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Warning: implied M/M!

I do not own anyone… not Randy, nor Cody… and this story is a FIC… it is NOT reality!

Randy's POV

Here I am on a Friday night, stuck at Ted's birthday party, in Ted's house, in Ted's kitchen. Honestly, I have no idea, why I'm here. I actually didn't want to come here. I just had another major fight with Sam, not as if it has been the first, but I really wanted to try to work this out tonight. Try to get back on track with her. Try to… whom am I kidding here? Myself? It's been like this for months now and I start to realize that this marriage is a major fail. She's bitching, whining and fighting day in and day out, if I'm not home, she's bugging me on the phone or even online. Not a single moment that she let's me breath. I'm sick of it… but not only of her, I'm sick of wrestling, of being on the road 24/7, of being away from my darling daughter, of being booed every single night, being stalked by fans, by reporters, being bothered by co-workers. I'm just plain sick of it. Maybe that's why I'm here tonight: to get away from it for once in a while. Ted's invited almost everyone: family, friends, some other wrestlers… it's a huge, happy, fucking party. I'm trying to breath, trying to gain back control, but somehow I just can't. It feels as if everything's too much for me as of lately… and guess whom he also invited? Out of all people? Cody… Cody fucking Rhodes. I haven't talked to him ever since he tried to kiss me three weeks ago. I tried to avoid him the whole time, at work, at the hotels, on the planes… and now he's here. Maybe that kiss was what threw me out of line. Maybe that's why I can't concentrate on anything anymore, why I can't think straight anymore. God damnit, it's so fucked up that it's not even funny anymore and just when I think it can't get any worse, I am brought out of my thoughts by someone clearing his throat. Leaning against the counter, I look up from my beer, meeting his beautiful azure eyes, his charming smile, his boyish features.


He looks slightly uncomfortable as he makes his way over to me, looking back at the door before locking eyes with me, opening the fridge to take out a beer of is own, placing it on the counter.

"Nice party, huh?"

I can't speak. I open my mouth, but no words will come out. It's awkward, the whole situation, meeting him here after trying to avoid him for so long. My eyes stay locked on his face as he opens the bottle and turns back towards me, chewing the inside of his cheeks, arching a brow.

"Did ya lose your voice now, Randal?"

His southern drawl sounds so damn sexy. Wait… did I just say sexy? I didn't… I … that's not what I wanted to say. God damn… what am I thinking? He sighs, taking a step closer as he sips on his beer, eyeing me suspiciously.

"You know… I'd say I'm sorry about trying to kiss you that other day, but that would be a lie. Just wanted to let you know that."

He glances over at the door, before locking his eyes with mine again. I swear I can't breath. Why does this boy have to be so gorgeous? Why do I have to feel that way about him? Those past three weeks where like hell for me, trying to push those feelings aside. Honestly, that night, three weeks ago, I wanted to kiss him back, so badly. But how could I? I am not gay, not even bisexual. I'm a married man. I've family, a little daughter. I cannot be … I cannot feel that way. He takes another step towards me and I can feel my muscles tensing, my hand gripping tighter onto the beer, making the bottle almost burst.

"Could you at least talk to me again, Randy? You know… it's killing me that you behave as if I don't exist for you anymore. We've been best friends for so long, companions, travel-buddies, we shared rooms together."

I sigh, running a hand through my hair… not hair… over my fresh-shaven head, avoiding eye contact now.

"Codes…" I always call him Codes. I know he hates it, but I can't help it. It suits him. "Codes… I just… can't we forget about this? That night back then… you trying to kiss me, can we just forget about it? You know I'm not gay… I'm not even bisexual. You out of all people should know this the best."

I heard him groan and looked up to see him shaking his head, his fist clenching around his beer before he put it back down on the counter, staring at me, his eyes sparkling with something I haven't seen in a while, not from Sam, not from anyone. I can't quite put that look anywhere, but it makes me drown into them.

"Okay Randy… fine… we'll forget about it. I promise."

I blink at him, tilting my head to the side, not really believing that he just gave up that easily. That he just let it go like that.

"You… okay. You sure you won't try it again?"

Cody huffs, but nods his head and I can't help but smile at him and let out a soft sigh of relief.

