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Bella's POV

It sure took us long enough but we finally managed to come up with a decent move to attack the guys. We had to consider a lot of factors and try to figure out if we were making a move to get them all or individually.

We agreed that we first needed a smooth first move directed towards the weakest link of their team. And sadly that one was Emmett.

Emmett had the bravery and the muscles but he also has the child and eager mind, so he would be our better option to target out for the first move. The rest of the guys will come later.

Rosalie and I were perched behind some trees that surrounded the meadow in front of the main house, placed on a specific point so that we could see them but they couldn't see us. The rest of the girls were back at the cottage for now, Alice would know exactly when to make her appearance.

They guys were apparently taking turns guarding the front door, since they didn't want us to just bust into their base, and right now Emmett was standing alone in front of the closed door.

I turned and signaled Rosalie to start PHASE ONE in operation Win. She nodded and made her way out of the trees. I had her mind tightly wrapped in my shield so that Edward wouldn't pick up on anything.

Just as she was in Emmett's line of view he immediately tensed as if to shout for the guys and announce that the enemy was there, but a second look at Rose's outfit had him stunned.

Alice had made sure that Rosalie was dressed to impress. She had made Rose keep the team shirt but made her wear Renesmee's—so it's safe to say that it was tight—she was also wearing a denim mini skirt and some hooker heels. I would've blushed at the outfit if I still could but that was the point, to get Emmett so shocked that it would buy us some time.

Just as Emmett's mouth opened to say something Rosalie turned and started to come back into the forest, throwing one last glance over her shoulder and winking at Emmett, who sure enough followed after her with a grin plastered on his face.

Emmett's POV

The moment I saw what my beautiful wife was wearing I knew that something was up. But I was sure that since Rosalie was alone it would be a piece of cake to take her down.

I could bring her back to the house as a hostage! I would be the hero!

This was going to be so cool.

I quickly followed after her and into the end of the meadow; I could see her just up ahead and I ran towards her and away from the house.

She abruptly stopped and turned to look at me with a knowing look, the one she always gave me when we were about to do…stuff.

This was going to be so easy, I would just play along long enough to get her distracted from whatever plan she thinks she has and then I'll take her down. I'm stronger so if I just get a good hold on her that will be it.

Of course it will be Rose the one to try to show the other's that she can make something on her own, my wife has the confidence of a thousand women put together and I love it.

We had been silently staring at each other until she stepped closer and looped her arms around my waist. Like I said piece of cake!

She stood up on her tippy toes and it looked like she was going to kiss me. Well I might as well enjoy it a little bit before putting my plan into action.

I felt her smile against my lips and then all of a sudden I was pinned down by her to the ground.

"I didn't know you wanted to it on here but I'm not against it" I said.

She just laughed and went back to kiss me.

Bella's POV

Rosalie was efficiently distracting my poor brother-in-law. Having him pinned to the ground will be an advantage because one of us alone will not be able to take him down.

I saw as Rosalie bent and unbent her leg—the only signal we could come up with, lame as it was.

It was time. Just then Alice, Esme and Renesmee came into the small clearing with me.

Emmett seemed to smell the abruptly different aroma that took place in the clearing and he looked up. He tried to weasel his way out from under Rosalie but it was too late.

Esme and I each took a leg and Alice and Rosalie took an arm as well. Emmett was trashing and turning trying to free himself until Renesmee went and sat on Emmett's chest.

"Hey, no fair!" He whined when my daughter did that. He wouldn't risk having her hurt by dropping her with his trashing so he had to calm down with a resigned sigh.

We carried him to the cottage where we made him sit down on one of the couches.

Alice, Esme and I went to stand by his sides and back so that he wouldn't try to run and Rosalie was sitting on the coffee table in front of him. My sweet daughter was sitting on the couch giggling at the view of his bear of an uncle succumbing to four women and a little girl.

"What are you going to do with me?" he asked no one in particular.

"We won't do much to you if you give us what we want" Rosalie said.

"And what do you want?" he asked again with a skeptical look on his face.

"My dear brother" I said "What we want is simple"

"We want to know what that dang mutt planned for us" Alice said

"How do you knew it was him?" Emmett asked outraged.

Ha! We had him! Alice couldn't see anything so we had only assumed that Jacob was the one who thought of something. But of course those were only speculations, now we knew they were true.

Seeing the look on our faces Emmett groaned as he realized his slip of the tongue.

"So either you tell us" Rosalie said "Or we'll have to get the information the hard way" she snickered.

Emmett looked between all of the girls face's before he resigned and sighed in defeat.

We had him.

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