„Tenoh, Kaioh, Kino and Mizuno into the directors office!" Rei yelled through the cantina while the prisoners were having their late lunch. Haruka shot her two friends and her love a worried look, and the Fab Four rose from their chairs. Another officer, named Kaori Makimura, came walking up to the quartette and said: "I will take you to Miss Meioh. Just come with me." Haruka nodded, and Michiru took her love's hand when they started to walk. Kaori knocked, and Setsunas voice came: "Yes please?" "I got the Fab Four!" Kaori announced to the closed door, and it opened. Setsuna smiled at the four women and asked them in. "Kaori, you can leave." She then said. The officer nodded and walked away, closing the door behind her. Setsuna made a vague gesture at the four chairs that stood in front of her desk. "Sit down, please. Coffee, anyone?" "Um…no, thanks." Haruka managed to say. That was even knew to her; in all her time, she had never been offered coffee from Setsuna. Setsuna shrugged and poured herself a cup of the hot, dark liquid before she sat down at her desk. "I just wanted to thank you for helping to stop the revolt." She said, smiling at the four nervous women. "Don't worry, there won't happen anything evil." She added, causing the Fab Four to calm down. "Far from it." The director spoke on. "I decided to rearrange some of the cells." Eight eyebrows went up, and Setsuna laughed. "Okay, enough beating around the bush for now. Haruka, from now on you will share your cell with Michiru. And Ami, you will share yours with Makoto." The four women beamed, and Haruka and Michiru shared a spontaneous kiss. "Now, now!" Setsuna scolded, "save that for later! You have a lot of time now!" Both blushed, and Ami and Makoto laughed. "That was it." Setsuna grinned. "Now, go back into the cantina, finish your dinner and then go to…sleep." "Thank you!" the Fab Four said in unison and quickly left the office. As soon as they were out on the hallway, Michiru squealed: "We'll share a cell now!" Haruka grinned and pulled her into her arms. Ami and Makoto were jumping up and down with happiness, singing: "We'll share a cell, we'll share a cell!" Quick, the quartette hurried back into the cantina and finished dinner in record time.

The cell of Haruka and Michiru was already dark; Haruka laid in her bed, almost asleep, while Michiru was busy with brushing her teeth. Finally the aqua haired girl was finished and walked over to Harukas bed, where the blonde was already waiting. Michiru smiled, climbed into the bed and the waiting arms of her lover and cuddled up to her after a short kiss. For a few moments they laid in silence, just enjoying the company of each other, but then, Michiru spoke up. "Haruka?" "Hmm?" came the reply of the blonde. "Why…why are you here?" Michiru asked, and she could feel Haruka stiff a little. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Michiru quickly said, but Haruka shook her head. "No, you should know about it. After all, you're my lover." She took a deep breath and started to talk. "You see, I got life sentences three times for…killing three people. My father and my two older brothers." "Why?" Michiru softly asked. "Well…it started when I was 15. My father came in one night and…raped me. When I told my brothers, they started to join him." "Oh God." Michiru whispered. "All three of them abused you?" "Yes." Haruka answered softly. "I let it happen to me five years…then I was old enough to buy a gun. I went to the next weapon shop, bought a Magnum .45, went back home and shot all three of them, one by one. The last one to die was my father…he was kneeling in front of me, whining and crying and pleading me to let him live. He said that he was sorry for what he did, but I didn't care about it. I shot him." Michiru stayed silent, and Haruka talked on. "After he had died, I called the police and told them what I had done. They came, arrested me, and now I'm here." "Oh, Haruka, I'm so sorry." Michiru whispered, obviously shocked. "Don't be." Haruka answered. "Landing in that prison was the best thing that could've happened to me. I have a good position, I'm respected…and I found you here." Michiru smiled and kissed her lover's cheek. "And I will stay here with you forever. After all, I was life-sentenced too." Haruka smiled, too, and the two shared another long, gentle kiss. "Let's sleep." Haruka finally yawned. "The revolt tired me out." Michiru nodded and cuddled up to her love. Soon, the two women were sleeping into each others arms, and Haruka slept as peaceful as never before.