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The town buzzed with the news that the Chief's daughter was returning to Forks and that Mary Alice left her husband, Jasper Whitlock. Will the town's gossip, Mrs. Mallory and Mrs. Stanley, leave the two hottest scoop of the town alone? All Human

Talk of the town

Chapter 1 New Beginning

Jasper POV

"Jazz, the movers left. Are you ready to head to your new place? I know Rose is there, but I'm sure she'd want you there to make sure of things." Emmett, my buddy since I moved here with Mary Alice 5 years ago said to me.

"Yup." I said as I locked the door to the house, and looked at it once more to say goodbye to the house that once held the love Mary Alice and I had for each other.

"I know it's a stupid question, and you probably aren't okay, but are you okay?" Emmett asked with a worried look. It was rare to see Emmett so serious.

"It's not as bad as I thought it would be. She hasn't lived with me for the past 3 years. I should have put this house on sale the minute she moved out. It was stupid of me to hold on to this house for so long. It was long overdue."

"Well, it was a great house but your new place is cool. It's a great bachelor's pad. We're gonna have so much fun there," Emmett said and pumped his fist in the air.

"Rose is gonna kill ya, if you spend too much time at my place. You're going to be a dad in a few months."

"That's why I need to spend as much time with ya now cuz pretty soon I'll have to help out with the baby diaper changing and all."

"It's a blessing in disguise, Emmett. You should feel blessed you have a wonderful wife and a kid on the way."

"Oh yeah. Sorry dude. Forgot that's one of the reasons Mary Alice and you split."

"Don't worry about it. I had years to deal with it. She was too free spirited and wasn't really the type to settle down. I should have known better. We should have stayed in New York. I shouldn't have listened to her when she said she was ready to start a family and move back here to her home town. She knew I wanted to settle down and start a family so I think she tried to do that for me, but this little town just didn't have enough to keep her interested. I wasn't enough for her either."

"She's a fool. It's her loss, dude. I can honestly say this cuz Rose gave up her modeling career and she says it's the best decision she has made in her life and she's never been happier."

"I'm happy for you guys and glad it worked well for you guys. Well, my sob story isn't the first that happened in this little sleepy town."

"Oh, you mean the Chief and his ex-wife?"

"Hey, did you hear that his daughter is returning to Forks?"

"Yeah, I heard from Mrs. Stanley. She and Mrs. Mallory are the town's gossip. I heard she's coming back with her 3 year old son."

"I can't talk bad about her. She's saved me from the town gossip twice. The year Mary Alice and I moved here was a month after that tragic accident. You know the one with the boyfriend of Chief's Swan's daughter dying in the fatal car crash? Dr. Cullen's was the boy's name? The whole school was mourning for him and the other boy who was driving the car. I think the driver's name was Tyler Crowley."

"Oh, the Cullen's boy, Edward, Edward Cullen. Yeah, I remember. Everyone talked about them for a long time. Poor Chief. He's such a quiet man, but he has so much drama around him. First, his wife leaves him and takes his daughter with him. Then the daughter returns cuz his ex-wife remarries but the daughter leaves again after her boyfriend dies to have the baby back in Phoenix near her mom. The gossip never died down for the longest time. I felt sorry for the Cullens and the Chief. It was really tragic. Edward was an awesome quarterback. Had a future in football ya know. There was going to be a wedding of the century here in Forks for the Chief's daughter and the Cullen boy."

"Emmett, why do you know so much?"

"It's more like why do you know so little, Jasper. Come on, that's all everyone's talked about. You can't swing a dead cat without hearing about the return of the Chief's daughter. It's only going to get worse. I think she's actually back now."

"Like I said, she saved me from the town gossip. She's my heroine. No one is going to care about my sob story, thanks to the Chief's daughter." I pumped my fist in the air. I had Bella Swan to thank for making my life easier.

"You should take her out for a nice dinner to thank her."

"Right. Like I would ask the chief's daughter out. How old is she anyway? 20? 21? She probably can't even legally drink yet. I don't need a man with a gun chasing after me. I value my life."

