Author's Notes: The following story popped up in my head when I was watching a very weird movie about a prison. Since I have no work in my office *again*, I decided to write it ^^ Hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I do not own Haruka or Michiru, but I own the plot.

Dedication: I dedicate this story to Bernd, who's one of my closest friends.

Imprisoned Love

"Silence in the court!" The judge hollered, slamming his hammer down on his desk. The audience calmed down, although still some "Boo" yells could be heard. They all applied to the accused woman, who was led down the hallway between the benches over to her seat. Her name was Michiru Kaioh, and she was blamed of murdering her husband. Michirus eyes never left the floor while she sat down and the handcuffs were removed from her wrists. The trial had begun.

"…and so, the high court of Tokyo puts the blame of murdering her husband on Michiru Kaioh. She'll be life-sentenced to Tokyo State prison." The judge declared. Michiru buried her face in her hands and started to cry while her lawyer put a comforting arm around her shoulder. "I didn't do it!" Michiru suddenly screamed. "I didn't kill him!" "Court usher!" The judge bellowed. "Take her out!" Two ushers came running, grabbed Michiru and pulled her from her seat. "And make sure that she is brought to the prison as fast as possible!" the judge added while the two men pulled Michiru out of the court hall.

"Hey, we'll get a new prisoner today." Makoto Kino spoke to her close friend, the "boss" of  Block C, Haruka Tenoh. "Really? How come you know?" Haruka asked before taking a long pull from her cigarette. "I volunteered working in the directors office yesterday, and I heard about it." Makoto explained. "Heard what she did, too?" Haruka asked and blew a stream of blue smoke against the ceiling. "Killed her husband." Makoto explained. Haruka chuckled and threw the cigarette away. "Tough one. I bet one hundred that she says she didn't do it." "I'll go against it." Makoto grinned, and they shook hands to set the seal on their bet. "Tenoh!" the watching guard suddenly yelled. "Stop standing around there and do your work!" Haruka grimaced at Makoto before she nodded over to the guard and walked back to doing the laundry. However, everyone stopped to work when the car with the new prisoners arrived. All the inmates ran over to the fence that departed the street from the prison yard and looked. As soon as the car stopped and the five women got out of it, the chanting began. "Fresh meat! Fresh meat!" The inmates yelled. Michiru, who was the last woman in the row, looked over to the chanting females, obviously scared. "Look!" Makoto pointed out, nudging Harukas side in the process. "She's scared already. Bet she's the first one to break down tonight?" "I won't go with that, she surely will be the first one." Haruka answered while she eyed Michiru carefully. Right in that moment, Michiru looked at the tall blonde, and their eyes met. They locked their stares until Michiru looked down. Haruka shook her head as if she just woke from a deep slumber. "Weird…there's something with that woman." The blonde thought to herself. "She's cute." A voice next to her suddenly said. Haruka looked at the talker and groaned: it was Yukaja, one of the "Sisters". The Sisters were a gang of three women who thought that it was funny to rape the new prisoners. "Don't even think about touching her tonight." Haruka warned the woman. "You know the rule." "Yeah, I know." Yukaja sighed. "No one touches the new ones until you had them or until you allow us to have them. You're a party pooper, boss." Haruka grinned without much humor. "Maybe. But that new girl with the weird hair color indeed is cute." Yukaja laughed and walked away, over to the two other Sisters. "You should keep an eye on the new girl tonight." Makoto whispered to Haruka. "I think Yukaja wants to break the rule." Haruka just nodded, and the women got back to work.

While all this speaking took place, Michiru had to go through the humiliation of personal search. "You'll share a cell with…let me see…Ami Mizuno." The female police officer explained while her colleague made sure that Michiru wasn't hiding money or drugs anywhere on or in her body. "Bend over that desk." The searcher commanded, and Michiru did as she had been told. She heard how the police woman put on a rubber glove and closed her eyes. "Dear God…let me get out of here." The aqua haired woman thought to herself. Finally, the personal search was done, and Michiru was led to her cell.