"Good, that's good. I mean… right now I need you more than anything. You know I and Sam aren't getting along anymore, work's stressing me out, and the fans are getting annoying as hell…"

He nods again, his eyes more glued to my lips than to my eyes and I can't help but wonder what he's thinking.

"Yeah Randy… I know. Don't worry; I'm there whenever you need me."

He smiles slightly, the first smile since we started this talk, the first sincere one at least and I have to smile back. It's addicting. He's addicting. As soon as this thought crosses my mind, my fingers tense again, correction: my whole body tenses again and I shake my head.

"How bout we join the others in the living-room again?"

Cody nods and just as I'm about to pass him, I feel him grabbing my wrist. I look down at his soft hand curled around it, sending shivers down my spine, before looking up at him and into his eyes.

"Just promise me something, Randy."

I raise a brow, unsure of what to say, but nod my head.

"Enjoy it. Promise me you'll at least try to enjoy it."

My brow moves even higher as I tilt my head and he takes another step closer.

"Enjoy what?"

Another step closer and I finally realize that I'm trapped in between him and the wall. I haven't even recognized the wall being that close to me and as I press against it, I gasp, the cold surprising me a little and for a short moment I forget where I am and I even forget about Cody until… until I feel his lips against mine, his chest against mine, his groin pressed against mine. I closed my eyes for a brief moment, not able to think of what to do, of how to react, feeling his tongue carefully, gently tracing my lips, first my bottom, then my upper one, one of his hands moving to my neck, pulling me closer and I let him, I actually let him deepen the kiss. I felt his other hand cup my cheek, his thumb brushing over it and I couldn't suppress the moan anymore. Surprised by my own reaction I opened my eyes only to see him smile at me shyly, whispering.

"Enjoy THAT."

I swallowed and only a second later felt his lips on mine again, closing my eyes, doing exactly what he told me to do: I enjoyed it. His soft lips covering mine, his gentle hands caressing my skin, his hips slowly, carefully grinding against mine. His tongue slowly traced my lips, begging for entrance and as I found myself not caring anymore, I parted them slightly, my tongue coming out to meet him halfway. This was the most amazing thing I've ever felt. Sam's kisses, all the women I had before her, nothing ever felt like this before. Our tongues weren't fighting with each other, they were dancing together, slowly, deeply, none of us dominating, but both of us playing along. His left hand traveled down my back, barely touching it, fingertips brushing over my shirt, making goose bumps form on my skin; until it reached my ass and I felt him squeezing it, carefully, gently, as if he wasn't sure if he can go that far. However, I couldn't deny it: his hands on my body felt like heaven, and in an instant my hips bucked forward, partly because of the feeling he gave me, partly to give his hand better access to my ass. He took the hint, squeezing a little harder now as he gasped into the kiss. Both our hips were meeting once again, groins rubbing together and yet another moan escaped from deep down my throat as I felt his excitement against my own. This was heaven, it had to be.

"Told ya, you'd enjoy the party in the end."

We both jumped at the sound of another voice, pulling away from each other only to see Ted standing in the doorframe, grin on his lips as he sure as hell tried to hold back the laughter. I could see it in his eyes; see it in his cheesy grin.

"Well boys… you better stop before someone else catches the two of you."

I felt a blush creeping my face, swallowing down hard, looking down at my feet. It stayed quite for a while until I heard a small chuckle, but it wasn't Ted's. I raised my head; my eyes falling onto Cody's beautiful face again, seeing that he was the one who laughed. He wasn't embarrassed, not even slightly, he was so relaxed, so… so… I couldn't quite put it… but I think he was… happy. Yeah, that's what he was. I locked eyes with him as he stopped laughing and sent me a warm smile and as he leaned towards me, with every millimeter his face got closer to my ear, my eyes wandered back to Ted whose lips were now formed into a smirk. That bastard knew it. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the one who told Cody to go for it. In the end he was the one who begged me to come to his party. He told me, he has a surprise for me, told me he'd make sure I'd have fun. He set me up. I snapped back into reality as I felt Cody's hand squeezing mine and his hot breath in my ear, his whispered words going straight to my groin.

"Let's get out of here."

And that we did.

…To be continued…?

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