"Chill out, dude. I was only joking. You need to relax. You're too serious. Well I'm sure the gossip around the chief's daughter will die down soon now that Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley's wedding is coming up."

"For the sake of Chief Swan, I hope so. It can't be easy being the talk of the town when you're the law ya know. Although I'm sure it had its advantages. No one would mess with Chief Swan."

We arrived at my new house. It was only a two bedroom house but it was large enough for me. The movers had already loaded all the large furniture off the truck and Rose was directing them where they were going.

"Thanks, Rose," I said and gave her a hug.

"Don't mention it. It's no biggie. I wished I was able to help you pack but this, really gets in the way," she said and laughed pointing to her large stomach. "I already plugged the fridge in. You can go grocery shopping later to stock it up."

"Thanks. You're an angel," I said and kissed her on her head.

"Dude, stop flirting with my woman," Emmett said and chuckled.

"Can't help it. She's a goddess."

"Go find your own goddess."

"Like that's gonna happen."

"Hey, who knows? You might meet a damsel in distress at Thriftway. You're the superhero type. You need to find a woman who needs you. Make sure you don't find another one who's fiercely independent and controlling like Mary Alice," Rose said to me. She never liked Mary Alice and Rose was always blunt and never beat around the bush.

"I don't think there's hope in this town for me to find someone unless I want to sink as low as dating Mrs. Mallory's daughter."

"I'm going to disown you as a friend if you ever go out with Lauren," Rose scowled.

The move was quite simple. I didn't have much. The house was full of Mary Alice's things but those were all moved out as soon as the divorce went through. Mr. and Mrs. Brandon came and packed all of her belongings and took care of the movers.

"Wanna swing by for dinner? You're probably too tired to cook and I'm sure you could use some home cooked meal," Rose said and smiled.

"Thanks, Rose. That'll be awesome. I'll swing by later. What time should I get there?"

"How about seven o'clock? That should give you time to unpack a little and do some grocery shopping."

"Sounds good. See ya guys later. Thanks for helping me with the move."

"Don't mention it. We hardly did anything. See ya later, mate!" Emmett said and took off with Rosalie in his jeep.

I went back inside the house and dumped some of my clothes in the drawer and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. I wanted to feel clean before I went grocery shopping. I had thrown everything out yesterday so my fridge was empty.

As soon as I felt refreshed and clean from the shower I got into my truck and headed to Thriftway. I needed to pick up eggs, bacon, bread, milk, orange juice, water, cereal, and butter. I headed to the cereal aisle and chuckled at the sight in front of me.

"Edward, hurry up and get that box. I can't hold you up any longer," the young mother said with a little boy held up high. The young mother was petite, only a little over five feet tall with long brunette wavy hair, thin, but curvy on all the right places. The little boy was scrawny with messy bronze looking hair that looked like haystack. The boy looked like he was having the time of his life giggling when his mother was clearly in distress.

I debated whether I should just go up to them and ask her which box she needed, but the sight was so comical I just had to watch a little while longer.

"You said you wanted Lucky charms. Get that box, baby. Hurry, Mommy can't hold you any longer," she said as she wobbled on her feet. I slowly walked closer to them and the next minute I saw her knees buckle, and she slipped. I dashed and got my hands on the boy before he hit the ground but couldn't manage to rescue the mother. She plopped on the floor twisting her ankles but I saw relief in her eyes when she noticed that I had her boy.

"Ow, Ow, Ow," The mother said and rubbed her ankle. "Thank you for rescuing my boy," she said to me but clearly looked like she was in pain.

I sat down beside her with her son in my lap. "Do you think you could move? Can I check your ankle to see if it's broken?"

"I'm okay. I know it's just a sprain. I've broken enough bones to know if it's broken or not. Can you hold on to him for a minute till I catch my breath?"

"Take as long as you need. I'm Jasper Whitlock, I teach history at Forks High. I'd shake your hand but clearly you're not in the mood for introductions right now," I said and smiled at her. "Don't worry about your boy, I got him," I said to her although I struggled to hold on to him. He clearly had other ideas, and looked like he wanted to go running around inside the store.

"I'm Bella Swan and he's my son, Edward."

"Oh, you're the chief's daughter."

