Percy lifted the last of the boxes out of the hall and into his new home, an apartment in Seattle. "Percy", called his mother from the kitchen, "did you finish bringing the boxes in?"

"Yes" he replied exasperatedly, flopping down onto the sofa, one of the few unpacked items. Sorted into different rooms around him were boxes, lots and lots of boxes, ranging in size from shoeboxes to boxes that he could have crouched in with room to spare.

His mother suddenly appeared holding a platter of blue chocolate chip cookies, proffering the plate towards him. "I made them before we left" She frowned concernedly as Percy didn't move to take a cookie, instead opting to just glare at the ceiling.

"You aren't still angry that we had to move here are you?" she patted his knee comfortingly, "you'll still be able to go to Camp – Half Blood at summer break, you know that."

"But why did we have to move?!" Percy suddenly exclaimed angrily, shifting position to stare at his mother. "Our life was perfect in New York, we'd just won the war, and Kronos had been defeated. For the first time since I found out I was a half – blood, I could actually live my life without having to worry about how many free days I'd have left"

"You know why Percy", said his mother gently, in a soothing voice. "There were just too many bad memories there, we both know you never would have been able to forget" "Anyway," said his mother suddenly, standing up, "go into your room and get your clothes sorted, you've got school tomorrow"

"Aww, Mum" Percy groaned into his hands his tone petulant, "we just moved here, I deserve a break"

"No, now get to bed, it's nearly 10".

------------------------------------------------------The Next Day--------------------------------------------------------------

Carly opened her eyes blearily, slowly shaking the comforting blanket of sleep as she rose from the sofa. "Carly" yelled Spencer, running into the room "we slept in, school starts in half an hour!"

"What?!" wailed Carly, "I've got to get ready! After she had dressed and showered hurriedly she rushed down to the lobby where she found Sam waiting for her."Sam, what are you still doing here?" ignoring Lewbert yelling at her. Sam was slumped down in a chair, bored.

She straightened up suddenly and replied "watching hot stuff go by", indicating with her head towards a tall, handsome boy. He glanced at them, appearing to have heard Sam's comments. His eyes were a bright green, while his hair was jet black and very messy. Carly found herself blushing as he stared at her whilst continuing to walk across the lobby.

He walked out of the door and as he left both Carly and Sam started debating whether or not there was a boy in their school who was hotter. They carried on arguing as they walked to the bus stop, Sam stating that she'd never seen anyone hotter, whilst Carly argued that Jake Krandall and a few others could rival him. They carried on arguing on the way to school, finally deciding that he and Jake Krandall were equals. As they made their way to the lockers, Sam suddenly stopped and stared in the middle of speaking to Carly. Walking down the hall was the boy from the lobby, drawing collective sighs from all of the girls he walked past. He carried on past them looking very uncomfortable before finally disappearing from view. "Wonder who'll be lucky enough to have a locker next to him" Sam said, her voice dreamy. Carly sighed in agreement, before carrying on to her locker.

As she pulled out the books she needed for the next period, someone started turning the locker between hers and Sam's. She looked up to find her eyes feasting on some fabulous boy candy.

"Hi, errm, I'm Percy" he said whilst shuffling his feet awkwardly. His voice was smooth and mellow and Carly found herself melting.