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Was suppose to be part of the Christmas/winter word prompt thing that was happening in the 'Witch x Warlock' forum…. Yeah, it's waaaay over Christmas now….

Word Prompt: Gingerbread Men

Setting: Post-R2 and Lelouch lives.

Sugar and Spice

He tapped the surface of his keyboard's keys lightly, just hard enough to make some noise but not enough pressure to make letters appear on the screen, as he tried to think of the right word. Perhaps he should thesaurus it? But he liked to challenge his brain especially during these times when it was peaceful and his intelligence was rarely put to use.

It was during this break in his writing that he finally noticed the sweet smell wafting out of the kitchen. No cheese – his nose told him. Then it is not pizza and that fact alone made him curious. C.C.? In the kitchen? Consuming something that was not drizzled with melted cheese and pepperoni?

He saved his work on the computer and got out of his chair to follow his nose to the door of the kitchen.

"What is this?" Lelouch questioned as he heard clattering sounds from the kitchen. He leant against the kitchen's doorframe as his fingers reached up and pulled off the glasses he wore for writing with.

C.C. looked up from whatever she was working on, her green locks pulled up into a very messy chignon, and her sleeves rolled up to her elbows.

"You're actually using our kitchen?" he said in slight disbelief.

She returned to her work, only pausing to lick coloured icing from her fingertips and sneaking gumdrop buttons from a packet lying opened on the table. "Of course, I paid for this kitchen after all."

"No," he corrected, "I paid for it with the royalties of my first book."

C.C. ripped open a packet of chocolate buttons, frowning slightly at her sticky hands. "I paid for the half the utensils then."

He chuckled and glided across the apricot coloured tiles of their kitchen floor. "You're wrong again. I picked out and paid for the utensils."

"Hm, really?" She licked another flick of icing off her finger and resumed her work, ignoring the way a few strands of her long hair had escaped her chignon and was dangling dangerously near a bag of icing sugar.

"What happened to Pizza Hut?" Lelouch asked as he swept over silently and brushed her escaped locks up and away from the sugar. With nothing to tie them back and himself being rather lazy in redoing her hair for her, he tucked them into the back of her blouse.

"They're closed today," she answered, her hands tightening on the icing tube at the very thought of having to go without pizza for one day.

"What are you making?" he asked, hoping to change the subject before the tube of icing burst in her fists and splatter the kitchen with sticky goo. The dirty pots and bowls the witch dumped into the sink was enough cleaning already so he would like to not have to scrub the floor and worktops free from icing thank you very much. "Gingerbread men?"

"I found the baking kit lying in the cupboard." She said as if that was a perfectly reasonable reason to suddenly bake something that neither of them particularly paid any interest in.

"You could had at least put on an apron," he chided and they both gazed down to the front of her outfit which was now completely dusted and caked with splatters of flour, icing sugar and flecks of dough and crumbs.

He sat down and peered over the packets of decoration to the actual baked goods themselves. "They're shaped strangely and why are they so thin?"

She rolled her eyes but continue her icing. "Excuse me for not being an expert cook and for rolling the dough out too thin. You can just not eat them and I can have them all for myself."

But he reached over and picked one up anyway. "Crunchy," he commented like a taste-tester and then added with a twisted of his mouth, "Too sweet."

She stared at him with a green eyebrow raised, "You do realise that you just bit off your own arm, right?"

Lelouch spluttered and looked down at the biscuit in his hand. "This is me? But it looks nothing like me."

"Oh? Really? I thought I was quite the artist to capture you so perfectly in biscuit form."

"I do not have pink eyes!"

She picked up a gingerbread man and waved it in his face. "I used up the last of the purple icing for your Zero outfit. I considered mixing the blue and pink icing but it turned a strange colour and……did you just behead me?"

He chewed, scowling at the amount of icing and sugar that was invading his mouth. He was lucky that he was an immortal now and thus owned immortal teeth, else he would fear tooth decay at the amount of gingerbread men still on the table.

"You taste…. sugary," was all he could say and he rolled his tongue around the cavern of his mouth to get rid of the icing that clung to the crevices of his teeth.

Of course, C.C. being C.C., could not possibly allow a comment like that to pass on by without teasing him about it. "Are you implying that I'm too cute for words?"

This made his eyes harden almost into a form of a glare but since it was not quite, we will settle for a vicious stare. "I'm referring to your gingerbread man."

"Woman," she corrected, "Gingerbread woman."

"Gingerbread witch," he muttered and broke off another chunk with his teeth. It made her glare at him.

"Not only do you behead me but you take away my writing hand too?"

"I thought you write with your left."

"I'm ambidextrous but my right hand's handwriting is neater. You grow bored and learn these things when you lived as long as I have."