"Yup. THE chief's daughter, the talk of the town. That's me." she said and chuckled. "I think I'm okay now," she said and tried to get up.

"Whoa, whoa, hold on. Let me help you up. You don't want to fall again. The floor is a little slippery," I said and got up with her son on my hip and held out my hand to help her up. She winced as she got up.

"Thanks. Can you just put him in the cart? I have to pick up a few more things."

"You don't look like you should be on your feet. I still have to pick up some things of my own, how about I pick up your stuff and bring it back here for you?"

"Oh no, I can't do that. You've already done enough."

"Hey, don't worry about it. I actually owe you for a lot of things. This is just a way for me to thank you for them. What else do you need?"

"Huh? Have I met you before? I did something for you?"

"Well, not directly but you really helped me when I moved here and actually even right now. I'll give you the details later. How about a cup of coffee next door after we finish shopping? I'm sure your boy could use some milk and cookies too."

"Ummm. Oh, well, why not. Sure coffee sounds great. Thanks. I still need some eggs and milk."

"Sure. No problem. Your son looks like he wouldn't stay still. How about I take him around while I pick up the rest of the items?"

"Be my guest. He's a handful," Bella giggled.

I pushed the cart with Edward on it and went to the dairy section to pick up the milk. When we got to the dairy section, Edward had a funny face on him.

"Hey, what's wrong, kid?"

"Pee pee."

"You need to go pee?" I peeked from the waistband of his jeans and he was wearing training pants. He must be getting potty trained. "You wanna go potty?" I asked but he looked like he was going to cry and shook his head.

It dawned on me after looking at him. His head hung low in shame. "Oh, little guy, too late huh. Can you wait till I take you to your Mommy? I know you're uncomfortable but I can't really help you," I explained to him but realized he probably didn't understand what I said to him. Right as I was going to run back to Bella, I spotted Angela. I was glad she was working here today.

"Hey Ang, can you help me?" I yelled to her.

"Hey Jasper. Oh my, hi Edward. Strange seeing you two together. I didn't know you knew Bella. Where's Bella?"

"Bella slipped and sprained her ankle. She's waiting at the cereal aisle. I'm picking up some things she needs. This little guy just wet his training pants but doesn't seem happy he's wet. I don't know what to do. I don't think she had a diaper bag on her. It must be in her car."

"Oh, I have my son's training pants with me in the office. I'll just grab you one. They're about the same size. I'm sure his will fit. Hang on, I'll be back," she said and ran back to the office. Wait. Does that mean I have to change his training pants?

Angela ran back with a little white thing and a box in her hand. "Here you go, Jasper. Here's some nappies too," Ang said and giggled.

"Ummm. I need some help here. I don't have a clue what to do. Can you just change him for me?"

"Oh come on, Jasper. You're gonna be a Dad one day. It's good practice. Just wipe him with the nappies and put the clean training pants on. It's not nuclear science. I'll go and tell Bella, you'll be a while," she said and patted me on my back and left for the cereal aisle.

"All right, big guy. It's you and me. Let's get this thing over with," I said and sighed as I pushed the cart just outside the men's room and carried Edward inside the men's room.

I took him into the stall and closed the lid. "Edward, I'm gonna put you down on the lid, okay?" I said to Edward and he nodded.

I made him stand and took his jeans and training pants off. Thankfully his jeans were large and I didn't have to take his sneakers off. I pulled a few nappies out and wiped him and opened the training pants. Edward held on to my shoulders and put his legs through the opening and then pulled it up himself and smiled.

"Good job, Kiddo. Now can you do the same with the jeans?" I asked and he titled his head looking like he didn't understand me but as I opened the jeans for him to put his legs through, he proceeded to do the same as he did with his training pants. "All right, little guy we're done here. I rolled the dirty training pants and tossed it in the trash. I wondered if it was all right to throw dirty training pants in the trash but I really didn't care. I made Edward stand in front of me while I washed my hand so that he wouldn't just go running out the door. This simple task of changing him really drained me. "We're done here, kiddo. Let's finish shopping and get back to your Mommy."

