I saw a head of blonde hair before... What!? Annabeth here!? But she was meant to be at camp – half blood with Chiron and Grover. She might even think I'm dead! I saw several dracaena following with swords bared. She hadn't even noticed them and carried on unawares. I made a subtle motion with my hand, after all she was my friend, and I dint want her to die. A thin stream of water coalesced in mid – air, thankfully hidden by the mist, and shifted into rock hard spikes that impaled the dracaena.

Still Annabeth hadn't noticed anything and stepped out into the road. A car was speeding towards her whilst the driver had a coffee mug obscuring her view and didn't slow. "Annabeth!" I bellowed, heart pounding in my chest, "Annabeth!" Too late I saw the headphones in her ears and understood why she hadn't heard me.

I was in motion before this thought had finished going through my head, sprinting towards her, after all I was almost invincible so the car hitting me probably wouldn't hurt. "Annabeth" I yelled once more, hoping that she would hear me. She turned hand half raised to take out her earphones, surprise on her face before she saw me and joy overcame the surprise. "Annabeth, the car!" This time she understood and turned quickly, one hand reaching for her knife.

She froze, staring at the car, too shocked to move. The driver had finished her coffee and seeing Annabeth stepped on the brakes. The smell of burning rubber immediately filled the air but it was too late... Annabeth was going to be hit. Then I crashed into her, wrapping my arms around her protectively whilst my momentum carried us out of the path of the car. I shifted so that my body would hit the road whilst my body provided protection for Annabeth.

I collided with the barrier that separated me from the opposite road and bounced off before tumbling to the tarmac. I suddenly became aware of all the noise, ranging from the traffic on the opposite side of the road to applause. I realised that all the students at the bus stop were cheering and applauding. That's when Annabeth decided to take her head off my chest and start to talk.

"You stupid Seaweed Brain! I thought you were dead, everyone thought you were dead.

"Well, I'm not" I replied in what I must admit was a pathetic attempt at cheeriness. I began to carry on talking before she flung her arms round me and buried her face in my neck murmuring, "I missed you seaweed brain". I patted her awkwardly on the back before Carly came running up, towing and the girl from the lobby with her.

"Percy" she squealed "that was awesome!" She then turned to Annabeth, concernedly asking "are you all right?" Annabeth got off me, reluctantly taking her face out of the crook of my neck, and replied "fine". She stood up and started to dust herself off, pointedly not looking at me, her face flushed. I got up too and dusted myself off before heading back to the bus station, Annabeth following. "Come on, I'll take you back to my place". I ignored all the congratulations and got up onto the bus, taking a seat near the back. The bus started to move and I lost myself in the hum of the engine. We arrived at Bushwell Plaza and I stepped inside, not registering the troop of laistrygonian giants glaring at us...