Only when humans and Pokémon live together can there be harmony in the world. We are forever exploring, learning, feeling. We see these monsters, and they are a mystery. We strive to learn more about these mysterious creatures – and, in the process, we learn not only about them, but also about ourselves.

He had done it.

He had faced the mythical Pokémon.

Dialga, lord of time.

Palkia, ruler of the spatial dimensions.

Giratina, master of the Torn World.

He had defeated them.

They had not been a match for his Pokémon. His Infernape, launching a volley of flaming kicks at Dialga. His Empoleon, batting Palkia's attacks away with a glowing claw. His Torterra, holding Giratina in place as he drained the legend's health. Garchomp. Blazing through the fight with the speed of a jet and the agility of a Sceptile in the depths of the forest. Landing the finishing blow on all three opponents.

His Pokémon were powerful. They had to be, if they had defeated legends.

But then, it was their trainer who had commanded them.

He was powerful.

He was a hero.

"You are a fool! You will never defeat me! You, boy, will be here for the birth of a new world – with me as its god!"

Diamond glared at the man.

He had to fight.

If had didn't, everything would be destroyed.

He had no choice…

"You killed a Pokémon."

"That we did."

"You kidnapped more."

"Of course. We did need the money, after all."

"You robbed people. Stole things that were precious to them."

"Stupid boy!" Giovanni abruptly stopped pacing. "You cannot understand our motives! You are merely a child!"

The eleven-year-old fingered a red and white ball on his belt. "I might be young," he answered, "but I'm old enough to know what you're doing is wrong!"

"Well then." The Rocket Boss pulled out a Poké Ball of his own. "Are you brave enough to fight me, then? The man behind it all?"

The badge is still at stake, Red thought stupidly for a moment before setting his mind straight. If I fight him, I'll almost certainly loose. Rhydon had enough trouble at the last gym – there's no telling what trouble he'll be in now. But if I don't fight…. This man has caused people to suffer. Pokémon too. If I run away now, more people will suffer….

But I'm so scared….

Giovanni laughed. "Ah, so you wish to challenge me? You, with tears in your eyes and a quivering lip?

I'm scared… but I have to control it. The same way you tame Pokémon. You have to battle them, fight them with all your might, and never give up. And then, when they're weak, you capture them, contain them so they can't hurt you anymore. And then they're yours, and you grow stronger….

I have to be brave. I have to stop him – not for me… for the people who've suffered.

The older man's eyes grew wide as the youth threw the Poké Ball onto the field.

I am a hero, Diamond thought. I saved the world.


If there was no choice…

Was he?

Afternoons watching heroes overcome monsters and save the world…

Perhaps it was not most important to save the world.

Perhaps it was best to fight those monsters.

Not the kind you saw on TV.

The kind that live in your heart.

To overcome them is to grow strong.

What measure of strength matters if not for the power of courage?

When there is no choice, you fight. If you are the victor, you are hailed as a hero.

But when there is a choice…

What matters most…

To overcome your weaknesses.

To fight for the happiness of others.

Even if you lose, you are a hero.