Edward was all smiles after I got him changed. I was damn proud of myself. My simple shopping trip had turned out to be quite an adventure for me. I finished picking up all the items including the milk and eggs for Bella and headed back to the cereal isle.

When I turned the corner to go into the cereal aisle, my eyes met with Bella's worried chocolate brown eyes. "I'm so sorry, I heard from Angela you changed Edward for me. He's a real fussy kid and hates it when he wets himself. I wished you just brought him back, I feel horrible. Thank you so much. I don't know how to thank you."

"No problem, Bella. You might want to check him though. I've never changed a dirty diaper before. Thankfully he's wearing training pants so it wasn't hard but I'm not sure I've done it right." Bella pulled the waistband of Edward's jeans and took a peek.

"It's perfect. Thank you, Jasper. He looks happy too. I'm glad he didn't start wailing on you. I'm training him to go potty but when he can't make it to the potty in time it makes him feel like he made a mistake so he cries."

"Aww, poor kid. We all make mistakes at first ya know. It's no biggie," I said and messed his hair. Bella smiled and thanked me again.

I pushed the shopping cart towards checkout and Bella hobbled on her feet and followed. We paid for our items and headed towards the parking lot. "Bella, your ankle looks really swollen. You need to ice it. How about I take you guys out for coffee another time? You hurt your right ankle so I don't think you can drive. It won't be safe. How about I take you back home in my truck or I drive your car and have a friend of mine pick me up from your place? I know where the chief lives."

"I don't want to put you out. I can just call my Dad. Edwards needs to be in a baby seat."

"All right, I'll just drive your car then, Bella. Like I told you, it's not a big deal. Emmett can pick me up from your place. You live with the Chief, right?"

"Yeah, we live with Charlie. Thanks. You've done so much for us already, I really feel horrible. Let me at least make you some coffee at the house, okay?"

"Deal. Let's get going, your ankle really needs to be taken care of a.s.a.p."

Bella handed me her keys to the car and I helped her buckle Edward in his baby seat. Unfortunately Mrs. Mallory and Mrs. Stanley walked past us in the parking lot looking like they saw the next biggest scoop.

"Hello, Jasper. I didn't take you as someone so quick to move on," Mrs. Mallory said and laughed along with Mrs. Stanley.

"Thought I'd do the Chief a favor. Bella hurt herself and needed assistance. Have a great afternoon, ladies. I need to drive Bella to her house so she can ice her ankle." I said and hurried Bella into the car and took off.

Bella looked confused. "Remember I told you earlier that I owed you? Well you see when I moved into town with my wife, well now my ex-wife, it was right after you moved to Phoenix so no one paid much attention to us, and now that the divorce went through I was going to become the talk of the town but the news of you returning to Forks was much bigger so thanks to you no one really cared to gossip about me. That's what I needed to thank you for but it seems like I just added color to your news. Sorry."

Bella just shrugged her shoulders. "Don't worry about it. This is what I hate about small towns. They have nothing better to do than gossip about others, and we just ran smack into the two biggest gossips in town." she said and sighed.

When we got to the Chief's house, I helped Bella out of the car and unbuckled Edward out of his car seat. I grabbed the bags of groceries on one hand and carried Edward in my arms. I put him down once we got inside the house and followed Bella into the kitchen.

"You can just set the groceries on the table. I'll start the coffee."

"Hey, you should ice your ankle first. Coffee can wait."

"It's really not a big deal. I only sprained it. It happens all the time for me. It's part of being Bella Swan. I can ice it while I wait for the coffee to drip." I decided to not push it. Bella seemed really stubborn.

Bella grabbed a sippy cup and a really strange looking straw from the dish rack. She poured milk in the cup and placed it on the tray of Edward's highchair. She then picked Edward up and put him into his highchair.

"Sippy stow!" Edward said and giggled reaching out towards Bella. Bella frowned and placed the strange looking straw on his face like it were glasses and dipped the straw end into the sippy cup. I raised my brow and looked at Bella hoping she'd explain what that was.

"They're called sip and swirl glasses. Renee, my mom, sent it and he just loves it. She got it off the internet, some store called Wonderfully Wacky. If you like gag gifts, that store has everything." I watched Edward drink milk and the milk swirled in the glasses from the cup into his mouth.

