July 26, 2014 - Currently my plan is to finish up my fics, concentrating on one at a time, interspersing chapters here and there of the other long one, also hopefully doing the last chapters of the few fics that have only a chapter or so left. I seem to be in a good place right now for writing (I hope not to be jinxing myself). I'm working mostly on You've Got Mailprimarily right now, but again, I am not forsaking the others.

This is an AU story about Dick and Kory and you might think I've taken them more out of character than my other AU's. I think it can be argued otherwise, but yes, they are different.

I will ask up front that people do not flame the politics in the story. The world in which the story revolves is that of US Presidential politics, and it would be impossible for there not to be a political point of view for each of the characters. I won't lie and say I just flipped a coin. I made Kory a Republican political pundit because when I worked on a Presidential and local campaigns, they were Republican ones. I am NOT necessarily interested in opening a debate with anyone; I spent years doing just that and quite honestly, if I named names, you would be amazed at some of the people I would mention.

Regardless, the issues aren't the focus, the people and relationships are, so I hope that readers who wouldn't agree with the various character's politics will read the story and at least give it a try.

Sorry for the long author's notes, now on with the legal stuff:

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans, the US Presidency, any news network, any media or public figure or anything other than the plot line and a few OC's. (Spawn of Airdrie does, however, work for Premiere Radio at the moment). I have taken the liberty to use these with the upmost of respect and affection *cough*. I've included original characters that may show a likeness to actual persons, living or dead, but in no way embody any particular individual.

Dedicated to the best of the best of the pundits ever, Barbara Olson. This incredibly bright woman died in the September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks while on Flight 77, on her way to Los Angeles to film an episode of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. May you continue to rest in peace and I'd like to think you are enjoying many a heated debate up there in Heaven.

Politics As Usual

AU Dick and Kory

Partial List of Characters:

Kory Anders (Koriand'r, Starfire) – Political Pundit/Commentator, former Speech Writer for former President Hudson

Richard 'Dick' Grayson (Robin I, Nightwing/Batman II) – Political Consultant, former Chief-of-Staff for former President Hudson

Jason Todd (Robin II) – Political Consultant, Washington Attorney, and Dick Grayson's brother

There are also real life persons and businesses included. If you need any clarification, please PM me. Like my stories that are in the world of medicine, politics and media are a big part of my life, but I'll do my best to explain who's who and what's what.


Chapter 1


Ah, the Green Room at FNC in New York. The food is wonderful, it is, in my opinion, the best Green Room fare in the world. So much better than MSNBC's over in New Jersey or CNN's in Atlanta. Plus I don't feel like I'm behind enemy lines here which I'm sure makes the food taste better.

My name's Kory Anders and I guess I'm what they call a political pundit. In the three years since President Hudson finished his second term and Vice President Greene lost narrowly against the former Senator, now President Johnston, I've divided my time between Washington and New York doing whatever 'this' is, consulting, writing a bit, spending time in a 'think tank' and wondering if there will ever be another candidate I can truly get behind.

Now I'm no longer that naïve girl who had come fresh out of Wharton to write economic speeches for then-candidate Howard Burton Hudson, but if I am going to dedicate my life to a politician, I better be a true believer. Not that I didn't love that life. Call me old fashioned but at some point I'd like to have the husband, the kids, and the house with the proverbial white picket fence (although I already have the dog and a house, so that's something, isn't it?). But with that goal in mind, if I'm going to work in another Presidential campaign and hopefully another White House, I'm going to have to hurry up and do it before I turn 40.

I guess I stand out among pundits for the Republicans. Unlike nearly every other one, especially here on Fox, I'm not blond. I have green eyes and red hair and apparently the networks and the camera love me, or at least so I'm told. I'm nearly 33 now and have noticed that I have to work a bit harder to stay fit.

Life's busy but a bit lonely. I do have my roommate and my dog, but I'd really like love. I'm single at the moment but hardly on the prowl. I certainly have met a lot of men, more than a few that were pretty interesting, and I've dated a bit. But there was only one that I truly clicked with, that could have been 'The One', but circumstances dictated that we couldn't be together. It wasn't anything sinister, like one of us was married. It just so happened that we worked together, and even though he told me he felt the same way about me that I did about him, he wouldn't get involved while we worked together. All too soon the campaign was over, and before we could get close, there was the transition into the White House, and we found we were working together again. But more about that later. If I thought about him, there was no way I could concentrate well enough to be on TV.

I refilled my cup with water, brewing my white tea, thankful for the selection. Green and black tea both can make you jittery and I don't go near coffee when I'm going to be on TV. I look over the sandwich tray and select chicken salad on a mini kaiser roll.

