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They don't know him like I do

They think he's dangerous but I've never thought that, not once. To me it could not be further from the truth. He's always been my comfort, the one thing I have known for certain in my life. It isn't just the humans that are afraid of him, even our own kind fear him. The scars that cover his body make them weary and they can only see a handful. But that's all they bother to see and it kills me for his sake.

He only wants a life of peace, the complete opposite of what his raged body suggests. He despises the scars wearing only long sleeves or jackets and pants to hide them. I understand his reason to cover them, wearing anything that shows them off would be a sign of pride, so he covers them in shame.

He avoids mirrors at all costs as well, not wanting to see himself more than he has to. I've tried to help him and he deals better now when he catches himself in a mirror but he is not comfortable when he does and I doubt he ever will be.

When he sees his scars a floodgate of memories open and he's left reliving his past. Carlisle believes that he suffers from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He says that a lot of soldiers suffer from it due to the things they have seen from war, due to the hell they endure. Certain things will trigger a flashback, a sound, a smell, a word, then he's gone, lost in the past. I'm grateful he doesn't sleep if he did I know the memories would clam him there as well.

He tries to be strong to not let the memories bother him, but he has his moments of weakness. Moments only I'm allowed to see, and it is because of this I believe I see a stronger man.

So they can go a head and think he's dangerous but I will always find that ridiculous, because the truth is they just don't know him.

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