"My buddy, Emmett, would love this straw. I should check that website out."

Bella grabbed a gel cool pad and wrapped it around her ankle. The coffee was done so she poured me a cup and sliced a cheesecake for me. She then went and sat beside Edward and fed him some of the cheesecake.

"This cheesecake is really good. Where did you get it?"

"Oh, you like it? I made it last night. I'll pack some for you to take home. Would you like to stay for dinner? We eat early cuz of Edward though."

"Thanks, but I already have plans to eat at Emmett's place. I'd love to take back some of the cheesecake though. I'm not really into sweets, but this is really good."

"Charlie has diabetes so I go easy on the sugar but he can't live without sweets so I try to make homemade desserts so that he doesn't sneak a pie into him when he's at the diner. I'm sure there are lots of recipes with artificial sugar but then I don't want to feed that to Edward you know so I use real sugar but very little of it."

"Chief is lucky to have you. How bad is his diabetes?"

"It's not too bad yet, but he's on medication to lower his blood sugar. He gets more exercise now that he runs around with Edward in the yard. Until we came back his so called exercise was fishing," Bella said and chuckled. Then I heard the door open. "Speak of the devil," Bella said and laughed.

"Is Jasper still here?" Chief asked from the foyer.

"He is. I slipped and fell in Thriftway. Jasper drove my car back here. How'd you find out already? Although I'm pretty sure it had something to do with Lauren's or Jessica's Mom." Bella shouted so that the Chief would hear her from the foyer.

"Oooh, so that's who started the gossip to circulate. I was at the diner and one of my guys who's dating Lauren came up to me and warned me that this guy here was making a move on you and driving your car," Chief said and pointed at me chuckling.

"What? So you believed the rumor and came to check up on us?" Bella scowled.

"Bells, I'm a cop. I had to investigate if there was any truth to the warning. No offense, Jasper."

"None taken, Chief. We ran into Mrs. Mallory and Mrs. Stanley in the parking lot while I was helping Edward and Bella into their car. Bella hurt her right ankle so there was no way she could drive the car safely so I volunteered to drive her back."

"Thanks, Jasper. I really appreciate it."

"Don't mention it, Chief. I'm sure anybody would have done the same for them."

"Dad, can you drive him back to Thriftway on your way back to the station so he could pick up his truck?"

"Sure Bells."

"Chief, it's all right. I can call Emmett and have him pick me up here."

"Let me take you back to Thriftway. You took care of Bella and Edward for me. It's the least I can do. Hey, I heard you moved today."

"Yeah, it was time for me to move on."

"You did the right thing for yourself. I thought of selling this house after Renee left with Bella, but decided on keeping it since this is the house Bella grew up. I didn't want to part from it but it wasn't easy to live with the memories of them. Now she's back and Edward's here too so I'm glad I kept the house but you and Mary Alice didn't have kids so it was good to let go of the house. You can start from a clean slate."

Chief Swan was not a man of many words, so I was surprised that he shared what he went through with me. I wasn't the only one, Bella looked surprised as well.

"Are you ready to go, Jasper?"

"Just a second, Dad. I'm gonna pack the cheesecake for Jasper to take with him." Chief scowled at Bella.

"Don't worry, Dad. I'll save you another piece. It's a good thing I'm giving the rest to Jasper. You won't be tempted to eat more." Chief grunted and Bella chuckled.

"Thanks for the coffee and the cheesecake. Take care of your ankle." I said and waved at Bella and followed Chief Swan out the door.

Thankfully he let me sit up with him in the front. I wondered if he was going to make me sit in the back.

"Thanks for taking care of Bells and Edward," Chief said after he started the cruiser.

"My pleasure, Chief. I got to learn how to change a diaper and even got to enjoy some cheesecake just doing something so simple."

"What? You had to change Edward?" Chief Swan laughed. "You're a good guy, Jasper. I'm glad there's someone looking out for them," Chief Swan said and patted me on my shoulder.

I was always intimidated by Chief Swan and was glad to see a different side of him today. He really was a great father. He genuinely looked happy in his home with his daughter and grandson.