"Go easy there Ms. Anders, remember, the camera adds 10 lbs."

I turn around expecting to see someone I know. The attractive man with dark brown hair and soft blue eyes looked familiar but I'm sure we've never met. I'm in politics and I'm good and I always remember the name and face of every person I've ever been introduced to. My eyes narrowed a bit. I tried to stay cordial, but this guy doesn't know me well enough to make that comment.

He looked sheepishly at me and his smile twisted a bit. Was he trying to at least look sincere? "Sorry, that was obnoxious," he offered in lieu of an apology.

No, ya think? This must be the guest to act as my 'balance' to the network's promise of "fair and balanced".

"I'm Jason Todd, it's a pleasure to meet you," he extended his hand and I took it, holding it a bit longer than was necessary but I didn't let the fact that that had happened show on my face. "You're even more beautiful in person than I've been told," he added with what I'm sure he thought was a dashing smile.

Now I knew who this guy was. Jason Todd was a lawyer known best for his work as a defense attorney for the occasional politician caught in a sex scandal. Well occasional isn't the correct term...

I gave him the sweet smile that they say is my trademark. "Thinking you'd give TV a try, Counselor? Why, not enough liberal men 'dropping trou' these days to keep you busy?"

He gave a chuckle, "Oh, I'm flattered. The 'Darling of the Right' knows who I am."

I scoffed. "'Darling of the Right'? Not exactly."

"You were Hudson's Golden Girl."

"Perhaps, but that was 12 years ago and the operative term there is 'were'."

"And you are as lovely as ever," he said in a tone that I knew he was using to affect me. Fortunately, being in politics and now TV, I can almost always control my facial expression and blushing. He continued, "I've heard you loved the campaign trail. Who do you like for New Hampshire on your side?"

Who has he been talking to? Although it's no secret I loved that life. "True, I do. A favorite? I make it a rule not to divulge my favorite while in this capacity." I paused briefly to figure out who this guy really was. He had an angle. He must know someone who knows me...

The show's producer came up to us, "Excuse me, Dr. Anders, Mr. Todd, we are on in 10."

"It's Dr. Anders now?" Jason asked as he cocked a brow at me.

"Yes, I've finally defended my thesis for my PhD in Econometrics." I replied, still trying to figure out who this guy really was, "If you'll excuse me, Barrister, I better get in the chair for hair and make-up."

He smirked at that, and responded, "You look gorgeous, Cutie. Skip the chair and talk to me."

I rolled my eyes and smiled. You can't lose at this game if you give the right smile. "Cutie?" I let out a bit of a snort, "I'll see you on set."

He was intriguing but I hadn't figured him out and that made me uncomfortable. He was attractive and smooth, I'll give him that.


The segment went well. Probably too well considering that over the break the host and his producer thought we were such good guests that we should appear together regularly. Great. This guy still made me feel uneasy but at least on camera we were both able exchange barbs and remained composed. Maybe once I knew his connection to me I could just blow him off properly, or not, depending on who he was.

Not that I shouldn't hate him for representing those womanizers, but everyone deserves a defense. And could our politics be any more different? Not that I let that always stop me. I mean, I did go out with Keith Olbermann. Well, twice. There just wasn't ever going to be any room for me between him and his ego.

"Can I take you out for a drink Kory? To celebrate your doctorate. What do you say?" He seemed quite interested in me but my only interest was knowing his angle, not knowing him. Of course, it looks like we'll be working together, I should figure out more about him before I sign up for him to be the 'Colmes' to my 'Hannity'. Scratch that, I don't like that analogy. Sean Hannity is okay, he certainly has broad appeal, he just isn't that, well, smart.

"Well," I hedged, "I do have a return ticket on the Ascella tonight."

"Going back to Washington so soon?"


"That's a shame." He paused for what I realize was dramatic effect, "do you have a message you'd like to give my brother?"

"Your brother?"

"Yes. My brother's Richard Grayson."

Oh crap.

My face and the blush on it betrayed me. I said I could almost always control them, but Richard Grayson is special to me. The one that got away. The one I think about way too much all these years later, all these years since he decided we couldn't be together, seeing that we were on the same 'team' as it were. Sure we both worked in the Hudson campaign and then the Hudson White House, but we had the potential to be great together. Dick had even told me that on more than one occasion...

I am going to look like such a jerk if once he mentions Dick, I agree to get a drink with Jason, but then again, what did I care? I check my watch. I had 45 minutes. Oh what the heck, "Just a quick one," I said, still trying to sound a bit reluctant but knowing my cover was blown.

How could I not find out what Dick has been up to?


To be continued