Hello everyone! This is my new story named High Tides with Severus and Harry. I noticed no one has done one of these before (I think) So I will write one!Won't that be great! And I might as well inform you that I will be going back to school soon, so that means less updating and more school work. I am not happy about this either. Oh I don't know if this will be as funny as the king of Shiro (That one wasn't ment to be funny yet it turned out that way) but I hope you like it just the same.

Summery: Sev's a merman?

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters only the plot.

Chapter 1 a merman.

"Hey Harry!" A voice called to a small dark haired young man sitting on the beach. The boy turned and saw his friend Ron running towards him, his red hair flying.

"Hey Ron, what's up?" Harry asked wiping some sand from his hands.

The red-head collapsed on his knee's as he was near to his friend. "Is it true that you have your own place now?"

Harry grinned. "Yeah! I finally got enough money to get an apartment from my part time job. I just moved in last night."

"That's great mate!" The red head grinned. "You needed to get away from those horrible relatives of yours."

Harry's grin fell a little. "Yeah, they were not the greatest role models, were they?"

Ron snorted. "They should be shot and killed. You still going to high school right? I now you just turned 16, and can drop it, but that wouldn't be wise."

Harry sighed and got up from the beach. "Hermione would kill me then bring me back to life just so I could go to school."

Ron looked at him knowingly, "Your are right about that mate." Ron looked behind him for a second. "Hey mate, I have to go to talk to Hermione. She would be happy to learn about what's going to happen with you."

"And so you can make out." Harry told him grinning.

Ron blushed and glowered at his best friend. "Whatever, mate. Give me your address soon?"

Harry nodded and watched his friend walk away. Sighing the boy looked over the waves of the crashing ocean and birds trying to find dinner. Harry looked at his watch and realized it was almost seven, with the sun was sinking in the sky. "I didn't know it was that late." Harry mumbled and started to walk away a noise caught his ears. Curious Harry looked for the source of the distress. He came to a halt when he saw a man with dark wet hair in a bed of rocks. The man seemed to have been knocked out and was clinging to one of the rocks. He noticed that the man seemed to have pointed ears that were tinged light blue. Harry edged closer and blushed furiously when he saw that the man had no shirt on…did that mean he had no pants on either? The sixteen year old edged even closer and gasped when he saw the man slowly open his eyes, reviling a pair of pitched black eyes.

"Who the hell are you?"

Harry flushed and glared at the man angrily. "You shouldn't really talk to someone like that."

The man snorted then winced as he moved. Harry came around the rocks that were obstructing his view and gasped at what he saw. The man had no legs…he had a tail fin….

"What are you?"

The man, no being looked up at Harry quickly and cursed. "What do you mean you incompetent fool? I am a merman and apparently all humans ask questions first before helping someone in need."

It was then that Harry noticed that there was gash on the side of the man's fin. "Oh, all you all right?" Harry asked rushing over to check the wound.

"No I am not all right! Look," the merman panted out. "Just get me back in the water at least before…" There was a flash of light that surrounded the man's fins and when it disappeared, Harry's blush reappeared.

"Oh!" Harry quickly averted his eyes.

"Thanks so much." The merman told him, as he glared. The fins had disappeared and in there place where legs. The wound was still there and leaking blood. "Now I have to wait at least a mouth to get my fins back!"

"Well excuse me that I have never seen a mermaid before and-"

"I am not a mermaid, you insolent fool! The least you could do was to get me back to the water, but nooo you just had to look on and not do a thing!"

Harry narrowed his eyes. "Fine then. I'll just leave you there to starve to death. Nice knowing you." he said as he stood up.


Harry turned and placed his hands on his hips. "What do you want now?"

"I am…"


"Iamsorry okay!"

"I didn't really hear you…"

The merman ground his teeth. "I am sorry…"

"Apology accepted."

"Now help me up!"

Harry sighed and went over the man. Ignoring the lower half, Harry helped him up and put an arm around his waist to steady him. "Do you have any place to go?"

"No." the man grumbled.

"Do you have any money?"

The man raised a hand to brush away some of his wet hair. "No…. How exactly would a merman have human money anyway?"