He was not in the least surprised with this bit of new information. He had long ago suspected as such since she was perfectly capable of dialling the pizza hut number just as quickly with her right hand as she does with her left, all the while upside down and holding him an a headlock as he tried to wrestle his cell-phone back from her.

He looked down at the biscuit in his hand and then with a shrug, he bit off her other arm as well. C.C.'s mouth opened and she gaped at him.

"Now you're balanced," he chuckled, waving the gingerbread witch a little.

"Hn, two can play that game." She reached down and grabbed the half-eaten gingerbread Lelouch which he had accidently took a bit of earlier. She closed her teeth on his leg and, with a 'crunch', snapped it off. "My, Lelouch, I never would have thought you would be so sweet."

"I am always sweet."

She gave a low chuckle, hiding a corner of her lips behind the biscuit in her hand. "I meant the gingerbread Lelouch, of course."

"Yes, I know."

"For you are hardly sweet towards me," now she was plain teasing him now. Her eyes shimmered with mirth and challenge. She blinked ever so slowly as if waiting for him to think up a reply.

He finished the biscuit in his hand and dragged his thumb across his lips to brush away the crumbs. Well, he always liked a bit of a challenge. "Am I not?"

"Oh, most definitely. You limit my pizza eating and you used to lock me in your room and…"

"But that was all in the past," he said, sliding off the chair to reach for another biscuit. "I am sweet to you now."

"You still limit my pizza eating even when you have now experienced an immortal's powers of staying in shape and not have to worry about nutrition and health."

"Indeed," was his only reply before he plucked gingerbread Cheese-kun off the table. He took a graceful step forward. "But I insist I am sweet towards you all the time."

"What are you doing?" C.C. asked, eyes peering up at him suspiciously when he stopped right in front of her. There was a way where she never tilted her face up to look at him but simply rolled her eyeballs up to observe him from under her lashes that always annoyed him - though which aspect of it annoyed him, he had yet to determine. Was it the way it looked like she still held the upper hand or was it the way it looked so secretive and haughty that it made him frustrated to be out of the loop? Regardless, it annoyed him and she knew perfectly well it did. Maybe that was why she was using that expression right now.

He smiled and snapped the Cheese-kun biscuit in half. Her attention went to the broken biscuit, horrified that he broke her precious gingerbread Cheese-kun. "Lelouch," she warned, hands reaching out to rescue Cheese-kun from his hands.

But he moved elegantly and caught his accomplice's chin between his thumb and forefinger before, with eyes half lidded in smugness, pushed one half of the biscuit into the witch's lips.

She spluttered slightly but the noise was mostly covered when he bent his head down and pressed his own lips to hers, sealing them shut.

"Mmph!" C.C. managed to mumble as thoughts ran through her head. Should she be aghast that she was actually eating her precious Cheese-kun gingerbread? Should she focus on chewing? Should she just attempt to swallow it whole? Should she….

Lelouch was staring at her and she rolled her eyes at him with their lips still against each other's.

"Are you challenging me, boya?" she thought and he simply responded by dropping the other half of Cheese-kun on the table and placing his hands on her shoulders to push her back until her back pressed against the fridge door, all the while still staring at her with violet eyes which seem to laugh at her predicament.

So she chewed quickly, swallowed the gingerbread and kissed him back with such force that it would bruise his lips, completely turning his sweet kiss into something else. He fumbled for two seconds then fought back with equal force, pushing her back further until the back of her head hit the fridge door with a soft thud and his lips was mashed on hers, teeth clashing and tongue invading.

Ara, who knew that behind his polite actions and appearance, he could be so rude and forceful in kissing?

She laughed into his mouth when he slowed down and instead of mashing their faces together, his lips were soft and gentle on hers.

"What are you laughing at?" Lelouch asked when he finally could not breathe and lifted his lips off hers. Instead, he took quick breathes as he kissed wet compliments over the corners of her mouth and all around her chin with one of his hands leaving her shoulder to clasp her chin, tilting her head back so that he could nip at her jawbone with his teeth.

"I'm laughing at you, my warlock. You obviously lack stamina in both physical exercise and in kissing."

He stopped kissing her and pulled away so that she could clearly see his displeased raised eyebrow.

"Oh, I'm sorry, was that the wrong thing to say?" C.C. teased.

"Hmph," he uttered and tried to wrench his hands away from her. "I have work to do."

She caught his hands, picked up what remains of gingerbread Lelouch from the table. "Yes, indeed, work we have. We need to build up your stamina and what better way to it than to practice, my warlock?"

So she shoved the biscuit into his mouth, pulled his head down and with a whisper of 'Mm, maybe you are sweet after all', she covered his lips with hers.


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