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Bed and Sharing

How to sleep with a witch:

1. Take one warlock.

The only members of the opposite sex that Lelouch ever shared a bed with were his sisters and that was only when they were young and had crawled into each other's beds when nightmares struck one of them. Oh wait, he guessed, he could count his mother as another since everybody (Nunnally, Euphie, himself and even Cornelia once or twice) had climbed into her bed several times to get rid of whatever monsters that still lurked in their dreams at that young age.

So with only a handful of barely re-collectable memories of sleeping with a girl, it was safe to say he had practically no experience of such a thing when he started sharing a bed with C.C.. He didn't know that girls could be such fussy creatures in the simple act of sleeping.

2. Add one witch.

There was a creak on the floorboards outside his room and Lelouch groaned, rolling over in his bed before shoving his head under his pillow. He almost gave out a zombie groan of dread when his door inched open.

"Could you not sleep in your own bed for once, C.C.?" he grumbled into the mattress, not caring how articulate he was sounding at the moment.

She didn't answer him but pushed at his side enough to make him free up enough space for her to crawl in. "I don't see a problem. Your bed is big enough for both of us. You just sleep on your side and I, mine."

3. Cover with one blanket.

"C.C.," he hissed with a soft poke to her arm. "You're taking up all of the blanket."

The pizza-fanatic snorted in her sleep and rolled over, still clutching the same amount of blanket and making her warlock sigh loudly. He poked her in the back, a little more harder this time, and gave the blanket a very obvious tug that was the universal hint for 'he was cold, impatient and would like to get some decent sleep round about now'.


"You're so annoying," the witch grumbled almost incoherently before relinquishing some of the blanket. "Here."

Lelouch stared in stunned silence then flatly remarked, "Witch, that's just one extra inch!"

C.C. snorted with barely concealed laughter, shoulders shaking enough to shake the bed.

"I'm going to sleep in your room," Lelouch sighed finally and grabbed his pillow before leaving.

"Close the door on your way out," the witch called after him before snuggling deeper into the blankets.

4. Beat witch with pillow for 5-7 minutes.

He smacked at her half-heartedly with his pillow. "C.C., please move over."

"I thought you were going to sleep in my room."

He paused his pillow beating and forcefully wedged himself onto the bed, sticking as close to her as possible to get as much blanket as he could.

"Don't tell me you were unnerved by all my Cheese-kuns figurines staring at you as you sleep."

This time, it was his turn to snort. "Of course not, witch. Your bed is lumpy and the springs dig into me."

"Now you know why I sleep in your bed," she replied and he could imagine the size of the smirk that must be on her face right now.

He whipped his pillow round at her again and she barked one note of laughter before they both tried to fall asleep again back to back.

5. Squeeze the warlock until no air is trapped within.

He was sleeping peacefully, floating around a flowery dreamland where Nunnally beckoned him with a flower ring ready to drape on his head. Of course, every wonderful dream must be ruined in some way or another so in this case, he suddenly felt something very warm pressed onto his back then something incredibly strong wrapped around his chest tight enough to make it difficult for him to breathe. If he was a girl, he would probably wake up screaming pervert from being very positively taken advantage of in the chest area.

"C-C-C-…C.C.!" he choked awake, his hand trying to reach behind and wake the girl who hugging him so tightly from behind. "I'm not…Che-eese-k-kun. Can't breathe!"

Aa, but his arms were pinned to his sides by her hugging and it was very awkward to wriggle anywhere when you realised you're at the very edge of the bed where one single move will result in getting familiar with the wooden floor of his room.

6. Add a pinch of desperation.

Immortal or not, being hugged to death was an awfully humiliating way to go so and Cheese-kun was lucky for being a plushie thus do not possess any lungs. Lelouch somehow managed to reach up and snag a bit of the witch's skin between his fingers. He pinched hard and even gave it a terrible twist that will sure to bruise had the victim not be able to heal almost instantly like him.

C.C. flinched awake, kicking him off the bed in the process. "Ow, what was that for, Lelouch?" hissed the witch in the dark as she sat up and reflexively glanced at the area on her arm he pinched.

"You," he gasped, wincing as he planted one hand then the other back onto the bed. His head popped into view from over the edge. "You were trying to murder me in my sleep…and yours."

She raised an eyebrow at him. "Impossible."

"You mistook me for your precious Cheese-kun."

"Even more impossible. My Cheese-kun is adorable and squishy and you're…Lelouch."

Lelouch sighed, rolling his eyes though it was unlikely she'll see it in the dark. "I take that as an insult but I choose to ignore it since I am once again surprised at how immature you are sometimes."

The bed creak and suddenly, he was flicked right between the eyes – amazing how well she could aim in the dark.

7. Mix up limbs and hair.

"Ow!" cried the boy, one hand flew up to nurse his new 'wound' and the other groped out into the darkness and caught her wrist. He pulled her off the bed, feeling her fall on top of him and his own elbows banging loudly onto the floor whilst her knees did the same a second later.

"I'm surprised how immature you act sometimes," she echoed grimly as she picked herself off the floor.

"It was an accident," was his answer as he followed suit. DOOK and their heads cracked together as they attempted to get back onto the bed at exactly the same spot. "An accident like that one."

She recovered first and managed to get onto her feet this time, whilst he found the blanket on the floor and started to pick it up. Of course, things never go smoothly for two immortals in one dark room so it was hardly a surprise anymore when C.C. came crashing down on Lelouch once again.

"What happened?" he asked, starting to wonder if it was possible to get any sleep at all that night.

"You pulled the blanket out from under my feet," said the muffled voice of C.C. somewhere near his stomach.

"You were standing on it?" He blinked, her face was on his stomach? Then that means that's her…on his…

"With this outcome, what do you think, boya?"

There was a chuckle and then tips of her green hair were being flicked on his nose. "Are you blushing, boya?"


"Really?" she kissed his stomach and he could feel the shape of her lips through his shirt.

"I'm going to bed," he managed to say, brushing her off and climbing back into his bed once more for the third time that night. He felt the mattress tilted to one side as she climbed on after him.



"Turn around."


8. Exit to dreamland.

"Did you just kiss me?" he whispered, choosing to amused more than a blushing and stuttering fool.

"That I did."

"What for?"

Another kiss, longer this time and firmer so that the back of his head was pressed a few centimetres deeper into his pillow. She pulled back with a squeak of the bed.

He felt her trace a fingernail down his jawline, scratching lightly on his throat like a satisfied cat pawing at its owner. "Goodnight, what else? Goodnight."

"Goodnight," he said and as she snuggled into the blankets and fluttered away to the cheesy paradise that was her dream, he couldn't help but bring his hand up to his lips.

"Now how am I suppose to fall asleep?" he muttered to the ceiling.


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