Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the Year Party

My name is Bella Swan. I'm in grade eleven, have a learning disability and no friends. All the guys think I'm fucked in the head and the only friend I have drags be around shopping and I also have to worry about my budget. Me, being not so bright can't even manage to add up all the items in five minutes and have to use the calculator on my phone. Renee, my mother, is making me take an embarrassing coarse for the Sped kids. Learning Strats. Yay?

"Bella, please." Alice, my best friend begged.

"Me, at a party. Really?"

"Jessica won't mind having you there."

"As far as everyone knows, I have a disability." I reminded her.

"Stop using that as an excuse. Please."

"Ugh, fine! You owe me."

"Yay!" She jumped making me flinch.

Alice dressed me up in jeans and a gray crop top that I personally thought, made me look like a ho and then she did my hair and make up. My hair didn't take that long to straighten so that was a plus.

We walked into the party and I already new it was going to be hell when everyone rushed up and hugged Alice and ignored me.

I slipped off my shoes awkwardly and put them aside and when the next girl walked in right after me, knowing there were my shoes, she tossed her muddy ones on top. Bitch.

"Come on!" Jess exclaimed. "The party is downstairs."

I followed after the big crowd, Alice not even having waited three minutes before ditching me and I walked down alone.

About an hour and a half of hiding in the washroom, I decided to come out and join in the fun when I became noticed by all the guys at school hanging with the sluts in the corner.

"Who brought fucktard to the party?" One of the guys asked. Eric Yorkie.

"Yeahhh. She's probably prude as shit." Mike chuckled.

"Ever kissed a guy?" Lauren taunted.

I wanted to say something but instead I stood there, awkwardly, looking for Alice who was with Jasper, her boyfriend in the far corner.

I spotted a boy who I knew didn't go to our school in the corner throwing Jessica off her and chuckled. Horny teens.

"Who are you looking for?" Tyler asked rudely.

"N-no one." I stuttered looking away from him and Jessica.

They noticed quickly. "Cullen? Ha ha. Edward would never want to get with you. He's way to cool for that." Lauren chuckled.

Edward Cullen. Got it.

"Why?" I asked them, taking in Edward's appearance. "Because he wears straight jeans, American Apparel and smokes. That makes him cool?"

So I wasn't positive about the smoking, but I was sure about the other things. I didn't let that stop me.

"Because he has a lip piercing? Because he's probably had sex. That makes him cool?"

"Yes and because he's hot and would never want you." Tanya laughed.

"Tanya, you don't even know him. He lives in Seattle or something." Lauren whispered.


"All I know that, is you ugly, prude and have a learning disability. You've probably never been kissed." As soon as all those things were said, I saw Edward's eyes dart up and meet mine. Shit. Great. Now he was coming over and was gunna taunt me too. Gee...thanks.

He began to walk over to the group.

Tanya continued seductively, trying to get Edward to hear.

"No guy would ever want to get in your pants you stupid bitch. Half the simple words I say you probably don't get. You are dumb, never have had a boyfriend and a huge idiot. It's amazing why Alice is even friends with you." Edward was closer now. A few more steps and he would be next to me. "And your fat, dress like a nerd which you are one, minus the smart part and you don't even know the definition of sex and no one would ever considering wanting to get with that. Specially Edward Cullen." She swooned who, with one more step could ruin my life. "No guy would ever want to kiss-"

Suddenly I was turned to my left and someone's lips were pressed against mine. I opened them to find Edward Cullen kissing me and I was surprised to find myself kissing him back. I'd never done anything like this before.

My hands began to wrap around his bronze locked and I could taste his smokey breathe on my tongue.

His hands wrapped around my waist and I was surprised he was loosening up, like he wanted to kiss me. I didn't know what any of this was about.

He released me and smiled crookedly his green eyes locked with mine. I heard all the gasps from the couches.

"You were all wrong. Someone would want to kiss her." He murmured. And with that, he left walking up the stairs.

The all glared at me and I ran after him. I needed an explanation.

"Edward!" I called.

He turned around. "Sorry if my smokey breath bothered you."

"It...that's not the point. Why'd you..."

"Kiss you?"

I nodded.

"Because, I felt bad."

"But why?"

He shrugged. "It doesn't really matter. Bye..."


"Bye." He smiled.

And with that, Edward Cullen left the party.

I was a little pissed he'd taken my real first kiss. I mean, I've played all the games but no one had ever truly kissed me and definitely not like that. I was going to get to the bottom of this.

I slipped my shoes on and ran back to him, to his car. A silver Volvo from what I could tell in the eleven pm night. "Could I have a ride?" I asked.

He shrugged. "Get in." He said aggressively. Way more aggressive than he was earlier.

I texted Alice saying I had a ride home and I was tired and didn't bother to take it further.

"Where to?" He asked. He sounded...I don't know...angry to me.

I told him my address and for about half the ride home was silent until he spoke up. "Do you go to Forks High?"


"Guess I'll see you tomorrow then."


"I'm transferring. My family just moved here from Seattle. Jessica is my cousins friend."

"I see." I smiled politely.

"I'm sorry though, for taking your first real kiss."

"Huh? How'd you know it was my first one."

"You kissed me back."

My breath hitched and I blushed right when he turned onto my street. "Night Bella..."



"You too."

I mean, I never thought I be happy to see a druggy on my first say of grade eleven but who knows? I probably won't have any classes with him anyways. As far as he, and the rest of Forks high know, I'm a disabled idiot.