Chief dropped me off by my truck at Thriftway and thanked me again. I waved at Chief Swan and got into my truck and headed back to my place. Once I got home I realized I left the items I purchased at Thriftway at Bella's. Damn, I have to go back to Thriftway on my way back from Emmett's. With my luck I'll probably forget to stop by Thriftway again. I guess if I forget, I could live on tap water and the cheesecake Bella gave me.

It was only six o'clock but I called Emmett to see if it would be all right if I dropped by earlier and they were cool with it so I got in my truck and drove to Emmett's. As soon as Emmett let me in, I noticed he had a huge grin on his face. I narrowed my eyes and glared at him.

"Dude, I heard from Rosie you made a move on the Chief's daughter."

"What? Oh God, does the whole town know already?"

"Whoa! So it's true?"

"Of course it's not true. I just drove her car back to the Chief's house. I met her at Thriftway. Bella slipped and hurt her ankle so she couldn't drive."

"That's not what I heard and I heard it straight from the source. I ran into Mrs. Stanley at the gas station. She said you looked quite cozy with them," Rose said with a smirk plastered on her face.

"You're taking her word over mine? Eeesh. What kind of friend are you guys?"

"Hey, remember? I'm the one who said you might run into a damsel in distress at the supermarket and you did. I'm so good!" Rose said and pumped her fist in the air along with Emmett.

"Anyway, let's eat. I'm starved," Emmett said and walked into their dining room.

During dinner they grilled me with a bunch of questions about what happened today at the supermarket. Emmett and Rose laughed so hard when I told them I had to change Edward's training pants. After they got tired of teasing me, we popped a movie in and right before the movie started, a car pulled into their driveway.

There was a knock on the door and Emmett went to see who it was. "Hi. I'm Bella Swan. Is Jasper here?" As soon as Rose heard her voice she went flying out the dining room to join Emmett.

"Yeah he is, come on in."

"Umm. It's okay. Can you just give this to him? It's his groceries," I heard Bella explain to Emmett.

"Come in, come in. You can stay a bit right?"

"Ummm. Yeah, I guess. My Dad's home so Edward should be okay."

Rosalie led Bella into the living room. She looked really embarrassed and her face was crimson. She looked so young and innocent. If you didn't see her with Edward, you'd never think she was a mother.

"Hi Jasper. I'm sorry I forgot to give you your groceries," Bella said and looked at her feet shyly.

"Thanks, Bella. Did you drive here?"

"Yeah. Is there a problem?" She tilted her head.

"Bella, you injured your ankle. You shouldn't be driving."

"Oh, that. The swelling's gone down. It's all good now. I'll just ice it again when I get back. See? All good," she said and lifted her jeans a little to show me her ankle.

"Have a seat Bella. What would you like to drink? Soda? Beer? Juice? Hot cocoa?"

"Do you have pepsi or coke?"

"Yup. Just sit back and relax. There's some popcorn, chips and dip on the table. Help yourself," Rose said and left for the kitchen to grab Bella's soda. Rose came back with not only a soda but a cool gel pack as well. "Here, use this on your ankle to get this guy off your back," Rose said and pointed at me. I glared at Rose.

"What? I'm sure you would have raided my kitchen and grabbed a bag of peas or whatever if I didn't bring this to her," Rose said and rolled her eyes. Bella chuckled at Rose's response. I let it go since it put a smile on Bella's face and she no longer looked as tense.

"So Bella, how's Forks treating you?"

"It's the same old, same old. People are just trying to get more details on what's up with me. You know, it would be easier if they just came up to me and asked than making their own assumptions."

"Yeah, but I'm sure with Mrs. Mallory and Mrs. Stanley, they're just gonna twist the story the way they want even if you give them firsthand info. Bad luck you and Jasper ran into both of them together. You two were already the two hottest scoop of town and then you got into the same car. I'm quite sure the gossip's gone wild and grown its own feet and walking on its own as we speak." Bella sighed at Rose's remark.

"I wouldn't worry about it. It's not like they caught you with Jasper's tongue down your throat," Emmett said and laughed. Bella turned so red her face looked like a tomato.

