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Bella's POV

I loved life as a new born.

There was a lot of stuff that made me want to hit Edward on the back of his head, just for not turning me earlier.

I really liked not being clumsy; it was a breath of fresh air. I loved not having to sleep, so I didn't have to miss anything, especially Edward. The speed was fun, and I liked making races against my family.

Strength was a plus as well. Beating Emmett on anything that required brute force was fun, and having playful fights with the rest of my family wasn't bad either.

It was with Edward that I didn't really use my strength; we never physically fought because it was just so out of character for both of us. But I decided that it was time for payback. Payback for every time he had used his strength on me, knowing I couldn't do anything about it.

This situations being: every time he pushed me away to break our kiss, lifting me up when I didn't want it, and stuff like that. I know he did all of those thing because it was necessary at the moment because I was still human, and because he loves me… but a little revenge won't hurt any of us.

So right now I had him pinned down on our bed, inside our lovely cottage. I was sitting on his stomach, with my feet pressing down on his tights, while pinning down his arms at his sides.

I knew that pressing down on his tights wouldn't really stop his legs if he wanted to move, but to do so he would have to bend his knees the way they weren't supposed to do so. As for his upper half, my new born strength was nothing he could do about it.

"Bella," He said, intentionally exhaling on my face. "Would you please tell me what are you are doing" He then released the full force of his eyes on me.

I shook my head as I said "It is just a little thing I'd like to call payback"

"What?" he asked, clear confusion spreading across his beautiful face. "Would you please care to elaborate?"

And so I closed my eyes and opened the door of my mind. Letting him see all my memories of which I was referring to and then made my plans clear as of what I wanted now.

He started laughing, and then added "Really?"


"OK, if that's what you want" he said, always giving me what I wanted. I just rolled my eyes. "And what exactly are you planning on doing to me?"

Umm. I haven't really thought of what I would do to him. I'd been lucky enough to trick him in order to put myself in this position.

"Well?" he prompted.

I made sure I had a smug face before continuing.

"I don't know" I admitted

"Bella, can we please just don't do this. You have no idea of how much I want to kiss you right now. So if you are going to be on top of me can we at least be doing something else?"

If I could still blush I'm sure I would be doing it right now. I was about to reply when he cut me off.



"You know… today it's sunny and, I don't know about you, but I feel like I won't be able to stand the heat any longer"

"Oh it's that so" I said, "And what do you suggest we'd do to fight the heat?"

"Well, we could start by removing all the unnecessary pieces of clothing we are wearing" he said, flashing me my favorite crooked smile.

"But I'm don't find it too hot, so I'll guess I just leave them on" he let his smile drop, so I added "For now"


I spent about the next half hour playing with his arms, putting them in weird posses and laughing. At one point I really played the "Why are you hitting yourself?" game; but still didn't liked the idea of Edward being hit so let it go about after a minute or so.

I was beginning to feel bored, and considered just letting him go. It not like I was going to keep this up much longer.

"Are you still feeling hot?" I asked

He seemed startled as for the sudden break of silent but still nodded.

I considered ways of taking his shirt off so he wouldn't "feel the heat". My hands and feet were busy and the only thing that was available was my mouth, but it was not like I was going to rip his shirt off with my teeth.

"Please let me see what you are thinking" he pleaded. He had recently changed the line 'tell me' for 'let me see'.

I thought about it for a moment before showing him my last debate with myself, which was whether or not to rip his shirt with my teeth.

A groan escaped him, and so I lost all concentration, and the veil of my mind came to place again. He still hadn't grasp the fact that it wasn't as easy as he thought it was.

"Bella, come on!" his face was impatient. "Can we please cut this out? I really, really, really want to be able to move and kiss you, and to hold you in my arms. I think I can have them back after all this time don't you think?"

I moved one of his arms to where the other was, so that I could hold both of them with one of my hands, and have the other one free. I lay my free hand on top of his chest and ripped his shirt in one fluid movement.

"That's it" he yelled, but I could see the bemused expression on his face.

Edward's POV

I have had it by now. I wanted Bella too much to keep this up, and I knew she wanted me too, but she was still trying to have some sort of payback for some twisted reason.

Time to cut this out. I know Bella is stronger than me right now, but the position she is in doesn't give her much power over me; still I had let it go on because I know how much it means to her and I didn't want to burst that bubble.

But enough is enough. I was going to bend my knees up, so she would slide upper into my chest. And with my legs free she had nothing against me.

Nothing happened. I tried again… nothing!

I seriously couldn't move! Had I really misjudge the position and the force that much?

I was aware that disappointment was written all over my face, and Bella started laughing. She leaned down and kissed me quick but fiercely on the lips. When she pulled away she had a smile all over her beautiful face.

"Fine" she said, and slid her feet along my legs. Now properly lying on top of me.

"Thank you" I said, and rolled us over so that I was the one on top now.

"Hey! No fair!"

But I wasn't in the mood to do what she had just done to me.

"Don't worry" I said in her ear.

She caught up on my mood, or was already in it, I didn't know.

I began kissing her, all the passion and the fierceness form the day had bottled up and I was unleashing it. I could feel her hand on my hair and my back. Gosh! Why had she put it up till now?!

"You are very cute when you try to be strong" I whispered into her neck.

And we continued to have a little piece of the heaven that was eternity together.

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