw Ryan's eyes light up. "Hi big guy," he gushed as he got the toddler out of the wooden crib. "Daddy missed you!"

After changing Ryan's diaper, Randy went back down to the kitchen and smiled when he realized the kids found his gifts. "Daddy, thank you for the paint set," Kaelyn smiled.

"Thank you for the baseballs," Nathan added. "Me and uncle Nate will have to play ball again sometime."

Randy acted like he was offended. "What about daddy? Can't I play too?"

Nathan giggled. "Sure daddy! You can play."

Gracie then walked up to her dad and hugged his leg. "Thank you for my new dolly. She's beautiful!"

"Your welcome," he said as he affectionately rubbed her back. "Does your dolly have a name?"

She thought for a second. "Her name is...Gracie!"

"Does Ryan get a present?" Nathan asked.

"Well, I really didn't know what to get Ryan, so I just bought him a couple of outfits."

"What about me? Do I get a present?" Ashley whispered in her husband's ear from behind, sending shivers down his spine.

He smirked as he turned around to face her. "You will get your present later. It's something the kids shouldn't see," he winked.
Later on that night, after dinner and after all the kids had gotten a bath, Randy sighed as he tucked Kaelyn in for the night. He was literally exhausted after helping Ashley with everything, and truly didn't know how his wife did it every day.

"Hey baby, I think you must be Superwoman or something," he said as he walked into their room and shut the door. As he pealed off his shirt, it was then he noticed the candles waiting to be lit around the room. And there was Ashley, standing in the master bathroom doorway-in nothing but a silk nighty.

"Wow," Randy finally said, right before he locked the door.

"Do you like your anniversary present?" Ashley smiled as she walked closer to her husband. He nodded as he took her in his arms, passionately kissing her.

"You look beautiful," he said. "And yes I love my present. If it's any consellation, you are more than welcome to give me this present any time you want," he smiled.

Ashley giggled. "I figured so."

"And speaking of presents, do you want your anniversary present?" he asked.

Ashley nodded, and got comfortable on the bed as Randy disappeared into his closet. When he came back into view, a blue velvet jewelery box was in his possession.

"Open it," he instructed.

Raising an eyebrow, Ashley did as she was asked and gasped at the contents. "Randy! It's my mother's ring! I thought I had lost it forever!" she exclaimed.

"Nope, I sneaked it away from you when you were doing the dishes. I know for the longest time you've only had our names and Kaelyn's name. I had the jeweler had Gracie, Nathan and Ryan's names as well and of course their birth stones. I also had something engraved inside of it."

Ashley turned the ring so she could have a better look, and started tearing up at the words. "Soul mates," she whispered. "Randy, it's beautiful. I love it!"

"I'm glad you do," he replied, wiping away the tears. "Ash, can I sound corny for a second?"

Ashley nodded. "Sure, you can be corny!"

Randy smirked as they quickly kissed. "Baby, I'm forever in-debited to you. The three years before we met were the hardest I ever had to live, and immediately after we met, I knew you were the one. Once I got over my personal shit, I knew we had a good thing, and didn't want to do anything to blow it. We have gotten through everything together-my motorcycle wreck, WWE title wins, finally conceiving the twins, Nathan's eye surgery and the surprise we call Ryan," he smiled as Ashley shed another tear.

"Ash, no matter what happens in the future, I know we will face it together. That's why I can't wait to see what comes our way. Baby, you taught me how to love again, and because of you, I found love again. When I thought of an engraving, the term soul mates seemed to fit perfectly. I love you."

"I love you too Randy," Ashley said as she wrapped her arms around her husband, holding him tight. Neither said anything as they held each other in the middle of the bed.

When the embrace was broken, and Randy looked into his wife's eyes, he knew everything was going to be ok. If someone would have asked him almost ten years ago if he would marry someone besides Mackenzie Dodson, he would have said hell no and laughed.

Now, he had spent six wonderful years with Ashley and together created four beautiful children. And although he didn't know if he should at first, he was so glad he took a chance at love again. As he said earlier, Randy was eternally grateful to Ashley. It was because of her that he found love again. And as Randy pressed his lips to Ashley's and laid her down on their king size bed, he was determined to show just how much he really did love her.

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