"I thought there were sunken ships and treasure chests on the bottom of the ocean" Harry muttered.

The merman snorted. "Of course there are, but we don't go in them anymore."

Harry sighed and knew he would regret this. "You can stay at my place." he sighed again and moved in the direction of his new place. Thankfully it was dark now and no one could see them.

"I was going to anyway."

"Careful or I will leave you here to bleed to death." Not really but I might.

"You are such an evil little boy are you not?"

"I am not an little boy!"

The man shifted so that not as much of his weight was on his wounded leg. "You sure act like one."

Harry glowered. "Look, let's just get you back to my place and get that wound cleaned up. You can throw barbs at me later." Harry could hear the deep, painful indrawn breaths next to his ear.

They finally reached his apartment without anyone seeing them. Harry was thankful that they only had to go down a flight stairs and not all the way up to the top floor. Harry glanced up to see if the man was still awake. The man's face was screwed up in pain and trembling. Harry tried to hurry and get his keys out, opened the door and had to almost drag the man inside.

Harry left the man on his couch and went to grasped a large bowl of water and a washcloth. He came out of the kitchen and sat them down on the floor next to the man. Blushing again at the unclothed man on his couch, Harry hurriedly took a blanket that was on the top of the couch and covered the lower part up. Harry then took the washcloth, dipped it in the bowl and started to wash off the blood. It was pretty deep and might have been infected. Harry glanced up and noticing the slight shivering on the man before him, and decided that it had been infected. He got some peroxide, hoping it would be enough. If it got too bad he will call a doctor in the morning. Feeling eyes on him, Harry looked up into those dark eyes again.

"Thank you." was whispered before man fell asleep.

Harry sighed, got up and begin to clean up. He got some bandages out of the medicine cabinet, wondering why he didn't do that before, then went back to the room and bandaged the merman up. Harry moved his legs, laying him on the couch for a better nights sleep. Harry glanced at the clock and mentally groaned. It was almost ten and he was tired from caring the man to his home. Harry sighed and got some blankets form his room. This was going to be a long night.

Severus Snape, King of the merpeople woke up from a nightmare. He had dreamed that he had gotten hurt looking for an underwater plant and then an incompetent boy had found him and threaten to leave him there to die! And that wasn't the worst part of the dream…he had lost his fins! If they left, a merperson would have to wait at least a month to get them back.

Severus froze when he felt what he was laying on… The dream did not happen, the dream did not happen. I will not open my eyes, I will not open my eyes. Severus opened his eyes. "Shit!"

There was the boy who had helped him last night. The black haired boy was currently sitting on the floor with a hand on his blanket. Now that Severus looked at him closely, the human didn't look all that bad.

As he was contemplating what to do, the boy opened his eyes to revile startling green eyes. The boy blinked a few times then gazed at him, a warm smile starting to appeared on his face.

"Are you feeling better?" He asked.

Severus then noticed that his leg didn't hurt. He moved it and only felt a little ache with the movement. "Yes Mr….?"

"Oh, just call me Harry. Harry Potter."

"Well thank you Harry, even though you are a human you seem to know what you are doing at least."

A flush of anger appeared on the boys face. Interesting how lovely he looked with it on.

"Cram it you jerk!" Harry moved away from him and stood up. "I didn't have to help you, you know!"

"Ah but you did and I am …." Severus had to remember that word. "Grateful."

"It was that hard to say, huh." Harry said dryly as he sat down across from him on the coffee table. "Oh yeah, I don't think you're a mermaid." He looked thoughtful at the covered legs. "Must have been imagining it."

"I thought I had gotten it through your puny mind human. I. Am. A. MerMAN." Severus sneered.

"Prove it."

Severus narrowed his eyes at the impudent boy in front of him. He held out his hand and spear of water appeared in his hands. "That prove it to you?"

"How did you do that?" Harry asked in wonder. He sat forward and looked at the globe in fascination.

"Merpeople have the ability to use the water from the very air if they so choose it. I just put in into a form."

"Oh." The green eyed boy said.

"How astute of you Mr. Potter."

Harry frowned. "How did you end up like that anyway."


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