"Emmett!" Rose yelled and slapped him behind his head.

"Ow, Rosie. Bella knows I was just joking."

"Umm. I probably should get going. My son usually doesn't sleep through the night and he might cry if he notices that I'm not home."

"I'll trail behind you. I wanna make sure you get home safe," I said to Bella but she argued that it was still early so I should stay and that she was fine driving home alone. Rose also said it was better if I trailed behind her and we said our goodbyes and I thanked them for dinner.

Once Bella pulled into her driveway, I quickly got out of my truck and helped her out of her car. "Thanks for delivering the groceries. You could have called and I could have just swung by and picked it up."

"Ummm. I didn't have your number and the phone at your house is disconnected since you moved today."

"Oh! Do you have your phone on you?" Bella nodded and grabbed her phone out of her pocket. I took it from her and programmed my number into her phone and made a call to my phone so that I could have her number. "I hope you didn't mind that I called myself from your phone so I could have your number." Bella smiled.

"Do you have plans this weekend? Can I take you out for lunch and a movie?" Bella looked really surprised. "It's only lunch and a movie, darlin'. Unless you prefer dinner and a movie but since your son might miss you, I thought maybe lunch and movie would be better?"

"Umm. Okay. Weekend is fine. I'm sure Charlie or someone can watch Edward for me."

"I'll give you a call sometime this week okay? If you can't find a sitter, just bring Edward along. We can do a kid friendly lunch and activity instead," I said to Bella and tucked her loose strand of hair behind her ear and waved her goodbye. I wanted to hug her but I wasn't sure if she felt comfortable enough with me yet and she seemed really shy.

I watched Bella go inside the house and started my truck to head back home. I never thought today was going to be such an eventful day. This day truly turned out to be the best new beginning for me.


I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I'm an Edward and Alice fan, but my best friend likes Jasper, so I thought I'd write a story on Jasper. I also think Jasper is a really cool guy and not just Alice's sidekick but I can't do much with him in my other two stories, Amor Vincit Omnia and You Complete Me, so I thought I'd write a story with Jasper as the main character.

Just a little background, in this story, Edward Cullen is dead. I'm sorry Edward fans, but he lives through Bella and Edward's son, Edward Anthony Swan. Mary Alice Brandon in this story is Jasper's ex-wife. She's a designer and owns a boutique in New York.

Rosalie Hale McCarty and Emmett McCarty are married and they are both 32 years old. Jasper Whitlock is 32 years old as well. Bella Swan is 22 years old. She became pregnant when she turned 18 years old and planned to get married to Edward Cullen as soon as they finished high school but a tragic car crash took Edward's life before the wedding happened. Bella left Forks her senior year and went back to Phoenix to live with her mother and had her baby, Edward Anthony Swan. Edward Anthony Swan is three years old now. Bella finished high school in Phoenix and is studying to become a registered nurse. She came back to Forks to help Charlie as Charlie was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She didn't think Charlie would be able manage a healthy diet to control the diabetes on his own. She also felt it would be better to raise Edward Jr. in a small quiet town and to be near the Cullens so that they could be near their grandson since their only child were no longer with them. I kind of wanted to retain the original selfless nature of Bella Swan from the book.

Jasper Whitlock is a history teacher at Forks High. He met Mary Alice Brandon in New York where they both went to college. Mary Alice started working in a boutique there while Jasper went to grad school. After Jasper finished grad school they decided to move to Forks to start a family where Mary Alice grew up. Jasper started his position as a history teacher at Forks High as soon as they moved back to Forks almost 5 years ago. Alice started her own boutique in Forks but as soon as word got around about her boutique and her designs, buyers from New York became interested in them. Her business picked up in New York and her love for clothing became her priority. Forks and Jasper no longer held her interest and she stayed longer and longer in New York than Forks. Eventually the inevitable came and they got divorced.

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Amor Vincit Omnia and You complete me Fans, I'm working on the next chapter for both of them I just needed to get this started before I went back to work from February! Those stories are both at a very important chapter so I don't really want to rush through it. I promise to make it worth the wait!

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