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This is a collaboration between Kaitsa and Baruka Athena, we will each write one POV. We are both addicted to fanfiction, and wanted to experiment a bit with this story. Enjoy!

Alice and Jasper left on a trip after a vision of Bella's eighteenth birthday. However, what Alice never saw coming was a thousand times worse. Will Jasper ever recover with the help of Bella and his family? Or will he be lost into darkness? Rated M for lemons.

Prologue: Paper Cut

Jasper POV

Her fingers were moving, nervously.

Her anxiousness filled my senses, along with the sweet aroma of her blood. Warm liquid pumping through her veins.

My eyes were glued to the spot on her neck where I could see her heartbeat thumping.

She hates to have all eyes on her, while she was still struggling to open the package, clumsily.

I, on the other hand, was loving it. Her nerves were making her blood speed up and made me want her that much more.

Not her obviously, she's just another human. Her blood, sweet, delicious young blood.

Seconds were slowly fading away, along with my self control.

She looked up from the wrapping, flustered, mumbling some words I didn't catch.

And then something happened that finally tore my eyes away from her neck. In her distraction she had let the sharp edge slide over her fingertip.


Paper cut.

And the world stood still.

My eyes widened, locked on the pearl of red liquid that formed by the time she was able to gasp.

The next second my senses were overflown by the smell of her divine blood, dripping onto the wool carpet.

Without wasting any thoughts on her, or on everybody else present in the room, I lunged forward.

The pain from the cut had only just registered in her brain, but the panic in her big brown eyes, never would. I was a fast and skillful predator.

My gift paralyzed her and everybody else, while my teeth sank deep through her skin, into her pure soft flesh, and I let the blood flow greedily into my mouth.

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